Friday, May 18, 2012

“Biblical Love, No Butterfly’s Allowed.”

“Biblical Love, No Butterfly’s Allowed.”

As more people read my weekly blog article, I am so very blessed in that many from all around the world have taken the time to read my thoughts regarding how the Christian Bible impacts our world. I have especially been blessed to see some readers coming to my site via nations that have a history of strict governmental control over the internet. I will not list those nations here as it may put some individuals reading my articles in danger including physical harm. There is also the possibility that those readers from those nations are actually government employees looking for information about the USA, about myself or even about the Bible, who knows? But the bottom line is, the numbers of readers are indeed going up in the USA and around the world-Praise The Lord.

The reason that I mention about the movement up in readership is that with more readers, has also come an increase in the amount of comments left on my blog articles as well on other internet websites where the article is posted. As you can imagine, not all comments made regarding my articles are positive or in anyway helpful in nature. This is to be expected as we that believe in the Christian Bible know that Jesus Christ is soon returning for His bride; that is, The Church. I also expect hostility from many as the Bible in 2Timothy, Chapter 3 describes many will become hard hearted to Jesus in these last days, so there is no general surprise to me for hateful or foolish comments made on my blog posts. I do however wish to share in this article what the Bible describes about love as there has been an increase of attacks on me and the Bible with comments including those that are Biblical Jesus haters. Specifically, there have been some that call me “hateful” or “mean” when I share on my articles from the Bible. I am not wishing to dissuade anyone one from commenting on my blog articles however I do wish to be sure to take the time here to describe the difference between what the Bible describes as love, as compared to those religionists and fake christians as well as the Jesus haters in their spreading lies.

Unfortunately, I see there is an influx of people in the USA who call themselves “christians” and have adopted the American “christian” view of what I call the “butterfly jesus.” This term means that there are people who do not believe the Bible but rather instead have adopted what the Bible describes in 2 Corinthians 11:14 as “another jesus, another gospel.” They claim “God is love” and indeed--- praise the Lord for that love but there are these fake christians who believe Jesus went around hugging and kissing everyone and that anything these so called christians do, even in sinning; “it's all good.” They believe Grace has been extended to them and “everyone is getting into heaven including Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, statue/idol worshipers and all other religions outside the Biblical Jesus and by/through faith only. The Biblical truth be known; not one of those “butterfly jesus” beliefs are true and will get them into heaven. Frequent Bible abusers and those with false gospels are the like of Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, Rick Warren, all those prosperity men and women who preach that false prosperity“gospel” on Total Christian Television and TBN. Indeed, they are all in deep, deep trouble for leading people astray and are involved in teaching anything but Biblical Truth, the subject of love included.

I say this with Biblical love and real concern for people; There is a real place called hell. I am not trying to frighten people, but this is a fact. When I hear so called “christians” talk about Jesus and how He “just wants to bless you and you don't need to do a thing--- live the life you want”, that brings me to nearly tears because I know, once again that people are being introduced not to the Biblical Jesus but a fake jesus that in the end, that other jesus will not lead them to heaven, but rather instead--- will lead them to hell. For those that were unaware, I want all to know first and fore most as is stated in the Bible; Jesus did a work on the cross at Calvary we could never do; He took your sin, my sin, everyone's sin upon Himself on that cross. He took our punishment for us, that is God's wrath of our sins upon Himself so we could be free to live a life in pleasing Him and also have everlasting life. John 3:16 declares; “For God so loved the world( that's you and I !) that He gave His only begotten Son that who ever believes upon Him, shall not suffer death but have everlasting life.” My friends that is the real love of God. There is a completion not of our salvation through works, that is done solely by faith in Jesus but there is the work of our own cross we who believe in Jesus are also to carry. Demanding Jesus to fit into our religious “box” is not what the love is all about. If you really love Jesus, you will die to your own beliefs and do what He asks of you(Luke 9:23).

