Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Call On All OathKeepers And Good People In Law Enforcement/Military USA

A recent major problem occurred in America that yet the majority of the Liberal Media/ Press has once again ignored. This issue hit quite close to home for me personally and I am going to state this for all to read quite loud and quite clear HERE.... " I WARNED YOU !!!. "

Many have been ignoring my pleas, opinions and articles here, on Facebook, some of my web pages such as "Corrupt Genesee" @ , and!/note.php?note_id=139696066046232&id=100000913008881 .....
 I want to say TO ALL OF YOU READING THIS ..."I Told You So." and "See What Happens When You Don't Listen?" But I know in the end, these former antagonistic statements will do no good.  In reality and unfortunately, many will continue to just ignore what I share here in this article. In fact, most will not take time to look at the important links/videos and such I am posting here.

What is it that I sound so condescending and possibly so darn self-righteous in attitude about ? Well, it is what I have been warning many all around the world of the issue of government child stealing. Look at this article where an Oath Keeper's child was abducted by Child Protective Services for the mere and only fact that this baby was born to an Oath Keeper....
 The world must be told as well as the police as well as all those fools who work security duty in Family Courts, DHS, CPS, etc... Don't you know(speaking to those police, military, deputy sheriffs, etc...) That monsters always eat their own ??? Look at this article where an Oathkeeper's baby was taken because the father of the baby belonged to "Oath Keepers." WOW ! To those police, military and so on.... I ask you, do you think its safe for your children ??? Even if you choose to "Do my job" without considering the evil you provide these corrupt courts and agencies ?....That there is no way the monster monster won't eat you, your family or children as well later on? Don't you know that once you sell your soul to the devil that your soul is gone forever, there ain't no turnin' back Bubba !

Those of us who knew State Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia, or knew her work know why she was murdered and who really murdered her. We knew her hard work and dedication to exposing CPS, DHS, family Courts, Cops, Lawyers, Judges, etc... In fact,  she was working on exposing a Georgia State Government run pedpohile ring  before she was murdered ! We are not stupid. Those of us who aware of the recent suspicious death of the man who produced the video "Innocence Destroyed" (Part 1)  and we know he worked on this video with Senator Scahefer,  both died untimely deaths. Two brave people exposing Child Protective Services, Family Courts, DHS, etc.. for the slimy, evil agencies, cops, lawyers, judges, etc.. that they are, both Senator Nancy and the producer of her documentary film were purposely killed by those who wanted to shut them up ! Senator Scahefer did much work to expose the evil of Family Courts, CPS, Lawyers, Judges, Cops and such... \

Now Oath Keeper's are finding out they are not immune. No one is immune. While 99% of all media ignores the issues of Government child stealing, murders of those who fight against the evils of CPS, DHS, Family Courts, Cops, Judges, Lawyers, many children are also dieing in foster care. Children are being drugged up with unnecessarily prescribed psychotropic medications by government psychologists, social workers and the like.Even when I had my children stolen by a Filipina Migration Scammer in the USA and the courts illegally gave that illegal alien my children as well as my house and all my personal possessions, None of the media stepped in to help me. Rarely does the media ever help in these situations.  I personally contacted Buffalo, NY Television news reporters, Glenn Beck, "Bamboo" Bob, Erik Rush, WND News, others and none chose to correspond back with me except Erik Rush said he would "pray" about how to help and that was well over 1 month ago and I haven't heard anything back. "Bamboo" Bob deleted me as a Facebook "friend: when I mentioned to others he had not helped me. Most Americans either don't care or wish not to know what occurs with Government child stealing UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO THEM !!!!!! Look what is happening now because of America's complacency !!!
Police, Courts and so on are supposed to be our last line of defense for the people. There is supposedly justice but our American Government,States, County's and local municipalities have sold their souls to the devil ! They can't be trusted ! EVER !

