Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Can I Find The USA Government Link For My Free Auminum Hat?

That's right folks,we're being invaded by little green men ! Well, at least the US Government and the United Nations would like you to believe so. In the past week, the United Nations appointed Mazlan Othman as head of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs. Yep that's correct, the United Nations with all it's goofy leaders who also have a seat reserved in their assembly for a satanic leader is now pushing that we all get ready to greet space aliens !

To make matters worse are the ridiculous reports from supposed United States Military pilots that their nuclear missile's were somehow "disabled" by space aliens. These reports have all come withing the past few days and within hours of reporting of each other. What is going on ? Have all of the world leaders finally lost their grip on reality ??? I mean, I am just waiting for the United States Government Link for all Americans everywhere to get their free aluminum hat so the space aliens won't be able to do mind control. WOW!

I am ever so suspicious of anything the Obama Government puts out for information. No doubt many in the UN love Obama for a whole host of reasons. Many Americans however loathe Obama for what many clearly see as his constant lying, harassing and violating of American Citizen's US Constitutional Rights. I don't blame many Americans for feeling this way. I also am an American Citizen who has been violated by my own government in many ways and can see quite clearly what is occurring to all of us who love America.

Sharing my feelings here I must go on to share further of my concerns for America and these bogus reports of little green men from Mars or what ever the untrustworthy Obama Administration or the UN tells us. It would appear that Obama loves to use the tactic of "FEAR" to manipulate people into a place where he can control them. Hitler did it, Mao did it, others have successfully used fear tactics and trauma to corral people into a place of confusion and then offer them "hope"  regarding how to resolve the "issue", but first things first.... "surrender all your rights, and I will protect you."   Are you getting it yet ???? That's right, fear...... Look what Obama has been attempting; He tried to start a race riot by allowing the New Black Panthers who intimidated Caucasian voters to go free, Obama has allowed the US Dollar to plummet to a record low and as well allowed the US Economy to plummet. Why? easy...fear then panic. You're saying not true ? Why have I had two good reliable sources tell me the US 82nd Airborne Division is being stationed stateside for "Stateside Duty."? Obama is trying to create fear, something he can ultimately say to all Americans'... "I can fix it, just surrender your Constitutional Rights, wear this aluminum hat, inject this RFD Chip, and everything will be alright."
Do you get it now ?


  1. I get it loud and clear, Pastor Paul. I believe it may be a diversion because of the worldwide Truth movement. However, if they are here I do not believe it is for man-kinds benefit. It does not matter whether it is Obama or Bush I do not Trust the whole lot of them, including the Vatican and the Zionists. None of that circle of 'people' have been forthcoming and honest from the beginning. I just thank our Holy God that this mess is Almost at an end. I know where I am going as do you I am sure. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of this, being that there is still two more years til 12/2012. In other words are they trying to beat the clock to wage war against another future visitor? IDK but it's getting curiouser and curiouser!

  2. Thanks Swansend for your comment. I haven't any Bible refrences to alien creaatures visiting us here on earth before Christ's return. I am looking but just don't seee any.

  3. Hey Pastor Paul.. good stuff, thank you. I wanted to give you a link to another pastor here who does a lot of Biblical research on this very subject... I thought you may like to compare notes, not that I'm saying you need to or anything. Here is one of his websites :
    just passing it along, I hope you like it.