Saturday, May 5, 2012

“An Open Letter To The Republican Party Establishment”

“An Open Letter To The Republican Party Establishment”

This blog article is specifically addressed to the Republican Party elites who run that particular political party. It is my hope though that not only will the Republican Party elites who have the greatest influence in party politics among true American conservatives read it, it is also my earnest desire and hope that all others who also identify themselves as “Republicans”, will as well read this article and all take heed and warning as well as incorporate the suggestions given at the end of the article as to what will hopefully bring restoration to our now lost, but certainly restorable nation.

America has fallen flat on her face. It only takes a person with one eye opened to recognize this fact but as we look at the base reason for failure, we need to look at core. Looking at the responsibility of the Republican Party, like all political party's based on “man's ideas it comes to end of entire failed political party's policies as all that rely heavily upon man and money eventually do; in this they blame someone else rather than look with introspect at how they themselves brought upon a nation horrible things and how the blaming political party contributed to the entire mess that was created in the first place. To take blame and responsibility for failed policy requires virtues of honesty, integrity and a willingness to admit failure and through hard work and sacrifice re-gain the trust of the people for that failure. For many of the Republican Party elites I am addressing the bulk of this “open letter” I am not expecting you to “get” these virtues I just layed-out but if you want to serve our nation properly, I highly suggest a “leadership 101 course” so I need to share the needs that to be addressed with you. I do not see and or haven't heard any of those good leadership qualities mentioned earlier coming from any of the Republican Party Presidential nominee's since Ronald Reagan. I am fully aware that Ronald Reagan was far from perfect but at least he admitted when he was wrong, apologized when needed to, and quite frankly on the most part, put the American people first before partisan politics and Republican Party ideologies. In fact, Ronald Reagan was well known for “sticking to his guns” and having the “grapes” to say no to Tip O’Neil(Democratic Speaker of the House at the time) as well as to some Republican leadership but he also was brave enough to primarily put the safety and best welfare of the American people first before politics. You cannot find such leadership from the Republican Party establishment these days.

There is a major problem with many of today's Republican Party elected officials. Because of the Republican Party establishment's pressure upon these elected officials to be “inclusive”(meaning a more moderate, that is; acceptance of homosexuality abortion, etc)many Republicans end up being voted out for being “wishy-washy” on their voting record and unlike that of Ronald Reagan's message to America. These days, as the Democratic Party increasingly moves “left of center” and more towards Communism, the Republican Party elites have also increasingly been moving to the left on social issues as well. What were the core values of Republican Party 20 years ago has now been removed to make room for a newer attitude of compromising with the devil and in being more “inclusive”of evil. Thanks to the liberal Republican leadership of House member and Speaker of the House John Boehener, the Republican Party has and continues to have leadership that is either willfully ignorant of what the Republican Party members want or it is just simple matter of “old fashioned” conceit and arrogance that keeps the Republican Party electorate from being energized and enthused about Congress as a whole. After all, It was the “Tea Party” in 2008 that helped Republicans gain Congressional seats, not the Republican Establishment that gave the victory. In 2012 the Tea Party is difficult to find this election year. Most of today's Congress are not conservative-Tea Party members and looking at the statistics on the approval rating of the US Congress, we can see it;s results; As of January 2012, Ninety-one percent of conservative Republicans disapproved of congress and also, an overall record low of a 10% approval rating for all of Congress has recently been published. Obviously, the Democratic Party does not take all the blame as the Republican Party elites would like us all to believe. President Obama and his Democratic Party have made a bloody mess of our nation but many of the elected Republican Party Congress members sure have helped along the way in the destruction of our nation as well.

