Saturday, January 7, 2012

“Americans Are Angry At Republicans Also.....”

Americans Are Angry At Republicans Also.....”

in 2010, when I seen the Republican field of challengers who were announcing their run for office of President of The United States, I knew there was trouble ahead for our nation. The majority of American people obviously have little confidence in the Republican Party choices for POTUS and their leaders since and as evidenced by the record amount of gun purchases made last November and December 2010. There is also little confidence and I suspect support other than from the ingrained Republican party bosses, for many of the current Republican challengers to President Obama. This country is clearly upside down and the vast majority of Republicans seeking to Replace Mr. Obama, lack clear leadership skills and personal integrity to see any real change result from the removal of Obama from the White House.

Perhaps like you, I am older and wiser now then when I was younger and so gullible and easily fooled by our American two-party political system. I can see politics as much like everything else in the USA such as justice, religion and or “truth”; they are all in reality dependent upon how much money you have, and not much else. It is way to obvious the Republican Party's pick and choice ahead of the nomination to run against Obama is Mitt Romney who a rich man the Republican Party leadership can control, and ultimately influence. The Republican Establishment also likes him because he will “play ball” with the other Republicans in power. Of course electing Romney has nothing to do with what is necessarily good for the nation... folks, what we are seeing is usual party politics from the Republican Party bosses and I'm tired of it. I will tell you and everyone else out there, bottom line; I will never-ever vote for Romney. The number one reason ( I gave my #1 reason why previously ) and will continue to declare my discontent with Romney as the Republican Party Nominee for President for those reasons and in the end, if he is chosen to be their nominee, I will refuse to vote for him-period.

Now I know what I just wrote will not resonate well with some of my Republican friends out there, and there will also be people out there that will be upset with me for stating the following statement as well, but I would rather see a third party candidate I could vote for then being left with a choice between electing Obama or Romney. I say that because I really do believe enough Americans don't like Romney nor Obama and have become tired of “politics as usual” in our nation. Anyone who believes for one minute that there is supposedly any large (or even small for that matter) differences between Republicans and Democrats on the national or state level, needs to go do their research. Sure, there is a lot of rhetoric on differences thrown around out there between Democratic and Republicans when they are spewing their election propaganda but bottom line is; both party's compromise in a major way on their principles once elected and I'm calling out the Republican Party bosses and their POTUS nominees out on it. I as in so many American's have personal experience with witnessing Republicans and their staff playing political games, perform opposite of what is stated by elected Republican Government officials and we demand authenticity and the end of the lies this election cycle. That's right Congressman Joe Wilson; Republicans also lie also !

Just for the record; when I speak of Republicans, I do so with personal experience not just with the “lens” of a blog writer. When I contacted certain National and state Republican elected officials regarding being frauded in the USA by a Filipina Migration Scammer, being threatened with murder by a Batavia NY cop-that call made from police headquarters and having my civil rights repeatedly violated by a corrupt Genesee County Court (which by the way the main judge; Robert Noonan and D.A. Larry Friedman in my cases both being elected Republicans), I was was refused help and or assistance. Some of the Congressional aides I spoke with In fact, had experienced with them some serious political “back peddling” when asking for their assistance. See if you recognize some of these Republican Party government elected officials that either they personally or their office staff refused to help me despite giving them information and or proof of having being threatened with murder and my civil rights violated;

