Saturday, December 17, 2011

“Tim Tebow: Godly Prophet Or Simply An Irritant And An Agitator ?”

“Tim Tebow: Godly Prophet Or Simply An Irritant And An Agitator ?”

I am not at all surprised to see the separation of people's feelings and attitudes towards Denver Bronco's starting quarterback-Tim Tebow. His actions appears to be the kind that brings division among people; either love or hate-that's for sure. The man draws some serious attention for his kneeling, praying and his personal stand on his Bible believing Christian faith. Personally and perhaps for you as well, I am unlike Christian haters like Bill Press who wrote a recent hateful and anti-Tebow article. I have no problem with Tebow's granting Jesus Christ glory for yards and touchdown's gained during football games. I simply believe Tebow's faith is part of who he is. In contrast to Tebow, as many American professional sports player's draw attention to themselves with silly dances and words, Tim Tebow's opposite actions of glorifying God on the football field, also draws attention, but not to himself purposely. In today's America, Mr. Tebow's Christian faith and the way he expresses it has literally brought divisions in families as well as to stadiums and the world of sports media. In fact, some sports players and their broadcast commentators state of Tebow's actions that they are non-threatening, while yet many other's feel offended and then go on to mock, even ridicule(Like Mr. Press) Tebow for such a deep faith in expressing his love for God on the football field. So, what we see of Tebow's Christian faith has become for so many in America, clearly a decisive moment for all, which brings me to ask this question; Is Tim Tebow a Godly prophet or simply an irritant and an agitator (As Bill Press would suggest)?

Lets look first to the Bible to see if Tim Tebow meets Biblical criteria as a “prophet.” In the Bible, we can read about all the Old Testament prophets such as Samuel, David, Jeremiah, Jonah, many others including and all the way up to John the Baptist(who was the last Old Testament style Prophet and was very bold in his love for God, later having his head cut off) and see that prophets were God's mouth pieces to warn, confirm, and also to direct God's people to repentance. While studying further those prophets of old, we see that often times God's prophets were met with great opposition to what God was calling for, in fact, many of God's prophets were very agitating and irritating to the people in whom they spoke because God used these men to proclaim uncomfortable change to hard hearted people. As in today's world, this change towards God's ways of doing things was very difficult for many to accept because it required people to give up sinful lifestyles and also in many ways meant people could no longer focus on earthly pleasure but instead, needed to focus on God and His call for a holy lifestyle. Interestingly, in the prophet Jonah's case, and in the end, it was not the Ninevites who refused to adhere to God's call for repentance and change but it was the prophet himself who needed correction and suffered the consequences for rebelliousness towards God. The Ninevite people received God's warnings and instruction and thus avoided destruction but unfortunately, and as also mentioned in the Bible, unlike the prophet Jonah, most prophets were not met with open arms in receiving God's warning to repent from worshiping self and wickedness. It is sadly reflected in the Bible, many of those prophets were murdered by the very hands of the people they were sent to warn, and guess what ? The vast majority of those “people” that had God's prophets were sent to, were said to by God his chosen own ! Great opposition to prophets of old were subjected to in the very least; great condemnation and criticism and even up to death at the hands of the people God had said He loved. Looks like things haven't changed much over time has it Mr, Press?

In the reality of Tim Tebow possibly meeting a Biblical criteria to being a prophet, well... he does indeed receive much criticism but does not meet the Biblical criteria as a prophet. No, Tim Tebow is not calling for repentance of our nation, nor is he expressing words from the Lord God in any message to us in warning (I wish he would). Does this simply leave us as a choice that somehow Tebow is an agitator and as also a purposeful irritant as what Bill Press and other obvious secularists and agnostics would suggest? Well, if that is really what you're left with as your impression of Mr. Tebow, let me ask you the following questions to see if your criteria of Tebow as an “agitator” or “irritant” is met. Let's begin with question number 1; Is what Tim Tebow doing, in reality something that brings your emotions of being irritated or is agitating you ? or instead is it the feelings you are experiencing, a tugging or even bringing conviction to your heart for your sinful lifestyle ?(be honest here). Next question; Is what you hear and see; a man who glorifies God, not boasting of himself, does not jump up and down attempting to draw attention to himself, but instead simply only a professional sports player who gives credit to his Maker when there is a victory of sorts on and off the playing field ? Depending on your truthfulness in answering my two questions, that will determine the correct answer in all this my friends. The reality is that humbly glorifying God on the part of Tim Tebow apparently irritates many people and even after my questions and correct truthful response to you here regarding Tebow's intent, and the truth being written(as always) here; sadly, there will remain people irritated and agitated by Tim Tebow's actions and no matter what I say, will continue to believe Tim Tebow should just remain quiet about his Christian faith. I want you all to know that no matter what “side” you are on of Tim Tebow's actions however, whether you realize it or not, your responses right now are all part of God's eternal design and plan.

