Saturday, December 10, 2011

“Let's End Christmas As We Know It......”

 “Let's End Christmas As We Know It......”

If the title of this article brought you here, Great ! then you're in the right place. Please allow me to explain; Christmas has been universally celebrated by most Christians for many years now as a time of God's expression of love for us in and through the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The exact date of Jesus' birthday is not known as it is not shared to us from in the Bible. The best we can figure is that He was born probably in the month of September. The argument of why or should we at all celebrate Jesus' birth is for another article in the future perhaps but for the purpose of getting my point across here; I believe we can all agree that Jesus' birthday is generally celebrated on December 25TH by many. For most Christians, Jesus and His birth should be a joyous time and to the exact reason we celebrate the season. The sad and unfortunate fact though is that the Christmas Season has become a time no different than any other supposed “holiday”,or in fact any other day in the USA.

When I was growing up as a child and perhaps similarly to you, I was one of three children whose father worked a full time job and my mom was a stay at home wife and mother. Both of my parents worked very hard for meager money and or saving where they could so that we could have the necessities of life like; food, shelter, clothes, etc.. My sisters and I were not Christians growing up but I and my two sisters were indeed brought up religious in nature by our my mother. This upbringing was similar I think to most other American families that celebrated Christmas at that time, we were not given often an abundance of toys on Christmas as we were on the lower economic end of the “middle class family.” Our Christmas' however were always joyful, happy and exciting. As I grew up from childhood to adulthood, my focus became more on the enjoyment of family life and spending time with family on Christmas Day rather than that of receiving gifts and gift giving. What changed for me regarding what took priority of celebrating Christmas from childhood to adulthood was the learned appreciation that I could be with my family freely, despite past problems, or disagreements and that we could get together, get along despite these small issues and differences and go on in enjoy talking, sharing, seeing the smiles and feeling the love and warmth of those relatives I had not seen or spoken with perhaps in months. Christmas in the past was for me and I think for most Americans way back when; a time of being free to put down life's problems and in sharing the love of Christ.

Something else as a child I enjoyed but did not really come to a full appreciation of until much later in life was looking at the news headlines on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day way back then, reading/viewing the relative calmness around much of the world around during those two days. People celebrated Christmas globally in their own unique and or special way but the common thread amongst most, and those who did celebrate Jesus' birth was the shared common belief to bring a, peace, love and joy of Jesus Christ, who's birth was celebrated just like mine, with dear family and friends. I viewed as a young man that despite differences, and in also other places in the world, other cultures and people groups came together, laid aside differences amongst one-another to help usher in a peaceful time despite the madness and tribulations of the world around them. It was a sort of “time-out” for all everywhere from the on-going struggles with everyday life for many just like my family. As I grew older, although still only religious, I learned Christmas was not just of family time but also a time also of leaning on Christ to lend an extra ration of love and grace towards others in whom I may not like or generally get along with for one reason or another.

Yes, “ration of love and grace to others” during the Christmas Season has but all disappeared around the world these days. Today, knowing the truth of Christ and why He was born, I also see that few choose Jesus as Lord and Savior and instead, follow other Jesus', other god's, follow other self conceived ideas about life, thus the reason for the title of this blog article. It is so sad that Christmas has become something very horrible. I will tell you frankly that I hate “Black Friday” the “unofficial beginning of the Christmas Season.” Filled with commercialism and worse of all; selfish people trampling one-another, stabbing, shooting, fighting, shooting others with pepper spray; all for a toy or whatever in a store that the owners always purposely run short on advertised “in store specials.” In 2011, thus far as as in recent years past, the violence during the Christmas Season does not begin and end at “Black Friday.” No, it grows worse. Look at the rash of parents murdering their children, people gone “crazy” doing unthinkable things towards one-another. Here in the USA, we have a President who does not celebrate Christmas nor Christianity, he is set on murdering millions of Americans with his Communist policies, we have police and government agents who actively and purposely pursue with glee on their faces to help Obama kill off fellow American citizens, all the while we Americans ourselves wickedly engage in commercialism, self centerdness, divorce, hatred of one-another and other self-destructive activities that are contrary to the Bible. What has Christmas become ?

Furtherances towards depravity and hatred. People increasingly will not spend time with relatives and or friends for simple reasons such as loathing a person or for another simple reason of just sitting in the same room as somebody else. Many Americans have the unwillingness to to put aside differences and show the compassion of Christ towards one-another(I am not propagating acceptance or enabling of sin or a sinful lifestyle). Sadly, this unbiblical attitude prevails these days in many American families. I also am fully aware that it is not only the family members who participate in this unbiblcal and anti-Christmas attitude, because persons such as I are not allowed to be with family or my (our)children during Christmas because of a a Filipina Migration Scammer, corrupt courts, and a cop wanting to kill me. I have found that indeed, there are millions of American men and women such as I who long to be with their children and or families but many like myself are not allowed to. That's right, it's not the distance or miles that is the issue preventing a parent, a mother, a child(and so on) to be with family this Christmas Season, no it is the hatred and unwillingness of (and unchrist like)hearts of others who are purposely and maliciously preventing the true meaning of Christmas to flow. Indeed, my heart and prayers go out to suffering folks everywhere this Christmas Season(I even pray for the haters).

Christmas in America has become a horrid holiday in God's eyes I am sure of this. The Christmas Season has become something other than what was originally intended by Christians. I say “Let's End Christmas As We Know It” and go back to the beginning where we celebrate Jesus' birth. Let us realize what the birth of Jesus was and should be all about; let us who love Jesus Christ tear down the walls of hatred by sharing His love and mercy and good will towards all men now in and as well, after the Christmas Season.

Please join me in saying in our hearts from Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Can I get an Amen ??

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~”Black Robe Regiment Pastor”

** REMINDER; Don't Forget That On February 12th, 2012 To Have Your Christian Pastor And Or All Christian Pastors Around The World To Preach Against The Purposeful Destruction Of Families At The Hands Of Governments.


  1. Well there are still a few of us who know the true meaning of Christmas.. Actually, have a quite few very good friends, not even Christians, who know the true meaning of Christmas.

    And even respect the thought of Freedom of Religion. Just as many don't even realize many of the philosophies in our Constitution were taken from the Philosophies of the American Indian.