Republican Congressman Chuck Grassely

Republican Congressman Orrin Hatch

Republican House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith

Former “sexting” Republican Congressman Chris Lee

Republican Senator Marco Rubio

Republican Congressman Alan West

Republican New York State Senator Mike Renzenhofer

Republican New York State Senate Judiciary Chair Bonacic

Republican US Senator Bob Corker

More will added in the near future

...And just so “the record is set straight” I am aware of how the political machine turns. I sought a New York State Senate seat in 1990 and then in 2010, I submitted my name and resume to the Erie County(NY) Republican Party Chair as wishing to be considered to be the Republican Party choice and replacement for resigned (sexting)Congressman Chris Lee but ( ). Guess what ? I never heard back from the Erie County Republican Party chair or anyone from their committee. They apparently had party politics as usual in place and they picked who they wanted and in the end, lost a long time Republican held Congressional seat-oh well, party politics as usual. Like I said folks, The majority of Republicans party bosses are no different than the Democrats. Once you learn this, the better off you will be. Now I don't want to discount all Republicans in my article, I know there are some good Republicans out there that would not compromise their beliefs no matter what(thank you Bill Kneer) but those who refuse to buckle under to party politics are far and few between. Washington DC and state capitals have a habit of changing people, not the other way around. Here's the reality of being elected to a national or state elected office; if you want your bill passed and out of committee, or you want to get some of that ear mark money for your legislative, congressional and or senate district, you have to “play ball” with the political party bosses and that means compromise your beliefs. If you simply wish to be isolated, to be ignored and or lose your political clout with your constituents, just stand up once for what is right against the political party machinery, and you will get yourself isolated, ignored and eventually driven out of office.

If some how thus far you have come to the conclusion that perhaps this article is just about my pain at the hands of Republicans, then consider the case of former (Republican)Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer(Newt Gingrich's home state) who was told point blank by her Republican Party boss to lay off exposing corruption of judges, lawyers and courts, the selling of children for government profit, parents and dads being hurt by Family Courts and Child Protective Services. In fact she was warned by her Republican Party boss that she would lose her next race for the Senate seat that she held at the time, unless she stopped exposing the corruption. Well, Senator Schaefer kept fighting for her constituents despite the threats from the Republican leadership. Sadly, she not only lost her senate seat, later-after exposing a government run pedophile ring, she also lost her life. She was murdered and most who knew Senator Schaefer suspect there was a government participation and cover-up over her death for obvious reasons ( Still not convinced ? Perhaps then you will believe Dr. Alan Keyes (former US Ambassador and great patriot) who also exposes Republicans and their political process as a sham… .

No my friends, Most Republicans are no different than Democrats. I am a ordained Christian Minister and the Bible tells us to look for Biblical “fruit”-whether good or bad. I'm tired of the bad fruit and propaganda from both the Democratic and as well the Republican Party machines. Their fruit does not match their rhetoric. I know many, many other American Citizens that feel the same way as I. Americans like Randy Kelton ( ) who was illegally arrested and incarcerated in Texas is probably right now giving Gov. Rick Perry, Congressman Ted Poe and House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith heartburn thinking of the millions of dollars the State of Texas will have to dole out to Mr. Kelton in future law suits in response to the State of Texas' actions of illegal and corrupt judiciary in Cherokee County. Republicans ignoring more injustice all around our nation. Clearly Republicans are not the answer to our nation's woes.

Here are some areas I believe whoever the eventual Republican Party Nominee for POTUS needs to focus and to help all Americans if he wants to ever be elected;

*Let's make Lowes to be the official hardware store for standing up to lies of Islamic Terrorism.

* Encourage real economic growth in the private sector so there is a job for anyone who wants to work.

*English as being the official American language.

*All illegal aliens have to leave and start over in the immigration process.

*”In God we trust” will be our official motto-forever !(God of the Bible)

*The Federal Reserve and IRS will be eliminated and a simple national tax instead implemented.

*The USA will go back to the Gold Standard and the Federal Govt. cannot spend more than it takes in from taxes and revenues.

*”God Bless America” will be our national anthem(God of the Bible).

*Prayer will be allowed to be said by students if they choose in all schools.

*Christian monuments, symbols and Nativity Scenes will be allowed in public places.

*All corrupt lawyers and judges will be jailed.

*All Congressional Lobbyists will be banned-period.

*Every American Citizen over the age of 18 and without a criminal conviction record will be trained and own a handgun to fend off all foreign and domestic terrorists.