The Republican Party has a major problem with core values. This “problem” is bleeding over into our nation's Presidential race in 2012. What should be a very easy win for a true Republican Party nominee in 2012, has become a very real possibility of a loss for the White House for Republicans this coming November. Your choosing and backing of Mitt Romney who is well known for holding to very liberal views and socialist policies is a very real, and wrong choice for America. Now, as also similarly with Senator McCain in 2008, the Republican elitists thought it best to pour their money and support behind liberal Republican McCain that turned out to be a disaster. The rest is history as they say but history may very well repeat itself once again this coming election day unless those Republican Establishment elitists wake up and rid themselves of their arrogant liberal thinking. With Governor Romney now the “presumptive Republican Presidential nominee”, one can easily predict another loss for the Republican Party. I mentioned earlier about Romney's liberal views and I can tell you that Romney's liberal policies in the past are only the tip of his problem regarding getting people to vote for him. I can tell you; Democrat, Independent or Republican; no one likes a flip flop. No one likes a “etch-a-sketch” politician. Americans have been lied to by many politicians over the years, especially under the Obama administration, but there are few Republican Party supporters that actually believe for one minute that despite what the Republican Party establishment and Romney himself claims, Romney is in no sense of the word “a Conservative” nor holds to our American Founding Father's beliefs for our nation. Romney never had a history anywhere close to having held Conservative values. At best, Romney is lying to the electorate about being “pro-life, ridding the Obama-care”, “believing in and fighting for traditional marriage” and so on. Just like Obama with his lies, that makes Romney just as dangerous in people's eyes as well as and more importantly as in the the eye's of God of the Bible.

Speaking of “God of the Bible”, The most dangerous reason for the Republican Establishment's to drop their choice of Mitt Romney as their nominee is because of his religion. All Bible believing Christians know that the Mormon/LDS religion is a cult. Just like Jehovah Witness, Hinduism, Islam, Secular Humanism; Mormonism/LDS, other religion  are also religious cults. Knowing this, why would the Republican Party elitists choose a man from a cult to lead our nation that was founded solely on Biblical Christianity? Do those who “own and operate” the Republican Party do not know, or no longer are aware, or even care that there are severe consequences against nations/peoples that leave and forsake the Biblical God ? Are the Republican elitists so arrogant to believe that Mitt Romney's religious jesus and Romney himself beliefs that they are “brothers? to Lucifer(Satan) does not offend the Biblical Jesus ? Should this and many other Mormon/LDS cultic beliefs not also cause great concern and alarm for those in the Republican Party Establishment ? If it does not concern them, I must ask then if they have also sold their souls to a foreign god or even to the devil himself. There is no, let me repeat myself so that I am very clear; there is no, not one true Biblical Christian in America that will vote for Romney this coming election day in November. There can be all the promises, of a “conservative” Vice President running mate with Romney, or any other begging going on to vote for Romney but bottom line is once again; no true Bible believing Christian can justify a vote for Romney nor for Obama. We will be looking for, or starting our own third-party and nominate our own candidate for President of The United States if there is no other choice. I have written about all this and Romney before in November, 2011. That article about Romney and his Mormonism is my second most ever read article for a reason. Indeed, Republican Party establishment members should pay attention.

The Republican Party establishment if it wants a victory in November must find a way to make what is wrong into what is right before the Biblical God, that's the Bottom line here. Even if Romney wins in November, there are the consequences against our nation mentioned earlier, therefore Romney must be removed as the Republican Party nominee. Now this is a big warning and quite a serious one at that, so I pray that everyone who needs to read this article finds a way to read it and heeds it's warnings; This nation will indeed be under harsher judgment from God if Romney is elected. Many in the USA were not aware that Obama was a Muslim so God gave us room for not being aware of Obama's lies about his religious beliefs but with Romney, there is no excuse. We as a people will indeed be judged, Republican establishment included. I most highly recommend that we all return to Biblical and Godly values which includes avoiding and distancing ourselves from religious leaders the Christian Bible clearly describes as “wolves.” Those kind are also currently endorsing Romney and liking themselves to cult members as “brothers and sister in christ.” Very dangerous stuff to align yourself with people and things the Bible clearly describes in the Bible as “evil.” Also, among many other evil matters that those who identify themselves as Republicans is; they need to stop aligning themselves with destroying families for profit. Former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer who was a Republican, exposed our government; that is Social Services, CPS, Family Courts, Lawyers, cops, psychologists, domestic violence workers steal children and destroy families for cash. The Republican Party elites removed their endorsement for Nancy after they warned her to stop exposing evil in our government. Republican elected officials remain today very aware of this evil and illegal activity but willfully allow and participate in it. A Warning to all elected officials; Senator Schaefer's murder will not be forgotten. Republicans who look the other way and or give money to illegal aliens like Filipina Migration Marriage Scammers are in big trouble. Elected Republicans need start arresting corrupt judges, lawyers, cops, politicians, teachers, CPS/domestic violence workers and Filipina Migration Marriage Scammers who break laws; now I'm speaking to Democrats and Republicans alike. Stop making excuses for yourselves and these law breakers I previously mentioned. Separate yourself from evil and wake up. Repent and change course before you bring total destruction upon us all, yourselves and your children included. Say no to cult-RINO's and Yes to the way of the Biblical Jesus and the many of what was already given to us by our US Founding Fathers.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. I fear that you are right, I did not want Romney in the first place but we are as thick headed as ancient Israel when we decide to do what we want. Its always curious to me just how dumb we can be about politics given its track record but it never seems to change on a National level.

