Sunday, July 3, 2011

“America Needs Real Hero's”

“America Needs Real Hero's”

America is in crisis. America is falling apart in every area including physical, emotional and spiritual. Every segment of America is indeed in deep, deep trouble. While Obama plays golf and “Rome burns”, his wife is out taking pleasure trips around the world at tax payer expense. Government Legislators, judges and courts provide a frontal assault on American Citizen's civil and constitutional rights and are chipped away in huge blocks daily. Many American Citizens really haven't done much to address this and other evil elements in our nation's and state's capitals. The amount of arrogance and audacity this current American President and government leaders like him is beyond belief but yet we do not find the vast majority of “We The People” doing much about it. Sure, there is the usual whining and complaining found in homes, empty beer cans thrown at the nightly news on TV, shouting at a few congressional “town hall meetings” and the like, but few have addressed the real cause and solution to how to rid our nation of it's current woes and deep rooted problems of evil.

Our nation has changed in attitude towards evil so very much the last 60 years or so During World War II, The US Government found that Hollywood was a good and resourceful ally in the fight against America's enemies-namely Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy. Many American's flocked to movie theater's to not only watch a good “war flick” on how we “were winning the war” but news reels of the war effort were as well shown along with other US Government advertisements, to purchase U.S War Bonds and to encourage people to save up and recycle household products for the “war effort.” There seemed to be a real collective effort on the part of most U.S Citizen's to fight a real and proven enemy both abroad and here at home. The vast majority of American's partook and were proudly behind the war effort to rid the world of the likes of Adolf Hitler and other “enemies of freedom.” Christian churches were many times full of anxious family m members seeking God's family in time of crisis. Looking at these past attitudes, we should not surprised as we were attacked by Imperial Japan on December 7th, 1941 dragging the USA(After a number of years taking a semi-isolationist and non-committal attitude to entering WW II) into WW II and The U.S Government found many Hollywood film makers and actors an ally In helping American's win the war and ridding the world of evil.

My friends, as they say; “ that was then, this is now.” There is a whole different enemy and quite frankly, “Hollywood” cannot be trusted. Yes, there are a few current film producers and actors that see like you and I, that America is in crisis in many ways, but many of Hollywood's actors, film producers and the rest have become the same as Barack Hussein Obama(Barry Soros or whatever his real name is)“the enemy with in.” Some in the American film industry for sure recognize that America is in trouble. As of late, some in Hollywood have tried to use as what they used in the past to motivate American's for “good.” This time around however, what they are utilizing is nothing more than “entertainment” to make us feel better. Hollywood is resurrecting some old comic book characters to help with the “fight against evil.” Supposed “hero's” such as Captain America, Green Lantern and other currently and or recently released movies are now resurrected and truthfully, may make us feel good for a few moments but in reality, these movies have no real impact on people to “step up to the plate” to take America back from evil as we seen during World War II. You see, movie “hero's and entrainment in itself is the devil's way of getting us to focus off of truth, especially Biblical Truth. The vast majority of the U.S Government being an agent of evil, they have no problem with Hollywood producing “feel good movies” because it takes the attention of the evil the U.S Government produces, off of them, and onto something that has no ill impact on the evil they cause. What I mean by this statement is that American's will spend millions of dollars on entertainment and entertainment in of itself is harmless to evil and changing evil to good.

To expound further regarding evil and entertainment, I believe entertainment gives false hopes and dreams to people. Many so called “Christian” churches use entertainment to appease blinded heart seekers of a “comfortable life christianity” where people just all pray, read their Bibles, have their heads up in the clouds and there is no confrontation of evil, there is no real standard in Biblical Truth and there is no focus of a persons life on the Cross of Christ. In many churches across America, there are false beliefs being taught to ignorant “sheep” that everyone is going to Heaven no matter what a person believes or follows irregardless of what the Bible teaches. The lies of the devil have invaded much of the Christian Church in America and if many so called “Christians” have swallowed the devil's “kool-aid”, think how much more that non-christians have done the same !
The American Revolution was a movement of like minded and more importantly, like-hearted people who loved Jesus, the Bible and freedom as well as justice. Many of our Founding Fathers of the USA were Bible believing Christians. Their motivation for change was so that every person within the 13 Colonies(and beyond) could serve not only Jesus Christ of the Bible, but also for all citizen's to be free of tyranny. Unlike the French Revolution, many of our Founding Fathers were hero's sacrificing not only time and resources but their very lives so that you and I could go on to worship the Biblical God without fear of government oppression and or evil. If possible, I believe the vast majority of our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves today from the lack of zeal in “We The People” towards God, country, family and most certainly, lack of love and action on the part of American Citizens for freedom.

America needs real hero's(Yesterday !), not fictitious “feel good and entertaining “hero's.” America needs men and women of Biblical Truth, with a whole lot of (uhhhummmm) “grapes.” To stand up and not only point of what is evil, but to gather other like minded men and women of Biblical boldness and courage to go to evil, call evil out and confront evil head on. America is about to die off as a nation and a people. The length and listing of evil participated by U.S and State's government leaders and their agents would alone take volumes to write here. Many of you know already what is being done to our beloved nation. It's PAST time my friends to look for your courage. It's also time for some of you that put away your courage in a mason jar some place, and hid it “for safe keeping”, to go dig it up ! It's time that YOU became a man and women without fear of evil and take your place as a “hero” to help restore America to what our Christian Fore Fathers meant it to be.

So I say to all Americans, This July 4th Holiday.....” Save a Republic, be a hero ! “


  1. I agree 100%-----You are correct---material things have taken over----These things will be our downfall.---Rich people--will not find their way into Gods Kingdom. People whom use their wealth to assist the poor will gain favor in the eyes of the Lord, but have we become a Godless nation----I think so----I also believe God has a road map already in place to guide us to the end of that road----Gods Kingdom

  2. We are not a godless nation. What we are is a nation of people who have been lied to, betrayed.
    Evil people are in charge, they have taken over the government from the Whitehouse, evil men like George Soros have the presidents ear. Those that want to do their job are blocked by the power above them.
    Our people themselves are forced to accept things that God has called an abomanation,there
    are communist, and socialist , muslims, and illegals all screaming for what they want....

    But, this did not start with Obama. Time to remove the blinders people, this was a long time coming, they did it a little at a time , plant the seeds and watch it grow.

    This is the time, this is the fight,it has to be done right as there are no "DO OVERS"

    Haven't you figured out why they keep sending our children off to fight and die in a war they won't allow them to win...

    First step should be a an online petition demanding the immediate impeachment of Obama.
    The petition's should be sent to both Congress, and the Senate. These people should be informed that "We The People" will not accept anything less than his impeachment. Unless they want to join the millions of people who no longer have a job.