*All laws including traffic laws will never again be used to reap or to make money for governments.

*Police agencies will no longer receive money from special interest groups to arrest people for special interest laws.

*The 10th Amend. of the US Constitution will mean all states supersede federal statutes with God first in the equation.

*All family courts, Title IV, VAWA, abortion and CPS will be abolished.

*Citizen Review Panels will be the “watchdog” groups over all government agencies as well as over all judges and attorneys. They will have the power to hire and fire people.

*Parents have primary say so over their children unless there is absolute proof of abuse, then Christian churches will take over as parental surrogates until parents get help.

*Welfare will be abolished by the government and solely the responsibility of the Christian Churches.

*The “Straw Man” will be tried in a court of law and if found guilty, will be hung until dead !

*Abortion, homosexuality and Sharia Law will be outlawed.

*Strengthen our national boarders and our military against foreign and domestic terrorism.

* The Theory of Evolution will go back to being a theory.

*Divorce will be rare and automatic joint custody of children given to parents. No more money making freebies for lawyer, judges and CPS. Children will no longer be used as pawns.

*Reverse and remove the Patriot Act.

*Repeal “Obama care.”

*Eliminate 90% of all Federal and State Agencies.

*Stiffer laws against sale of drugs and increase war on drugs.

*That America be declared once and for all, one nation under God !

I sincerely believe that if we put God(of the Bible) back in control of our nation, families and homes first instead of the Republican Party, we will once again be a blessed and prosperous nation.

Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil to you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

** REMINDER; Don't Forget That On February 12th, 2012 To Have Your Christian Pastor And Or All Christian Pastors Around The World To Preach Against The Purposeful Destruction Of Families At The Hands Of Governments.


  1. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I disagree on several points. First, I know you are a Christian and wholeheartedly believe in your fait, but, this is not a christian nation. It is a multicultural nation. Our forfathers understood this and wrote it into the constitution so we would not be a singularly religious nation. One of the reasons we formed this nation was to get away from a theocratic government. So all your suggestions that the Christian churches take over is not only unconstitutional, but a bad idea for the sake of our nation. The war on drugs is NOT working. It is costing our nation BILLIONS of dollars and is doing nothing but putting otherwise law abiding citizens in jail. Instead, keep laws dealing with drug dealers who are not certified with the state. Legalize most drugs and let them be purchased from liscensed dispensories. Take the money that was spent on law enforcement and channel it into drug rehab programs and fact based education. There are certain drugs that should not be sold at the despensories. Drugs are a health concern, not a legal concern in most cases. The government has no business deciding on issues like divorce. that is a personal matter between couples. Forcing people who cant get along to stay together is a bad idea. You cant outlaw homosexuality. I have many homosexual friends. It is not a choice. It IS how they were made. One friend was gay yet tried to live a hetoralsexual life. he was married and had 2 children. living the lie did nothing but make him miserable to the point of near suicide. Let God decide who he is going to punish. It is not our decision to make. Love is the law. everything else is mute if you live by love. Prayer is allowed in most public schools. Just not school sponsored prayer. No official national stores. BAD IDEA. Government endorsing one privat business over another is one of the things that has brought our nation to its knees. Most of your secular ideas are good ideas. Light and Love.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. I had one question for you however regarding your "secular ideas" comment... When did God get out of the truth and justice business ?

  3. Actually, if god gave us free will, how can you justify forcing everyone to acknowladge christianity? It seems to me that a country that does not espouse any single religion is doing gods will by allowing free will.

  4. No one is forcing Christianity.America though was founded on Chirst. If you wish to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, that's great, if not, well... the Bible says that means the Lake of fire for you when you die. God and I would be very sad if you chose eternal death.

  5. Pastor, you left out one of the most important things on your list. We MUST elect a man that will stand with Israel. I agree with Governor Rick Perry, that there must be "zero daylight" between ourselves and Israel.

    Are you not concerned that support for a Third Party could push the vote toward Obama?