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“SAVE THE FAMILY ! ; Reserve For Action! February 12, 2012”

 “SAVE THE FAMILY ! ; Reserve For Action! February 12, 2012”

Attention all Pastors and good people of the Christian faith, I am calling for an International Day of Preaching, and Action on Sunday February 12, 2012. The purpose of this important date is specifically for Christian Pastors and Christians to call attention to and take firm action against world-wide government's/persons that are involved and engaged in the purposeful destruction of families for financial profit and or corrupt gain.

On Sunday February 12, 2012, Christian Pastors should be fully prepared to share in their sermons before their church congregations and others how their own as well as other national, regional governments around the world and their agents are engaged in the purposeful destruction of the family. Pastors should also be equally be prepared to take on the defense of marriage, this by showing that those who participate in anti-family actions are in fact a horrendous and unbiblical and need to be removed. It is imperative that pastors and Christians everywhere, by the masses, take up a physical presence and protest in calling for an end to such atrocities against families everywhere.

Pastors should be ready to address with their congregations on February 12, 2012; the specific evil actions on the part of corrupt judges, attorney's, lawyers, barristers, child protective, domestic violence, workers, psychologists, police, counselors, legislators and other so called “advocates” in the Divorce Industry. Pastors should speak to them specifically to stop their employment and participation all together in the Divorce Industry and instead, to use their legal knowledge and power to address in the courts and other governmental agencies for reforms that reward marriage and not aide in destroying them. Pastors equally, should be ready to scold judges, attorneys, child protection and domestic violence workers and the like for those who encourage their clients in taking actions to destroy their marriage, partner and or children for financial gain.

Pastors should as well be ready to speak on that designated date; rebuking those employed in the Divorce Industry and who are also their congregates or employees of those judges for participating in the Divorce Industry at all. All lawyers, barristers, judges and the like should be informed that it is entirely unbiblical and that of the antichrist spirit to take part in an annulment or separation/divorce procedure outside of what Christ commands and spoke of in the Bible as “adultery”(Matthew 19:9). Pastors should be prepared also to address what constitutes a Biblical marriage, corrective steps for all, and also on the opposite end of the Bible being the evil nature of the Divorce Industry as a whole which includes the following;

*Opposite of what the Divorce Industry currently advocates, divorce itself should be extremely rare and never for the benefit of anyone's financial gain especially for any government officials or their agents. Instead, Biblical mandates of love and forgiveness should be at the mandate of every marriage and family.

*That governments courts and it's agents ownership of financial incentives(in the U.S-Title IV Funding) in rewarding “nasty behaviour” of those seeking a divorce that includes; perjury, lying, malicious behaviours towards their spouse and false allegations of abuse towards their spouse and or children should be entirely barred and eliminated. Also that the example of Christ's loving sacrifice should be the standard of every marriage (Luke 9:23), not that of selfish gain.

*Ending once and for all, the disproportionate amount of little time children of divorce are allowed to be with and spend time with the “non-custodial” parent.

*That Parental Alienation Syndrome does in fact exist and that because primarily that of parent's desire to poison the mind and destroy the loving relationship of one parent against the other.

*That also existing is Legal Abuse Syndrome where by a large segment of persons dragged through court or legal proceedings are abused for financial profit and to the total destruction of a marriage partner or ex marriage partner. Those many times who seek reconciliation in marriage rather than divorce are subjected instead to great psychological harm by opposing attorneys and others, rather than reconciliation in their marriage.

*That children are the most devastated family member because of divorce. That “Law Guardians” should be eliminated entirely by courts as agents for or of children. Courts should take the role of reconciler rather than that of it's current role of profiteer at a child's expense because of marital strife.

*That government organizations involved in Child Protective Services as well as the Divorce Industry as a whole should all be highly regulated and governed by a type of Citizens' Review Panel(which will include Christian Pastors as participants) that panel has the power and ability of citizens to formulate legal decisions founded and made entirely on Biblical principles and that of Natural Law regarding family problems. The Citizen's Review Panel will have power to investigate wrong doing of judges, lawyers, police and others employed in thee Divorce Industry.

*That only acceptable is that of 100% proof against that of any parent who is allegedly engaged in child abuse that in the end will have their children removed. Allegations alone should never be used to determine removal of any child. Also, that in the event a child is removed from his or her family, primary custody of the child will automatically be given to an immediate relative-not a foster parent and or government foster agency. If an immediate relative is not available, a distant relative will instead be awarded custody of the child. God is interested in keeping families together, not separating them.

*That the seriousness of domestic violence be addressed. That it is unbiblical for a spouse to strike one-another. That reporting of such abuse should be done by a victim to her or his pastor also so that the elders and deacons of the church can address firmly and confront an actual abuser. The perpetrator will be removed with the help of the church body as well as the victim protected by the church body until such time it is entirely safe for the victim to be reunited with the(if ever) repented and reformed former abuser. That domestic abuse is unbiblical and will under any circumstance will not be tolerated.

