Sunday, February 14, 2016

“America's Moral Character Crisis”

“America's Moral Character Crisis”

America has a moral character problem. Yes, America has plenty of characters all right, but there are not many Americans any longer who hold to having good, Godly and moral character.

With that belief, I look at the current field of folks that have chosen to run for the Office of President within the Democratic and Republican Party's, and in all honesty, all I can do is shake my had in disgust. Oh, I know plenty of Americans who love their chosen and particular candidate. I am also keenly aware that those Americans who love their political candidates will almost always and emphatically back them no matter what wrong they do, and or have done wrong in the past. In fact, Many Americans these days just don't care about what their favorite political candidate does wrong. Short of being legally charged with murder, they will always defend them.

Almost like clock-work every four years, Americans again this year are going through their insane ritual of protecting at all costs “my political candidate, who is perfect in every way.” Also like clock-work, the more important matter of a Presidential Candidate's character is almost always ignored as well. It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, this insane process is the same. Few Americans will ever readily admit that their candidate has ever done anything wrong, or is wrong for a particular immoral act. In fact, one can easily see that many Americans are more zealous and protective of their choice of Candidate for the U.S. Presidency than they are of their own intelligence in admitting people actually do have the power to choose right from wrong.

Shouldn't we Americans have common sense enough to be able to see liars, cheats and thieves when they stand before us with calumniation and fraud being bellowed from their lips? Apparently not. I barley remember Lyndon Johnson as President, but I remember his empty promises to not expand the United States roll in the escalation of war against North Vietnam. Since LBJ's time as President, all Presidential Candidates and U.S. Presidents since that time have lied to us, just some more than others. Yet, we as a nation, as a people continue to look the other way when they do lie.

Truly, America has a crisis in character and this character issue goes much deeper obviously than the Presidential Candidates who make obvious lies to us because “We The People” continue to endorse, even vote for, and sadly elect those who tell bold face lies to us. Again, it's not that these liars, cheats and thieves aren't exposed(and those who lie about truth teller's are exposed as well), but Americans have developed a bad habit of having selective seeing and hearing in only what they want to see and hear!

So isn't the crisis of Character in America more about the vast majority of American's themselves than it is about the shady people who run for political office and whom they elect? I say that indeed, it is more about those Americans who partake in such self-deluded activities than it is about the liars who stand before us who seek public office.

America has been on the fact track to Hell now for well over sixty-years. That's before my time to be able to stop the insanity of what Albert Einstein stated was the definition of insanity, that is “ doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Character, that is good moral, and Godly character at one point in our nation used to mean something in this country. In my nearly fifty-five years of living, it seems that having a positive personality trait of good character, has all been but pissed away. We as a nation have all to often come into the habit of rewarding, rather than removing corrupted politicians, judges, cops, lawyers and other criminals like them. As an example of what I am referring, look at politicians like New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo who has committed crimes and ignores injustices and corruption on a daily basis. He does what he pleases while thousands of New Yorker's suffer on a daily basis from Government abuses and injustices. As evidenced by the plethora of recent arrests of NYS Legislators, Cuomo is just one of the many New York State Legislators, judges, attorneys, cops and others in Government who's corruption continues and has all but ruined that State. The Character crisis in New York State Government permeates and bleeds on to every resident there, thus the consequences to the people for knowing electing a corrupted man, has brought nothing but pain and suffering to all.
Yet, as another example of the crisis of character here in the USA, we see while financially poor Americans sit in jail for low level crimes, and or for lack of money to be properly-legally defended, there are those seeking political office who tell us bold face lies, and or have committed crimes themselves yet were never even charged with a crime. Indeed, we have a major crisis on our hands, a crisis of character. Ask yourself this question, "is the person I am currently backing for political office just a 'lesser of two evils', or is that person a true person of moral courage and character?" Know the facts, just don't commit to someone out of your own sense of what's in it for you, your own sense of right or wrong(where do you get your moral compass from? Do you even have a sense or morality?)and or, your own pride being at stake.

Finally, if you noticed, other than Andrew Cuomo, I had purposely not mentioned other names including not one of the current Democratic or Republican Party Presidential Candidates. I purposely left their names out. I did so, so that you may make the examination of the candidates all on your own because it is not I whom you will ultimately answer for voting for, but rather your answer will be forced to be given to the One your soul is called to account. Choose wisely! Choose one with good and Godly character!

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

 Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. We are to be blame for the demise of our moral values and social responsibilities, we let this corrupt government take God out of our schools and government institutions under the pretense of "Separation of church and state" But their real agenda is to transform the people's moral values so they can serve the system without any remorse or empathy for crimes they will be force to commit in the name of Democracy and defending the interest of the country.

  2. Tea Party Of Texas you are absolutely correct. I wanted Ted Cruz for President and pray Trump can really drain the swamp. But he is being blocked as of now from doing much.