Sadly, there are an increasing number of “christians” who believe they can live freely to do what they want, you know, that “religious box” thing. Just as sad, there are also so called “Christians” who believe all they need to do is pray. I have shared about this unbiblical belief also in past articles(including quoting James 2:17-20 over and over and over again). There is going to be a big surprise for people who thought all they had to do was “get saved through Jesus then pray and that's all” Over and over the Biblical Jesus spoke and acted in love outside of prayer. He gave us many, many Biblical examples of love in action that people who believe that prayers are all that is needed to be required. Probably one of the most profound examples of what real love for all of us to follow and the consequences for not following that prescription for love, can be found in Matthew 25:31-46. There, Jesus spoke about helping the helpless, hungry, poor, even visiting those in prison. The “butterfly jesus” lovers might love that verse but to them and the “prayer only” folks, I now ask; how about when Jesus healed a man then warned and yelled at him in John 5:14;“sin no more or something worse might happen to you.” I bet me quoting that last Bible verse just made a few people reading this article just a little nervous. Perhaps in getting people about leaving their religion and instead finding the real Biblical Jesus, let's now talk about the instance of Jesus yelling at a group of people in Luke; 3... “repent or perish !” Now I am aware there are still doubters about what the Biblical Jesus said was love in action including being confrontational so I need to say here that for sure Jesus chose to show mercy, kindness as well as healing on some but also in a loving way, He went into the temple as described in John Chapter 2 and turned over tables, even whipped people. OK then, perhaps even after all those Biblical examples given, there still may be some not convinced that Jesus was not a butterfly –OK then, think about when Jesus called the Jewish religious leaders of His day “a brood of vipers!” and that their “father is “the devil.” Is there anyone reading this article by now that in all honesty would say to Jesus' face “you are hateful !” or “you're mean !” for saying, even yelling those things at people ??? I hope by now you see that the “butterfly jesus” and his “gospel” are nothing but a false gospel created to draw people away from the true meaning of Jesus and what He meant as Biblical love.

Jesus in the Bible knew what it meant to have good and healthy “boundaries” with people. He knew the evil condition of hearts of men. Those evil hearted people however who came to Him with a repentant and humble heart received blessings from the Lord. Those however who insisted in their own and or religious beliefs also received the love of Jesus but came in the form of a strong rebuke. As those of us who know better than to give money to any addict, Jesus taught us also there are times to say “no” when it comes to enabling evil including those people who say foolish and unbiblical things. There are so many people around the world who partake in religion and unbiblical thinking that in reality enable actions of evil rather than contribute to Biblical Truth. I pray that people who need to read this message are reading it right now.

I am in hopes that you are getting the notion that there are consequences for sin and also following a false gospel as well as our nation and our world is in big trouble--- that there are so many people that rely on feelings, emotions, and or stories rather than Biblical Truth, that many are in deeper trouble with God than what they probably will ever admit including in what the Bible describes as “love.” For the sake of the unsaved through Jesus, for the sake of the souls of the Jesus haters(in which there are millions) and as well, for those who follow a “different jesus”; read the Christian Bible and apply the entire portion in your life, not what's “cherry picked” or what you “feel”, or even have a consensus with others as what is right, for none of those ways are Biblical and certainly not of the true Biblical Jesus in love.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they draw to themselves teachers, having itching ears;<<this is part of what Pastor Paul is talking about.

  2. Very well written! Thank you Paul.
    Sincerely, SAS

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  4. Great article----You are correct about one thing, knowledge of Jesus Christ---Who really knows him or what he wants mankind to do in his name.
    People talk about the church---We have thousands of churches worldwide and people do not stop and realize that Jesus is speaking of one church and many do not know whom is a part of that church that is a part of Jesus Christ

  5. So glad to see someone who isn't afraid of naming names! Warren O'steen, Jakes are charlatans and their teachings will send people straight to hell! Woe be unto them on judgement day!

  6. As usual, Right on target!! Keep on keeping on Brother!!