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“Vote for Mitt Romney?-WWJD ?”

Vote for Mitt Romney?-WWJD ?”

Interesting question isn't it ? The title of this article indeed should be thought provoking to all Americans for the simple fact that many Americans have little, to no idea what our nation's history is reflective of when inferring “religion” to a political candidate. The unfortunate reality is that the issue of “religion” for Americans in the past was not always so difficult to understand or comprehend but sadly today, this is no longer true. Truth being told, many Americans lack knowledge of the attribute of Biblical Christianity in American history. Dulled are many minds of those who have been through the tenuous playgrounds of satan that include public schools, public universities and churches with employed pastors who expouse Feminist propaganda, false biblical doctrines and other insidious lies from hell. Unfortunately, because of so much non-sense being strewed about as “truth” these days, most Americans have no idea what our Founding Fathers believed and or how Christianity shaped our nation early on. In fact, most Americans have been taught in our “wonderful” taxpayer funded educational schools and institutions that we come from monkeys, apes and slime. Very really little reference in our schools to religion unless of course it is outside of Christianity-of course. American history has been largely revised by those interested in personal propaganda to discredit many of our virtuous Founding Fathers and you can often read in many of today's American History books the reformatted political correctness editions. Is it no wonder most Americans remain ignorant in how our nation was formed and particularly why many of our Founding Fathers included Jesus Christ and the Bible as well, including both in their documents for our nation's building blocks ?

Specifically to the above title of my article and question however of What Would Jesus Do in regards to voting for Mitt Romney ?, let me share that of course there is no record of Jesus of the Bible partaking in an any national election but we certainly can take a look at the Bible if indeed Mitt Romney would be the right choice as President of our United States of America. Keeping in mind with our Founding Father's plan and intention of America keeping a strong bond with Jesus and The Bible as the basis of natural law and founding of our nation, we certainly and easily see that Mitt Romney would not be a good fit for our nation's President. That being said, I would like to offer into evidence from our own Founding Father's words that Christianity not Mormonism, Hinduism or any other religion should be the standard of every government representative. I begin here with a quote from Daniel Webster who said of “The Christian religion-It's general principles-must ever be regarded among us as the foundation of a civil society.” Let me also offer as further evidence of my point being made, a quote from Patrick Henry who said that “ It can not be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Surely these two quotes(among many others like them from the American Founding Fathers) proves my point. America needs Biblical Christians to lead our nation and no other religion will suffice.

Now I know, there will be those who say, or those who call Mitt Romney a “Christan” or Christian Denomination” for his Latter Day Saint religious beliefs. These same folks might even argue that Mormons/LDS(there is a slight theological difference between Mormonism and LDS to the degree of belief in polygamy) that because Mormons and LDS also quote from the Christin Bible, that it somehow also makes them Christians. The stark reality is however, that Mormonism and LDS beliefs only use portions of the Bible to back up their “second book” and what they believe more superior to the Bible; called “The Book Of Mormon.” In this book, Mormons/LDS believers are taught to believe a whole host of non-christian and unbiblical beliefs such as;
D&C 131: 1-3
1 In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees;
2 And in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the priesthood [meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage];
3 And if he does not, he cannot obtain it.

Other unbiblical teachings of the LDS and Mormon religion is that Lucifer(satan) and Jesus are brothers. Also that God lives on a planet named “kolob”,God had actual physical sex with Mary. Other teachings outside of the Bible that LDS and Mormonism believe are that when they die, and had lived a righteous life, fulfilled all of their temple obligations-they will inherit a planet. Again these are just a few of many false teachings and unbiblical beliefs held by Mormons and LDS members. I could go on and on using much of my article space just writing many of the many unbiblical doctrines that Mormons, LDS and Mitt Romney hold to. There can be many more of the Mormon/ LDS information found comparatively to the Christian Bible in a practical book(every true Christian should read) regarding cults such as Mormonism/LDS entitled; “The Kingdom Of The Cults” by Walter Martin ( For price reference and pre-read see; ). I highly recommend this book for those who are interested in the truth about Mormonism and LDS historical facts and beliefs.

LDS man to a political office as opposed to that of what our Founding Fathers insisted in electing Biblical Christians ? Well looking at the promises and curses of God within the Bible, compared to the unbiblical attitudes and behaviors of many Americans today, coupled with also the current political/social and economic climate of failure in the USA, we simply only need to look at today's newspaper headlines to see what Americans have brought upon themselves by electing non-christians. Now, after simply reading today's news headlines...I have an all to important question for you; how much more time do you think we have as a nation before we completely falter? Seriously, we see the fruit of ignoring what our American Forefather already knew; follow Jesus and the Bible, for it equals prosperity and success. What we see in today's USA are many Americans and almost all American politicians involved in man made religion , secularism and or following relativism(you know “what ever feels good baby !”) thus we are ignoring God's divine rules for living and now death for our nation stands at the front door.