Oath Keepers as an organization must prove that they are more than a mouth piece, that they are more than just a organization of talk, that they are also an organization of ACTION. No more talk ! Enough!
I call upon every Oathkeeper in the USA, along with every good Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer to REFUSE to follow or enforce any more CPS, DHS, Family Court orders that are obviously illegal and that those orders go against the parent's wishes. Am I asking you(Law Enforcement) to take a stand that may possibly lead to you losing your job ? You bet !!!!! Pick and choose a side because time is rapidly approaching that there will be parents, grandparents, families throughout America that are going to say no more to these illegal/unconstitutional child kidnappings and start taking matters in their own hands to protect their children's lives. Would you(as a Law Enforcement Officer) do any less to protect your children from evil and corruption ??? Enough is Enough ! Pick and Choose. If you call yourself an Oathkeeper or a defender of the US Constitution, then step up to the plate ! There are no fence sitters on this one !

There are millions of parents across America who have been wrongfully taken out of their children's lives. Does Evil really think it can kill us all ? I'd say not !!!


  1. When your Government needs its people to kill
    their enemy for whatever takes
    the young adults out of their lives, isolates them with many others similarly situated and 'trains' them to kill..fills their heads to dehumanize 'the enemy' to so they CAN kill.

    You are asking your fellow citizens to Rise Up
    against a system that is 'manned' by fellow
    citizens doing their jobs.

    The 'enemy' we face is but a FEW...they sit on
    Ivory Towers, they make their deals for votes
    and Money...this is what they are Taught and The PEOPLE are Taught to Follow AUTHORITY
    even when it means the 'taking' of Children, Property, and Lives. This is nothing 'new', has been the Legacy of mankind since the
    beginning of human beings. Why do you

    All societies Rise and your history..what do societies DO when they SENSE they are about to FALL?

    Have Faith, my Fellow human being, we are Many who have had our children, property and lives
    taken, BUT they can NEVER take our Spirits...our
    Spirit LIVES...and THIS is our TRUE Legacy as
    human beings created by GOD.

    GOD hears our cries...have FAITH and TRUST
    that HE has prepared a place in HIS kingdom for you for Eternity and this Life with Mankind is but a 'blink of an eye'.

  2. Obama,the Criminal Miscreant that he is,is a traitor and a fraud. This country is under seige,NOW! I too have faced the misprisioners of treason who work for the Media.I was interviewed by people at Channels 2,4 and 7.The Buffalo News won't even see me. They KNOW that Obama is a usurper. They cannot claim stupidity. They are actively complicit by their silence:

  3. Rosie, I hope you viewed the video of Senator Nancy Schaefer. If you did not, to really understand the problem, you need to view her video(one of many). By the way, Senator Schaefer was a Bible believing born-again Christian and a memmber of the SBC. Until your child is stolen, you may never understand the issue that our government has many, not a few that partakes in stealing children(peoples live's) for profit.

  4. Isn't this in many ways prophesied in the marriage portion of this scripture?

    1 The Spirit says clearly that in later times some believers will desert the Christian faith. They will follow spirits that deceive, and they will believe the teachings of demons. 2 These people will speak lies disguised as truth. Their consciences have been scarred as if branded by a red-hot iron. 3 They will try to stop others from getting married and from eating certain foods. God created food to be received with prayers of thanks by those who believe and know the truth.
    1 Tim 4:1-3 (GW)

  5. Paster, I am very familar with Nancy Schaefer's work and the botched internal investigation into her murder suggests an INDEPENDENT investigation is in order. Americans refuse to believe that our government/leaders are engaged in EGREGIOUS crimes against humanity for their own gains. The People historically will make jokes about corruption, will buy into Corporate media propoganda when they know it is biased, will blame victims and not until THEY are victimized will they STAND UP and do something to stop it.

    There is AMPLE evidence our gov't is in the BUSINESS of legally kidnapping children to strip family assets and then defraud taxpayers to provide care...adopt them out where some end up in pedo/prostitution rings: a lucrative National & International business that continues to GROW.

    The People will sit down and have their FAITH/GOD strip out of their lives, they will sit down while our children are being brutalized, they will do NOTHING to stop it until they become victimized.

    I have been advocating for Americans to WAKE UP and STAND UP for decades. Americans have progressively turned over their Freedom, their Liberties to GODless Heathens whom they have MORE Faith and HOPE in than their GOD or themselves as children of GOD.

