Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Refuse To Be A Man Of Convenience For The Wicked

I Refuse To Be A Man Of Convenience For The Wicked

 After watching some recent disgusting video's on the Internet of women being raped in the U.S. and also around the world, I simply see the world continuing to disintegrate due to issues such as allowance of Illegal Aliens to remain here, Islamic invasion, continued deterioration of cultural morals, plus the very hatred and persecution of Christians here in the U.S. With all the ugly chaos, including that of women being attacked, I and some of the very few remaining real men in America  here, are increasingly being asked to do more in protecting others.

Personally, I have no problem protecting the innocent, in fact I believe as a Christian man, I am called to do so. But I, and other real men do take issue with coming to the aide of Liberals, evilists and or women and others who have spent years trying to harm us. One of the largest groups of our society asking for help recently from real men now such as myself, are the Feminist women in America who have increasingly become fearful because of the shear number Muslims and Illegal Aliens attacking and raping American women. Some of their fear is self-induced and of course is imaginary due to the years of Feminists spreading the false rape narrative against all men that has been perpetrated via the often left-leaning media. In fact, Feminists who have for years now, set that false narrative of "all men are rapists" as a policy so as to destroy every American born boy, and man that they could. So here we are, real men, American men many of whom that have been falsely accused of rape and or abuse, who were called by Feminists as the "enemy of women",  are now being called upon to rescue or protect Feminist women that now see the real danger that exists against them are not from American men, but the Muslim and Illegal Alien men the Feminist fought so hard to allow in our nation.

Now that Liberals, Socialists and Feminists have spent the last four plus decades spreading their propaganda of hate towards manhood in nearly every crack and crevice of our culture, the result today is that in America today, there lays a big problem for those who now see the error of their ways. The problem being, the ability and as well availability of men to protect women, and others, has pretty much been destroyed. The consequences of so many American men for years now being emasculated, and or becoming useless homosexuals(because of the purposeful feminization of men), has increased to such a high degree in terms of lessening numbers of real men to protect women and others, women have now come to realize that in many ways, they had made a grave mistake. Indeed, they have found that most American men are not at all their enemy, rather, they are finding out the hard way that men were made to be protectors of women. But here we are.

Sadly, as I mentioned previously in this article, it may very well be to late for women to get American men to protect them. To a great degree, today's women are on their own, and the it may very well be too late to change course so as these women who now see the real threat of the Illegal Aliens and Islamist that are raping them. Those Feminists that have propagated the hate towards Godly men for so long, have now reaped what they have sown. They have all but killed off the men who could rescue them. Many good and Godly American men either no longer can, and or, are no longer willing to help.

Indeed, after many years of women often complaining regarding men and their "chauvinist acts" including not wanting men to open doors for them, many of these same type of woman today complain that when women are hurt in some way, they are seeing today's millennial men mostly reacting with apathy towards their pain or suffering. For the women who want it both ways, that is, you want to be a "Feminist", and or "Independent woman", yet, you want a man's protection, life doesn't work that way. Feminists, you cannot as they say, have your cake and eat it too. Many American men have come to realize that you really don't want us. We try to please you in relationships, but often, the reward from you is that you Feminists often times seek corrupted and money hungry courts(women out number men filing for divorce) and divorce men when he tries to be the natural man of the family. Many women today have well known lying attorneys, and or your lying local Domestic Violence Programs in court at their disposal which utilize the "silver bullet", that is, where Feminists falsely accuse men of domestic violence, and or sexually abusing our children. Now Feminists want the protection of American men whom Feminists have tried to kill off?

Many real American men these days that are being called upon by Feminists, Socialists and others to defend them from being attacked, have almost all been literally been beat down, even to the point of suicidal ideation. Now these same groups of people who have in the past, and still today hate real American men, and have spent years trying to kill us off, are asking us to come and rescue them from the onslaught of Sharia Law and raping Illegal Immigrants. I will let all of you who have in the past, yet today partake in activities to murder American manhood, you should know this, the men whom you've set out to destroy, yet survived your terroristic attacks against them, to a great degree will never help you, not even when the murdering Illegal Aliens and or Muslims come for you. There is only one way that any real man will help you any longer, that is if you fully repent and change from your wicked ways first.

You that have set out to purposely not only destroy a man's Natural Right to help you, but also to lead you as well. When you destroy good and Godly men, we will never be men for your convenience. Again, we are not men where we will come to your aide when the Islamist's and or others come to destroy you. It is your rebelliousness that has brought the consequences of you now being attacked. Real men will not rescue you, you are on your own. If you sought out with your own rebellious nature to destroy men, using such Feminist language and propagandist terms such as "misogyny", "patriarchy", and  also coincided work to take away our right and responsibility to protect you, you've dug your own hole. The answer to your request for help is this, "you can dig yourself out." If you want help, wear your disgusting purposeful and Feminist filled period-blood stained clothes that you parade around in, showing the world how much you hate men. See if you can use that "style" of sick and twisted clothing to disgust your attackers away.

For me, and I will encourage all men in my declaration here as well, I pledge to continue in fully protecting all the innocent women, the children, the elderly, the poor and the weak from oppression and from being attacked and or hurt. I submit and make full pledge to never turn a blind eye to those innocents who are in need of protection. Yet let those who ask of my help, and the help of the few real and Godly men in America know that you will never receive our aide if you have submitted to rebellious hearts to begin with, and have not repented. We will never ever consciously become a man for for your convenience to sin. I learned long ago to stay out of the way of God's judging hand. Once again, if you want help, and you are in rebellion to God of the Bible, you need to first repent of your sins before seeing a real man's help. Real and Godly men never enable wickedness.

What I have shared may sound mean spirited to the ignorant, but Biblically, and once again I state this, I will never enable evil, nor enable sin either. When you invite trouble by rebelling against God, trouble is sure to ensue. As the Bible declares in 1Corinthians 15:33 "Do not be deceived: 'Bad company ruins good morals.'” If evil is what you want, have at it. You cannot have it both ways, you cannot set out to destroy a person, yet want to utilize their help for your convenience. You simply cannot be trusted with that help.

James 1:8 "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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  1. I agree with a lot of what u say, mostly the liberalist self seeking non-profits paying bank to the few up ranking folks in charge,and the fact of how feminists weren't looking for equal rights, but far more than being treated equally. Interesting post u wrote.