Folks when Rev. Robert Jeffress of Texas recently called Mitt Romney's religion of Mormonism/LDS on television “a cult”, he was 100 percent correct. A vast majority of those who operate the media in America are just like most other Americans, they just don't get it. To them and most, Mormonism is just another religion so “who cares.” I guess that is that attitude that has gotten us n trouble to begin with-not caring. Look at the fruit of that attitude as well and where we are at as a nation. Folks, you need to be informed, stop being ignorant of our nations history, learn instead how Jesus Christ and the Bible were necessary staples to the development of our nation. It is quite obvious our Founding Fathers had good reason to look to the Bible for inspiration. Our Founding Fathers did not establish our nation based on any other belief but Jesus and the Bible. If you go back to my earlier quote of Patrick Henry and how he said our nation was not built on religion but rather Christianity, (and please read what I am writing here very carefully) our Founding Fathers really, really knew what they were doing and talking about.

Don't continue to be fooled folks, if we currently have a US President who obviously lied, telling the American people he was a “Christian” and we have since learned he is a Muslim, and that Muslim has brought curses, corruption, chaos and destruction to us all, do you really think that a Mormon is going to reap anything less harmful to us as a nation? I hope you get it now and refuse to put Mitt Romney or any person in the White House who will not serve Jesus Christ of the Bible above all.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~”Black Robe Regiment Pastor”

** Reminder; Don't Forget That On February 12th, 2012 To Have Your Christian Pastor And Or All Christian Pastors Around The World To Preach Against The Purposeful Destruction Of Families At The Hands Of Governments.


  1. Sure books like Kingdom Of The Cults tells and portrays what Mormons and LDS believe. The book quotes Mormon founders, leaders and their(your?) own Mormon/LDS history with facts. Combine this with Mormon/LDS beliefs next to Bible Scripture, its is quite easy to see that Mormons/LDS is a cult. Can't hide behind the facts.

  2. I hope this information helps the discussion. Rev. Ed Decker, founder of Saints Alive Ministries, ( ), was a Mormon for the first 20 years of his adult life, until he met the real Jesus. Since then, he has spent his life reaching out to Mormons and Freemasons with the true Gospel, while at the same time exposing their lies.

    His website has much about Mormonism and Freemasonry, as well as other false religions. In particular, relating to this discussion, are several articles concerning Mitt Romney, which, to say the least, are very enlightening.

    The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney Christian or Cultist?

    Should A Mormon be President of the USA?
    by Dr. Norman Geisler

    Dear Pastor Joel Osteen. Shame on You!

  3. As I read your Article on Mitt, and mormanism (of which I agree with BTW), I had hoped to see something new or somethibg that I haven't studied. If the Bible is truly your source; then the question of WWJD should have included Newt Gringrich and Rick Santorum as well seeing that they're Roman Catholic. Can you point out the difference in voting for either of the aforementioned from a Biblical point of view?

  4. I would ask whether Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are more dedicated to the Roman Catholic church, or to the principles of religious freedom that made America great. What if the pope begins to persecute non-Catholic Christians, as the Roman Catholic church has done in the past? America began a Christian nation, not a Roman Catholic nation.

  5. I hope you both were able to read about your questions regarding Catholicism and the Bible from my article surrounding Newt Gingrich and repentance earlier this month in February, 2012.....

  6. Something I seldom read about or even hear anyone discussing is the power of Redemption, and this is something CHINOs (Christians in Name only) should revisit.

    None of us are perfect. For honest Christians, perfection comes only through accepting the work of Christ. Newt has done this. He has also apologized for his transgressions, and I can see the difference in his public demeanor from when he was Speaker.

    A warning might be appropriate for those who deny Newt his status as a “new creature” (2Cr 5:17) – doing so negates Christ’s sacrifice. Tread very lightly when judging, for the Lord knows the most secret and dark thoughts in your own heart.

  7. Could it be that the Lord has allowed Mormonism to be brought to the forefront so that it can be exposed for what it truly is? As a pastor myself who stands with God's Word, I would rather see a true follower of Christ in the White House, but I will vote for Romney because I believe the alternative is much too costly! My vote is a vote against Obama. I have been very vocal standing for Truth and being a voice for the unborn. What Barack Obama has done to this nation in the last 3.5 years is nothing short of Demonic! With all respect and understanding my dear pastor friend (concerning what you have posted concerning Romney) I will not waste a vote that can be used to remove Obama! I don't have high expectations of Romney but we must get Obama out!

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