Here is what is occurring in America, God has raised up a young man, a man of conviction who loves Jesus Christ. That you know in itself is not politically correct in today's world. Now, take Tim Tebow's faith put it out there in public view along with what many Americans who have been demoniacally taught in thousands of public schools as well as in supposed Christian Churches; that we can believe in God ;“but, shut-up and keep it to yourself” (American chrstianity)mentality. Throw in some left wing secularists, homosexuals and atheists, then you have just viewed God's perfect plan for exposing hearts for change or judgment of a nation. Please allow me to explain further; In case you cannot see it, God is getting ready to judge America for her wickedness. In Jeremiah 17:9 it is declared “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? “ We are witnessing before us by the loving grace of Jesus Christ, the exposure outwardly of men's(women also) hearts. The great division brought about simply by and of what one man is doing; glorifying God publicly is being allowed by God to test and identify who indeed belongs to Christ. This means there is yet time, mercy designed by God for people to repent of their evil-praise the Lord. The separation and hostility of peoples hearts is being dragged to the forefront for everyone to see is indeed purposeful and by God's design. No longer are people being allowed to hide in church pews on Sunday, then live like hell the rest of the week. No, through Tim Tebow's actions on the football field, we see the hypocrites as well as the God haters indeed being exposed along with the rest who's hearts are black. Remember, God does not allow people to remain hypocrites and hateful without righteous response. God will expose all hearts so that there is no mistake made on judgment day. Galatians 5:7 states “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. “ Indeed, what is sown in the dark in men's hearts are being drawn out by God through a football player who loves Jesus with all his heart. That's right folks, one man, that's just one man ! who is being used to show my heart, your heart and the hearts of many Americans all around us. Love God, hate God, it's all in the open-isn't it just amazing? 

Yes, Tim Tebow is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. He is not a prophet nor an irritant nor an agitator. He is simply giving the Lord Jesus Christ all credit for his successes. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 declares “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Most Americans have forgotten Bible verses like this and what it is to be a Biblical Christian. This is the reason why so many who dislike, even mock and hate Tim Tebow and thus, do what they do, and unrepentant, will get what they get. God haters like Bill Press as well as Christian mediocrity in the Body of Christ is being exposed,.America's harlot heart is also being exposed. No longer is America property owned by God but God's mercy is yet available through repentance through accepting Jesus Christ in hearts. There is a separating of the wheat and the chaff openly occurring and God has designed it this way folks. I am glad I am falling to the side of the wheat by God's own grace and mercy through Jesus Christ “for such a worm as I.“ I pray that many Americans will do as I have done in the past; to repent of their sins, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and to see clearly as I; that Tim Tebow's and others like myself are not trying to be an irritant or an agitator, we are simply doing what the Bible tells us to do. In fact it wasn't so many years ago that many Americans did what we true Bible believing Christians do naturally today; that is to give Jesus Christ all credit for anything good within us.

How about you, are you doing what God calls you to do naturally?

To Mr. Tebow I say; Praise the Lord for adhering to God's Word-stay strong in Him.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~”Black Robe Regiment Pastor”

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  1. God Bless Tebow, it is about time young people have a positive roll model!

  2. It amazes me that people have such an issue with him praying and giving thanks to the Lord. Shouldn't all proclaiming Christians be living this way every day? He is just giving action to what we are supposed to be doing anyway! Go Tebow! I'm not a Bronco's fan but I AM a Tebow fan because I am a fan of Jesus! Therefor I am a fan of every Christian out there trying to live in the faith!

  3. "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven..."
    Matthew 5:10

  4. Amen, amen! This was an AWESOME post!!! Right there with you. Right there! :-) Thank You, JESUS! God bless you, brother!!!