    The "anyone but Obama" crowd always says the same stupid things to promote themselves but never stop to think that BOTH PARTIES are infiltrated by progressives (The Ones who caused this mess) not just the Democrats so we end up tail spinning in the Lesser of two evils cesspool.

    If Americans don't wake up soon it will be too late to turn this Titanic mess around. The problem is are we as a nation willing to sacrifice what needs to sacrificed to accomplish what MUST be done. Are we willing to CUT BACK on the welfare (Nanny) state, Social Security (What a Joke that is!) and just down right waste at every level? I can't see a single beam of light at the end of any tunnel, I hope for the best but I now am preparing for the worst.

    1. PastorPaul and many others, Our elected officials whether democrat or republican have totally forgot to serve we the people, but their own special agenda and battle each other for control-it's called collectivismand the intent is to say what they think you want to hear, but once in officedo their own thing and gradually seep out our Godgiven rights without us even recognizing it until it has happened. The solution-vote them all out and require thenew ones to sign a pledge that they will return to constitutional government with our Daddy in Heaven as the real head and we the people as the government. Of course this isn't going to happen until Jesus returns, because of the wickedness of the people with nothing but a remnant being really saved. I subscribe to John Calvin and George Whitefieldandif Jesushasn't called you, touched your heart, you can't be saved anyway, sorry to say!!!

  2. Great Article Pastor, I agree and i was sure hoping for anyone but Mitt. But a fear that if we split we will end up with Obama. Although with Mitt many will indeed stay home and this could lead us back to Obama anyway.

    I was sure hoping we could win in the primary's and not have to make this choice. But now i do not see any viable option. If it is Mitt or Obama what do we do?

    As for me i am telling my friends if you do not like Mitt (I do not like Mitt) then vote against Obama and the only way to do that is to vote for the only option we have to defeat him.

    I can not support i 3rd party i will continue to fight for my party. But who is the 3rd party person to vote for?

  3. Thank you Pastor Paul, I agree wholeheartedly...especially when it concerns the Senator and our children. So I will be voting my conscience and writing in Dr Paul on my ballot. 1Corinthians 10:29 Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged of another man's conscience?

  4. If Mitt Romney wins the nomination I fear Obama gets four more years. I am not sure this nation can survive four more years of this spending binge.

  5. One cannot be a true christian and a republican. A true christian acts like christ in every aspect of life. That means helping the poor, elderly, sick, homeless, etc. A political party that boasts about taking healthcare from the poor and elderly along with social security and welfare based on the argument that it costs too much meanwhile wanting more tax breaks supposedly to create more jobs is the biggest religious dilemma republican christians hypocritically ignore. The democratic party is much more inline with christian values than any politically party ever created just behind socialism that is run ethically and socially responsibly like Denmark, Sweden, etc. (bad examples would be Hitler's Germany, etc.)

  6. Now what? God Be with us all! Amen!