Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is The United States, It's State, County And Local Governments Engaging In Terroristic Trauma Tactic's ?

I've been doing a bit of historical research the past few days after reading of the horrific news even of an Oath Keeper's son being kidnapped by CPS and some obviously evil cops. My mind went spinning for a time reliving my own tragedy when  "judges" Noonan and Bannister(Bannister stepped in after Noonan supposedly all of a sudden recused himself) gave my children, house, all marital and personal property to a Filipina Migration Scammer . Later, I had the local police contact me via telephone and threaten my life. For sure, something in my mind less then pleasant was triggered from that news report. I started to pray and asked God to show me just what the heck was going on in America ?

The first words I heard in my heart was "Terrorism and Trauma." WOW ! Those are some pretty upsetting words to many including myself. As I began to contemplate those two words further, many people I have met over the years including patients and clients I treated as a counselor came to mind. As well, my heart remembered so many I have also met on Facebook and on the Internet that suffer all sorts of  issues due to "Terrorism and Trauma."

I ran to my computer looking up historical data and trying to figure out just what the Lord was showing me. Much of my time was spent looking at some key historical figures like Hitler, Mao and Stalin. These were some seriously evil men. Each had millions murdered. These dictators had people killed it seemed for reasons like "just because." Yep.... that's right; "just because." As I dug deeper in history, I found some interesting information about these men that led me to some recent events in the United States that bring up Terrorism and Trauma. I am again also speaking of  the child kidnapping of the baby belonging to the "Oath Keeper" but as I dug yet deeper in recent  newsworthy events however,  I found many more cases of child kidnapping by CPS, Family Court Judges, Social Workers and so on. Interestingly, in that research I found similarities to how police terrorized and traumatized people and have been arresting people for growing vegetable gardens. There is a case in California where police, with guns drawn and ready to shoot to kill, "raided" a natural food store. Was the natural food store a "front" for a Meth(drug) lab or a prostitution ring you might ask ? Nope, it was simply a natural food store.

Try taking a video or a photo of a cop doing anything illegal, you will have your camera, video camera or cell phone confiscated and if a gun was drawn out on by a cop, while taking the video, later that portion of the video will be missing or the corrupt courts will justify the cops action saying the cops "felt threatened" or "in danger of his/her life." Give me a break !!!!!

What is behind these unconstitutional and evil acts by government agents in the USA, like the police having their guns drawn on people that have no weapons, in fact, citizens who have no idea that they are some how "criminals" ???  Have you seen many pictures of our police in recent years ? Hooded masks that only show the officers eyes, black uniforms with special padding, special boots so they can quietly sneak up on people,  high tech weaponry, etc.... Police these days do not resemble officers to "bring peace and order" they resemble Middle East Terrorists !

I mentioned earlier in my article here about evil men like Hitler as well as others. Hitler was an expert at terrorizing people. He utilized his SS officers to do ungodly experiments on people in learning how best, to get people to surrender their will and become robots willing even unto death. Are we seeing the same sort of tactics being used by the United States Government's(state, county, etc..) that Hitler and his SS officers used. It sure looks that way. There has been a marked increase in child kidnappings by CPS, raids by police, illegal confiscation of property and much more in the USA as of late. In my research, it became crystal clear that Judges, Social Workers, Domestic Violence Workers, Police, US Government Agents and others know what they are doing, utilizing trauma and terroristic tactics to whip citizens into subjection. Remember, the Citizens being "whipped into subjection" are not bank robbers, drug dealers or murderers here, we are talking about our neighbors, our church members or our family members who just want to live in peace and to do what is right. 

Mentioning again our Oath Keeper, our American Evil Government agents are utilizing tactics knowing that taking away a child from a parent or takes away the livelihood to support themselves increases greatly a person's will to live(suicide rates go up). The Government agents, lawyers, judges, cops, courts, tec... harm people on purpose to cause these suicides. Let's face it, it's much easier for a child to be sold to a foster care agency(and government maakes money from the sale of the child) if the parent(s) are out of the way or easier to force a group of people to succumb to the Government's evil will, if it crushes one of the "rebellious" group members.. 

The United States Government with it's many agents(Courts, Cops, CPS, IRS, etc..) are waging a terroristic war against it's own citizens using trauma tactics to force the people to lose their will and to force the evil government's will upon us all. We are learning to be "good little boys or girls" or we will have our US Constitutional Rights violated and we will have little resources to fight back because most of our American Courts are in on the plot to terrorize and traumatize "We The People."

There is a real war going on against "We The People." The Longer US Citizens have that blank stare on their faces(like a deer looking into headlights of an oncoming car about to hit it), the faster you will become a slave to an evil empire run by an elite few who will control every aspect of your life, and I mean, every aspect of your life.

America needs a good dose of Repentance and Jesus.....

Just say "No" to Government sanctioned Terrorism and Trauma !!!

To those who do "serve and protect" as outlined by the US Constitution-Thank you.


  1. Very well written - very scarey stuff although, being a born and bread Christian, Cherokee - 1/4 Irish, I have developed quite a passion for history - that is, real history.
    I understand what you are stating and I speak for myself when I say I am in total agreement w/ You! We must keep the Faith. What fears me, We Christian's are having our children torn from our arms as though we are "an under class of people." All for Our Love for the Lord.

    Should you wish to see more than enough evil in the Police involving my to little one's, Jacob and Grace, I also right several blogs.


    U will stay in my Prayers. Thank U 4 sharing - Tawni

  2. Thanks for sharing Tawni, I appreciate your feedback and openess regarding your own children. I will also check out you blog as you suggested. There is something definetly evil going on and I believe we need to put an immediate stop to it. I pray for many on my TV Program( Just click on TV Program at 6:30pm ET(USA) and I also pray for people throughout the day. You are one I am also praying for. God Bless

  3. Here is a recent video... see what I eman ????!