  6. the Church has FAILED in its duty to its followers. The Church sat back while Roe v Wade became law..fighting the law with the law vs working to also RALLY the people. When the gov't moved to take oversight of their Financial dealings, they fought the courts, rally' blizes. So, tell me. Does America have a chance to Restore their values, their American Way of Life when EVEN the Church won't stand up against GODless Heathens until their MONEY is at risk?

  7. Review History, Paster. REview when the CHURCH was the UNchecked Authority and the EGREGIOUS crimes against humanity IT committed.

    There must be balance: laws, law enforcement AND moral values to 'civilize' human beings who are nothing more than 'animals' of the animal kingdom but animals none the less. When a governance gains UNchecked Authority it ALWAYS leads to the Unchecked Authority's animalistic drives/desires to be unleased at will upon their subjects.

  8. 80% of Americans call themselves Religious in beliefs yet they sit down and allow the LIBERAL GODLESS agenda who ARE only 20% of our population but who have the 'decision making' seats to take Religion OUT and denegrade society. Believers put the FAITH and TRUTH in GODless Heathens NOT their GOD or themselves as GODs children. They look to Godless Heathens to protect & provide for them when all they have to do is LOOK and see they do NOT provide & protect anyone but themselves. LOOK at the homeless, hungry in America...LOOK and see how many are turned away from overcrowded shelters. LOOK to see the EMPTY food pantry shelves and THINK: where do these people GO and how do they provide for themselves when American believe their gobberment is doing this. They believe it because they WANT to

  9. They blame the needy and victims for their plight. They sit back in their own hypocry and superiority. They fail to BLAME and work to STOP the ABUSERS, LIARS, THEIVES because they WANT to believe in THEM and they believe their own LIES they tell themselves so they don't have to do their duty

  10. I have been fighting these issues LONG before my government retaliated agianst me and my child, Paster. Both me and my child have been criminalized, povertized and are being drinven into our graves.

    I commend you for your work with children in your orphanage, Pastor but I question why you did not stand up the egregious crimes our gov't has been committing agianst our children for decades until YOUR children were taken? Sorry, I just can buy that you didn't know. I don't begrudge is a BLESSING that you are now working diligently to raise awareness. GOD works in mysterious ways, does he not? I use to wonder why GOD allowed such terrible crimes to be committed against good/HIS people until I and my son were. WE are here only for a short time...our souls LIVE forever...FAITH & TRUST in HIM doesn't mean you will live your life here in 'convenience and comfort'...we are here to do HIS will as HE works to CLAIM the souls of all HIS created human beings and IF we follow HIS teachings and live our lives as defined by HIS only begotten SON, HE takes CLAIM of our souls to live in HIS KINGDOM for Eternity. Thus, I say Do NOT Fear the GODless or what they will do to you as they are the tools of GOdless creatures working to Usurp GOD by claiming as many souls as they can.

  11. Excuse me, Paster but so called Believers are NOT charitable and do NOT follow the teachings of their GOD. They think THEIR Religious doctrines are 'superior'. They think THEIR skin color is 'superior'. They think THEIR economic class is 'superior' to lower economic classes. They blame the needy for their plight.
    They WORSHIP Money & Possessions and give their allegience to GODless human beings and they allow them to teach & provide for their children, elders while they busy themselves slaving to get MONEY and buy things for 'comfort & convenience'.

    If you ARE a you LIVE your LIFE like Jesus did? If not, why not? ARe you a 'slave' to Money? Why? Your chilren are NOT your possessions, your job is only to LOVE them, teach them HOW to live their lives and do not FEAR or hold ANGER in your Heart for what GODless human beings do to them or you..thier souls and yours will be claimed by GOD and HE will prepare HIS kingdom for them and you. Pray for Forgiveness, Pray for Guidance and keep reading Jesus' teachings and strive to live your life as HE lived HIS.

    Believers' KNOW when GOD answers our prayers for Direction...we are knocked right down to our souls leaving us with NO doubts. This has only happened to me a few times and EACH time I knew but each time...the Direction I was given my view...NOT reasonable but I followed HIS direction anyway and I was AMAZED how RIGHT he was/is but only recognized by me after YEARS of sufferage. TRUST that sometimes we must sacrifice and even suffer egregiously. We many not know ALL the reasons why but HE reveals them in HIS time.