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“Sorry Mr. Ball, Many Didn't Care About You And Still Don't.”

“Sorry Mr. Ball, Many Didn't Care About You And Still Don't.”

A recent tragedy that was barely mentioned in some news sources occurred last week and that had nearly brought me to tears. Those that truly know me, know It's very difficult these days for me to get that emotional since God Himself Is the one holding back my tears, but indeed, I was effected emotionally. This photo I was seemingly memorized by, was quite emotionally moving as well as disturbing to me. I really couldn't help but stare at the horrible photo of where a man took his life. In fact, as I stated, I had a difficult time keeping my eyes off of it. My emotions were not that of unbelief however, no not at all, because this sort of death was all to familiar to me and I had seen previously where especially men had taken their lives in this fashion. I did eventually stop staring though and I began to write this article.

The Photo I was looking at was of Mr. Thomas Ball, a man, a father who like other daddy's before him, poured gasoline on himself and then proceeded to light the gasoline and himself on fire outside a Family Court House building. Mr. Ball died a horrible death from his protesting action. Here was another life needlessly gone. Another parent brought to death by government officials who emotionally and spiritually tortured this parent until he felt he had no other recourse but to take his very own life. Mr Ball like millions of other parents in the USA, are left by courts/governments with feelings of hopelessness, and rejected purely for being a parent or of the wrong gender. Mr. Ball made the decision in his heart though, he had enough. Looking closely at Mr. Ball's actions though, he did not “go out in a blaze of glory” in my opinion as some may suggest. He instead only made a statement largely “preaching to the choir” of pain...people also like him, feeling largely powerless and desperate. His action may all of have been in vain.

I am sure Mr. Ball thought by taking his life, he would make a point, a strong enough point “and show the world” what the U.S, Massachusetts's State Governments, his ex-wife and courts were doing to him, were all just plain evil. He was wrong. I may get some flack for making this point but please let me explain. There were errors in Mr. Bell's thinking. He made the first mistake thinking his protest would cause evil people to “care” about him and his relationship with his children. This thought was a misjudgment on the part of Mr. Ball. In reality, evil people could care less if good people live or die. They lack a soul to care. Their souls are already sold to the devil and they have only one way to get their souls back and it doesn't look like repenting of sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour pays enough cash to care about themselves or anyone else at that matter. This is especially true with corrupt government agencies, courts, judges, lawyers, cops, domestic violence program workers, CPS workers, and the like. In fact,( they won't freely admit it) but I am sure there were many of these previously mentioned groups/people that were laughing it up in their offices the day the news of Mr. Ball's death was made public. They may have been like the Palestinians on the day the Islamists crashed the planes into the Twin Towers on 911. You know, with laughing ,celebrating and gift giving when all those 3000 + American's died. Yes, in comparison, our own American government employees and representatives as well as publicly funded group organizations really do act evil like that and celebrate when we give up hope. I've seen it all before.

In what appears to be the next mistake poor Mr. Ball made in judgment was that he assumed the general public would be empathetic to his cause and at least his children would get justice. This was another unfortunate miscalculation on the part of Mr. Ball. Let's get real and honest here shall we ?....most people in the USA don't care about anything unless it personally impacts on them. You want to hear an American outraged, yelling, demanding justice, threatening violence against an evil and oppressive government ? No problem, just take away something that belongs to her or him, you'll here all the ranting(that's about all you'll get … ranting) you want and you will heart it at a mile a way at that. Those of us though who have already had the government and or their agents invade our lives and do damage, sit by on the side, waiting for that newly outraged person to calm down enough so that we can say to her/him “We tried to warn you, and get you involved but you didn't care enough to listen to us.”

Somewhat similarly in misjudgment by Mr. Ball was regarding the press/media. I am sure he thought his actions would be outrageous enough to turn the world on it's axis. Here again, is the issue... that there is an assumption that most or even many people would care. The fact of the matter is, most in the “main stream media” also could care less about a distraught parent who is illegally and or immorally not allowed to see their very own child or falsely accused of abuse as was Mr. Ball. If it has anything to do with truth or exposing evil, the vast majority of people in the media just aren't interested unless it can some how bring in the big bucks for a commercial sponsor or is a popular( “in the media's view”) enough of a story to write about or tell. A father or any parent wrongfully held from seeing his or her children, even for a father committing suicide with gasoline and sadly, lighting himself on fire outside a courthouse is just “not news worthy” even for the likes of Fox News and WND.

I pray to God there are no more person's wanting to take action as was Mr. Ball's out there. I have spoken with so many distraught parents over the years.  I really wish I could have spoken with Mr. Ball before he took his life. I have had plenty of parents unfortunately contact me with lethality issues though. My advice to them and possibly you is that self preservation is always the answer, not suicide. Hurting ourselves will not prove a darn thing to anyone. Don't believe for one minute that your “children will understand” or that in hopes some family member will take the take time to tell your children “the truth” about your or anyone else's suicide. The stark reality is that suicide is a selfish act, you can't take your actions back. If you really want to make a statement to an evil government, evil group, evil person, then stick around. Find a way to tell your story in a productive and healthy way. Stick around in this life to fight back, fight for your children and fight for your family. Don't take “the easy way out.” I and some others I know care about you and your relationship with your children but the reality is most people in power don't give a rat's tail about you, your relationship with your children including the “people” who stole your children. More good advice; give the evil people “heck” not “help” in doing their job because by you “being out of the picture”, it just gives evil people more power to ruin your children's and your family's lives in the future.

If you come away from this article with anything, please remember this; despite what modern psychologists will tell you, people are people and are generally selfish and not good, God (Biblical)is the only one good, He is the one who help you win your battles, He is the one that will never leave you nor forsake you. Put your hope and trust in Him and Him alone. When you do, I guarantee the game will change but shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell the evil people about God, they might get the idea that they need to repent and then say they're sorry later.

"The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!"~ George Washington

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