Saturday, November 12, 2011

“The Hidden Revolution”

 “The Hidden Revolution”

While taking the time to go through some unfamiliar Internet websites lately, I came across a small bit of startling information. It was so profound I needed to ask others whom I know and trust if they heard of this news worthy item also. Like many others that I had inquired, I and they had not heard of a small island nation's revolution that exploded recently. After analyzing the information and the lack or attention of it on behalf of the American press, I needed to ask the next logical question which was; Why was that powerful people's revolution hidden from many of us here in the United States of America and and indeed in other parts of the world as well? (

If you are like me, I did not hear about the revolution that took place on a small nation in the North Atlantic Ocean region until as of late. I mean a real revolution mind you that took place in the tiny nation of Iceland. How I came about reading about Iceland's recent revolutionary actions was only because I was going through a new small website that I happened upon. There, I found a small website news blurb recounting the revolution that took place. I discovered with further research actually, that the American news press barely gave a notice about what occurred in Iceland. It appears that the American media on both the media's political “left” or of the “right” ignored Iceland's revolution. Revisiting my earlier question here, I really did ask myself “how could this be ?” I mean, a major revolution where there were apparently riots in the streets, bankers and government officials arrested/jailed for corruption and little was reported to the American people about all this? “Come On !” I said out loud after discovering the American media's either purposely paying little to no attention to the Icelandic Revolution or the press's complete ignorance in paying attention to what is really occurring in the world these days. Either way, the lack of reporting brings more(or at least should bring more than) suspicion of the American Media here. Whenever there is chaos it would appear, the news media will make a big deal about the news item but in reality we are ever more discovering, they are only giving us surface reporting or just a “peek” of what is occurring world-wide. This is obviously evident as we are now learning more and more, that even the so called politically “right” leaning Fox News is just another news outlet with watered down information and what is being given to us as “news” from them is nothing but and can only be compared to as a baby food strained news reports for what they(Fox News and others) as palpable for the public's consumption of “on the basis of need to know.” Money is involved in here somehow, I just know it ! 

It not only sickens me to now find out now like perhaps many of you that the news in Iceland was withheld including the riots there(2008-2011) but also that the riots were in response to that nation's evilists corruption and power. It interests me even more so however learning that there are other nations in Europe looking at Iceland as a model for a response for removal or corruption. Interestingly, I discovered that the people in Iceland whether on the “left “ or the “right” politically joined forces to see that corruption whether in business, or the government was needed to be drastically addressed and as well removed. I also believe that although many of us Americans are just now learning more about the revolution in Iceland (no thanks to the American media and Government here) It is indeed timely for many of us to hear about what occurred there now. This is because I believe the Icelandic People figured it out. They discovered that corruption was not a political party affiliation problem nor an issue being on the political “left or the right.” I am not advocating a “revolution” so to speak but with Greece now facing further economic and social melt-down, we as Americans can now compare the Icelander's recent activities of corruption removal to also that of the current reactions of the Greek people's influx of anarchy and disastrous demand for more of the same bad economic decisions they have made in the past. We know that the Greeks continued relying heavily on government help despite it's erroneous policies are a complete failure. The Greek People are also missing out on their chance to do things right rather continue in the same old policies that keep nations(like the USA also) in trouble. The peoples of both nations; Iceland and Greece stand side by side(in comparison) and can be seen openly for what each represents as even our(or any nations) future course as a nation and a people here at home(in the USA) wanes in the future. We have a choice that we can pay close attention to what the people of Iceland performed via taking action to gain their nation back in exposing root causes of corruption or to go on in rewarding failed policies such as Greece (and the United States for that matter) that rewards evil and even more corruption. Pointing to the heart of what the Icelandic people desired, I believe what Icelander“Gudrun Jonsdottir, a 36-year-old office worker, said it best about his fellow citizen's response to corrupt government policies and towards rewarding continued corruption when he shared; 'I've just had enough of this whole thing. I don't trust the government, I don't trust the banks, I don't trust the political parties, and I don't trust the IMF.... We had a good country and they ruined it.' ” Perhaps as Americans we can also relate to Mr. Jonsdottir's statement. Truth be known here, the “Left Winged”-“Occupy” people largely don't get it. They believe the problem and fault of our (American)economy mostly lays at the feet of “greedy corporations and capitalism.” On the other end of the political spectrum, the so called Economic “Conservatives” and “Right Wingers” blame everything on the US Government, they “don't get it” either. So which one is it? What's the answer here ? Well, I go back to my past article written about “Occupy Wall Street” in which I identify that ( although people have a right to be selfish or wicked or even greedy, but when their actions (also on the part of evil governments, corporations/banks and other institutions) impact us through corruption in some way, those of us who have close to our hearts the knowledge of good and evil, have a vital responsibility to expose and remove ALL dishonest gain and corruption from every segment of society. Heck, it is even our responsibility to demand removal of ALL evil that motivates the corporate media from withholding information such as that of a people rising in power to say “no” to deep seeded corruption(Hello news media, are you reading this ???)

As yet another reminder to all of us, “We The People” should never take the side of evil, corruption or wickedness and we should never, ever withhold truth for personal benefit or dishonest gain. To do anything else other than expose and remove evil only invites more of the same. This is indeed the lesson to be learned here from the American media's withholding truth from us; that those of us who dare to call ourselves Christians especially(a title to many people today throw around and take way too lightly) should be fully aware of and implement what Ephesians 5:11 states(once again sharing); “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”and also that of what is written in Pslam101:7 the Bible declares; “He who works deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who tells lies shall not continue in my presence.” We who love God should always encourage and justify truth telling and honest gain. Those that omit/withhold truth or willfully choose to omit events that impact our world are just as guilty as those who directly contribute to evil itself. We should take equal effort to expose and remove those who influence towards evil among us(all society) including the so called news media and government officials, corporations who hide such activities that would obviously expose the wrong doing of themselves and as well others. 

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~"Black Robe Regiment Pastor" 


  1. No doubt money is involved. Money, Sex & Power always seem to be at the top of the pyramid. The foundation of all three is, I think, Pride.
    There will I am convinced, be great violence in the Nation yet.
    What Christians should do in the face of this violence I do not know.

  2. Is money involved? Ya think?!

  3. What should Christians do? "Stand upright in joyful anticipation as you behold the Day drawing near." Preserver, for ...the devils time is short.