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"Newt Gingrich, Repentance And The Bible"

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"Newt Gingrich, Repentance And The Bible"

With the recent headlines of Newt Gingrich's second ex-wife's claims against him regarding infidelity and  how their marriage fell apart, this sad and ugly incident has now become a wonderful opportunity for all Americans to pause and take time for self-reflection as to how God has allowed a horrible situation that He cares deeply about to come up and be discussed openly. Through the words of Mary Ann Gingrich, It would seem God indeed has made a way for exposing the alarming issues of the sin of divorce and the crisis of failed marriages and the need for returning to Biblical restoration of relationships and families in our nation (and the world). I cannot express my opinion here without nearly being in tears and in sharing any deeper issue I care about then that of Godly justice and than that of  the crisis of broken marriages and the families in our world today. God's Word in Malachi 2:16 plainly states that God hates divorce. He absolutely hates it and so should we, but human beings being human beings, we often drift from God's Word rejecting the very good that God tells us to do. We are sinful creatures by nature and I am not trying to justify sin here, but my point being that the matters we suffer in our societies including crime, drug use and alcoholism, divorce, corruption in our government and courts, broken families, broken hearts, broken lives and so on can all be traced back to our own,  and or someone else who is and or was close to us going off against God's Word and dragging us along as unwilling participants in their(our own) evil desires. If we are the one's rebelling against God, we have ourselves to blame but there are millions of us victims of sin also, that is us who have not contributed or desired action of a rebellious person's heart that we cannot control, manipulate or help but also in the end; drags us also on a path of destruction although we have no desire to go there with them. Please also keep in mind that there are litterly millions of other evil minded folks who are willing participants to that person(s) desire to destroy someones reputation, marriage and or life who will take cash, credit cards or other forms of payment to help destroy a life or a family. Cash and self-centerdness have become gods for many especially in America and whole families and communities have been destroyed because of wicked and unbiblical actions.

Now for Newt Gingrich, it is obvious he has admitted to two different marital affairs in the past. He claims to have sought "forgiveness" from "God" and converted to Catholicism. Those ideas are something that in the world's eyes( I say "world" meaning those ignorant of the Bible) may seem wonderful but his lack of true Biblical repentance must be exposed if in fact, those are the only things he has offered to repair his relationship with God and his family. What I am sharing is that to understand what will bring true forgiveness and help to him and the Gingrich's family, he must search out what the word repentance truly means. This particular word is the most important step in the beginning of any healing of a relationship. I state this not only as a Christian pastor but also as a therapist. The word repentance is actually a verb, an action word. This means that simply stating that you are sorry is meaningless. A person who has the true desire to repair his or her relationship with "God" must show through action, their sincerest desire for reconciliation and restoration of their relationship. The Bible states there is only one way to do that and that is through acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Along with the "fruit" of repentance,  there needs also to be a visual and actual measured change from a sinful lifestyle to a lifestyle of living according to carrying of the cross of Christ(not salvation through works). The cross of Christ(Luke 9:23) means you no longer follow yourself or your own desires; instead you follow the things of Christ Jesus stated in the Bible. To Newt Gingrich or anyone else who is following a religion, attending a church building, taking communion, praying to statues, lighting candles or even simply asking "God" for forgiveness is not enough to restore a broken marriage, a broken relationship... no, according to the Bible, there must also be the sincere repentance of the offender to the offendee. This means in humble, apologetic attitude the offender must apologize to the person(s) he or she offended and ask, even beg for forgiveness if necessary. The offended may not receive and or accept the apology and or forgive but it matters not. The point is if you or anyone has offended someone, asking for forgiveness, coupled with offering a manner in which you can repair and restore that relationship to the person you offended is the only way you will truly receive healing and avoid further conflict. Going to God alone for forgiveness is the first obvious step but to complete the healing and restoration process, there are obvioulsy more steps in seeing an earthly relationship repaired and or restored.

Again, I am not sure if Newt Gingrich has asked either of his ex-wives for forgiveness. He is the one that divorced his wives and that means he needs to repent to them if he hasn't already. His ex-wives and his family suffer yet for those divorces and if there is ever to be true reconciliation and forgiveness, Mr. Gingrich needs to complete the repentance by asking his ex-wives for forgiveness for participating in a sinful act against them. Here we see before us, Mr. Gingrich having a wonderful opportunity before him to take a stand for Biblical marriages and right family values by leading in example how to not only receive restoration with his family and himself, but also for all Americans to go and do the same;  through privately and publicly apologizing and seeking forgiveness from those whom he and other Americans have offended. Simply going to "God" for forgiveness is only one part, one step of the Biblical equation for restoration and repair to his/our family. I pray Mr. Gingrich finds out what manner the Bible offers as true repentance so that God may use him to see God glorified and many, many relationships healed including your own if so needed.

2 Corinthians 7:10
Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

'Repentance + Forgiveness = Restoration.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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