*Also, and equally important should be the pastor's message to congregates, to attorneys, barristers, judges, domestic violence workers, married and courting couples and the like; who engage in or aide in falsifying domestic violence reporting; that to be addressed by the pastor in his message should be regarding lying in any point will not be tolerated and that false reporting of abuse is Biblically equivalent to that of of someone actually engaging in abusive actions themselves-both are gross sins before the Lord and will never be tolerated. Those who refuse to repent and reconcile to make right what they have aided in false domestic violence and or any lying action, those persons will be instructed to immediately leave the church and turned over to government authorities for perjury..

Pastoral Preparatory Action Should Include Before February 12th, 2012;

* Continuous teaching from the pulpit to all congregates and others; the need to follow the examples of the selfless and loving Christ of the Bible in marriages and family life; John 3:3, John 3:16, Luke 9:23, etc...

* Bible Study Groups and Biblical Discipleship Mentoring implemented regarding the roles of fathers, mothers, martial relationships and raising of their children(Titus 2:1-8 and 2:11-15).

* From the pulpit; continued Biblical warnings and finally; removal of church congregates who partake in unwarranted divorce actions and or financial profit from working in and or through the Divorce Industry or unwarranted actions of child removal from families( Matthew 18:15-17, 2 Corinthians 6:17).

* Direct meetings with public/government officials to warn them of the consequences of partaking in illicit financial gain because of their involvement(at any level; small or large) in the divorce and or (child “protective” industry)child stealing industry.(Ephesians 5:11)

* Protests and marches should be scheduled around court houses, attorney(barrister, magistrate) offices, government buildings and the like of those who refuse to repent from their sinful act of participating in the Divorce Industry, legalized child stealing, and the destruction of the family(Luke 13:3).

A Special Note To Christians;

You need to not only address with your pastor taking on this message from the pulpit well in advance notice (February 12, 2012), you also need to ask him if he will indeed take up Biblical action as well. Respectfully ask him to take on this need of Biblical teaching/action regarding those who destroy the family. If he at some point(well in advance of that of February) refuses to, or will plainly not give you an answer in his willingness to participate in this important Biblical matter, then I highly suggest you leave that church and find a church where the pastor preaches and teaches the Word Of God and does not withhold from proper Biblical doctrine. As well, do not let your pastor get away with “I will pray about it and let you know later” without actually getting back with you “later”-get a date he will get with you about all this. The excuse; “I will get back with you later” is used too often and is a cop out used by so called pastors to teach ear itching and comfortable, touchy, feely messages from the pulpit and does not at all address sin in a Biblical manner. Again, I highly suggest that you leave any unbiblical church and go find a real Bible based church if your pastor refuses to preach about the destruction of the family by ungodly and wicked government agents on February 12, 2012.

Finally, I want to inform you, you need to encourage and stand by your pastor in this endeavor if he in fact does choose to preach such a Biblical message regarding the sin of destruction of the family for financial profit. Be prepared not only to ask and encourage him to participate but also that you yourself and others like you will be ready, and willing to take on a huge part of the leadership role in helping the pastor to implement Biblical means of strengthening marriages in your local church and as well, share his message to gain the family back from an evil world system. Bottom line: be ready to be used by Christ Jesus.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

“The Pastors' Pulpit; No Guts For Truth Nor Christ”

      If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt
        that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away,
      the pulpit is responsible for it. ~ Rev. Charles Finney


  1. you go pastor, how do I sign the petition

  2. Hi Wendy, there is no petition.... rather go to the pastor of your local church. Tell him the information contained in this article then help him to implement.

  3. Apparently there are those Christians and Pastors unaware of what is going on with Divorce, corrupt courts, judges, lawyers domestic violence workers, child protection workers and the rest of the corrupt crew. You need to view this short video from former State Senator, Christian(SBC)to educate yourself in what is occuring with our government. By the way, Senator Schaefer was murdering these those corrupt government and other persons involved in the Divorce/Child stealing Industry.

  4. It is happening in all religions. Children are being removed from loving, non-abusive homes and placed with abusive families for "profit". We need to unite to protect the children, families, and the human, civil and religious rights in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. Shame on the corrupt "Family" Court system of deception and dysfunction.

  5. This is awesome! Thank you for this.

  6. Once I get a link to your petition, my wife and I will gladly sign it. Carry on, Christian Soldier!

  7. Thank you all for the positive feedback. I have been fighting a very corrupt Genesee County, NY(USA) Court/Government as well as I am a victim of a Filipina Migration Scammer(she married me to get her US Citizenship) in the USA, and as well all conspired with the City Of Batavia, NY Police Dept to have one of their "officers" threaten my life. My stories can be read at AND also at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/paul.htm Please use my oulined blog article posted here to address family related issues and concerns with your local pastors. Thank you and God bless.

  8. I'm interested, also it would be good to Repeal the current family court act and propose another that is more associated with Natural and Biblical rights.