Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elections Approaching In America, What Color Is Your Cowboy Hat ?

Soon, elections will be upon us in America(November 2, 2010). Many US Citizens have a hope for (real) change. There is though a uneasy feeling on my part however, after viewing and listening to many candidates for local, state and national up for (re)election. This uneasiness goes to the place where I believe America is on a brink of a great let down. To many people have their (high) expectations) in the upcoming elections. There is a lot of rhetoric out there. There are even some voices from the past who are attempting to lead the charge for (real) change. I am thinking of career politicians like Newt Gingrich. Here lays the problem with people like Gingrich... Their words rarely equal their actions. Oh sure, they're great at speeches but when it comes to doing things that are right by "We The People", they fail. In fact, they fail miserably. Many former Politicians become "lobbyists" for (or worse American lawyers-yuck !) for those companies or others that donated heavily towards their campaigns.

It is very obvious to me that the American People want to have a government that reflects their US Constitution, not special interests, foreign ideas and especially not bad, evil and anti-Christian ideologies like  Communism or government control. Unfortunately though, there are those who are running for political office in the USA who are wearing a gray colored cowboy hat. Let me explain about the cowboy hat analogy; When I was a child many, many years ago. I watched TV in black and white color. We didn't have a color TV for some years later. Cowboy movies and TV Programs were among my favorite to watch. It was so easy to know the good guys from the bad guys. The good guys always wore the white cowboy hats and the bad guys always wore the black colored cowboy hat. About the time color TV became popular during the late 1960's, American Society changed quite a bit also. That time presented new types of cowboy movies. Remember Clint Eastwood in those "Spaghetti Westerns" ? Mr. Eastwood played a new type-cowboy character role; the "Anti-Hero." This new character type was neither the good guy nor the bad guy. He was sometimes good, sometimes bad depending on his own wants, desires or selfish needs.  Clint wore a mixed-colored hat-Gray in color in some of those movies. That is exactly what we have for the modern day American politician... They are wearing gray colored cowboy hats. Their hats are a mix of white and black in color(ever notice how dingy and unclean the color gray looks ?)They cannot be trusted,  many of these people running for office are telling us alot of great sounding things, wonderful sound bites but I don't believe a lick of them minus a few. In fact this is a good place to share that the one and ONLY political candidate I am endorsing in 2010 is Mr. David Smith from Texas. he is opposing Ted Poe. David is a good guy, he wears a white cowboy hat.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that "...There is nothing new under the sun." evil people running for political office will do and say anything just to get elected. The Biblical Truth however is that these evil people running under Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Tea Party, Libertarian, etc... will be found out BEFORE THE ELECTION if we are very careful in examining not only the color of the cowboy hat the political candidate is wearing, but what actions they can provide that can prove what they're saying to the American public is true, correct and right before our Almighty God.

Anyone Got a Bible handy ??? I got a few questions to ask y'all...

Don't be a dumb sheep this election, do your homework !

Got my meaning ?


  1. Making a good desision takes a little education,
    watching someones actions and their associations is way more important than a single word they say.

  2. Gotcha meaning, hoss!!

    psalm 27:4

  3. Good Post Paul. Like and understand the cowboy analogy. If you get a chance take a look at mine that falls along the same lines at Keep up the good work!