Sunday, June 26, 2011

“ America Has Prostituted Itself ”

“ America Has Prostituted Itself ”

While praying and thinking about what to write this week, I received a word from the Lord; “prostitutes.” When hearing that word in my heart, it greatly disturbed me as you can quite imagine. I pressed in more to the Lord seeking exactly what He meant, as I usually do and He showed me a great deal regarding how there are segments of American society that prostitute themselves for a variety of issues and reasons. There is a great pulling of the flesh of people to what the Book of Revelation in Chapters 17 and 18 refers to as “ The Great Whore.” The Lord did not bring me so much to the Anthony Weiner or Arnold Schwarzenegger issues that have plagued the news as of late, no-instead the Holy Spirit brought to other places where we can see the same spirit of prostitution in America running a muck at a time while at the same time, satan is having a “field day” in our nation.

One of the first places the Lord showed me where this Spirit of Whoredom runs a muck is in Washington DC and our state's capitals. The Lord showed me many attorneys that have exchanged careers to become politicians and participate in this evil venue. Many trial and family law attorneys in the USA have developed a habit off splitting truth. What does that mean ? That means that “truth and fact” are separated and often manipulated. During appearances in court or in their documents, accusations and words are spoken or written and they may make the most heinous of accusations but not necessarily true in reality. This sort of evil is not only tolerated, it is encouraged in and outside our judiciary and in fact all 3 branches of government. That is not what the Bible taught however. However truth being shared here, I will not turn this article into a lawyer bashing column. There are some good lawyers out there in the USA after all. Some have fought very hard for their clients or themselves so much, they have been disbarred by corrupt powers that be. I have one attorney friend here in the Philippines, it would appear the same thing occurred to him. So anyway, the majority of these trial and family law attorneys manipulate truth and that is not honesty. Perhaps the term in the USA called “two-faced” came from these attorney's actions, for they tell different stories to different people claiming it is all truth. These attorney's and attorney's turned politicians have prostituted themselves to various groups, organizations, people, individuals, all depending if they think they can get away with “truth.”
                                                                           “ The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those they invest with authority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches” ~John Witherspoon, signer of the Deceleration Of Independence.

To give what I think is a good example and point of what I am sharing here, I want to simply point to the New York State Senate which very recently ratified and passed a bill with a Republican Party majority and approval of homosexual marriages in that state. Apparently, Republican Senators cut deals so that “no religious organization would be forced to perform these homosexual marriages.” Gee, thanks Republicans ! Like you did us Bible believing Christians a favor. Why couldn't these Republicans get a pair and just say “NO!” I'll tell you why, it's because again, most of these Senators are attorneys and they know they can get away with spinning, lying, and manipulating the truth that somehow they did us good moral folks and Christians a “favor” by getting this “homosexual marriage bill passed” Well, these fools whether they know it or not, have just put another spiritual nail in New York State's coffin. The Republicans in the NY Senate exchanged their souls for promises of future votes or promises from the sinful homosexual political lobby. New York State is about to have more people move out of the state, more businesses are about to move out as well. New York already ranks #2(behind California) for exiting people, businesses and for having high taxes. Yes, expect to see NY State tie or surpass California as the number #1 state with highest taxes and people/businesses fleeing the state. Bottom line here is folks; these Republicans prostituted themselves to a evil group of individuals, at the same time sewing a seed of further destruction for New York and the rest of our nation.

                                                                          “One of the beautiful boasts of our municipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is part of Common Law... There has never been a period in which the Common Law did not recognize Christianity as lying at it's foundations. I verily believe Christianity necessary to the support of civil society.”~ Joseph Story, US Supreme Court Justice, Father Of American Jurisprudence.

The Lord showed me that there are other types of people who participate in the Spirit of Prostitution. Those are police who follow any unconstitutional orders so as to secure their paychecks. Some of these are the “bullies” you see getting video taped by American Citizens for their unlawful behavior. The same holds true for guys and gals in the military. Some have prostituted themselves for a higher commission or rank at the expense of “We The People.” Expect to see some of these folks near a home near you openly violating the U.S 2nd Amendment.confiscating lawful citizen's guns and weapons.

Still even more, I have been shown that liken to workers in the “red light district” are social workers, domestic violence workers, judges, child protection workers and others like them that take in revenue from Federal and or state governments who pay according numbers of “participants”, “victims”, “offenders” and so on. You see, these group of individuals seek out people to manipulate legal action against even though there is no offense. Please understand, there are Federal Title X and other funding available to organizations who can (allegedly)prove their need. This is called “outcome based financing.”The more “victims”, “perpetrators”, alleged “crimes” and so on that take place, the more money that is awarded. It is financially rewarding people and organizations who manipulate “numbers” and lie to get paid. So, yes we have many working in or for the “judicial and or social services systems” who make their money based on lies and prostituting themselves on the backs of innocent people including children, mommy's, daddy's, men and women everywhere in America.

I'd like to share finally to the last liken of that of the whorish of all whorish evil and that is the new sophisticated illegal aliens in America. Those illegals who cross deserts, climb over fences hide in trucks with false walls have nothing at all compared to these criminals. The one's I am speaking of are the foreign men and women who con their way into the USA through marrying American Citizen's and are engaged in marriage fraud. These illegal aliens have no real intention or plan to stay married to their American spouses. They have studied American law and how to file for a separation and or divorce asking the courts from their American spouses for money, homes and property without working one day in America. They also have learned long before entering the USA how to take advantage of all the American Citizen Taxpayer's “free” benefits like “free” college tuition, “free” medical care, “free” mortgage payments on their government purchased homes, “free” food through Federal, state and or local grants and Food Stamps. The “free” benefits list is long and believe me, gets fully taken advantage of by these illegal aliens. I am aware of these issues because It is not only me that has been a victim of a Filipina Migration Scam in the USA, there are men and women from all around the world who have pulled scams on American Citizens. Perhaps this type of Spirit of Prostitution is not only the worst type of prostitution, but the most heinous because it involves someone pretending to love you. It is also dangerous because often times the scam ends up involving children from the relationship from the Marriage Scammer and in the end, impacts whole American communities. I couldn't agree with this quote from Voice Of American Immigration Fraud Victims more;

"I am here today to deliver a clear message. Marriage and visa fraud potentially threaten the national security of the United States." - Special Agent Tom Depenbrock (From Voice Of American Immigration Fraud Victims )

The Spirit of Prostitution is alive and well. Perhaps some American's now have their eyes open. I pray that they would do something about it. For it is written in Mathew 16:26 “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? ”

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  1. the entire world is completely wrapped in satan's chains, but, God Win's and I am eternally grateful, that God has opened my eye's to see this for what it is, and am not among the ones you mention.....TO God be the Glory