Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Political Correctness Has No Proper Place In Our U.S. Military

Political Correctness Has No Proper Place In Our U.S. Military

I'm afraid for America. The insanity of the people who run this country is down-right frighting. These people who run our nation have all but destroyed the USA and their use of Political Correctness has been a large part of the failing of this country.

It would appear that there has been no escape from the horrid use of Political Correctness, not even in our U.S. Military. If you haven't heard, women have just been allowed to be allowed in combat roles. When I first heard this news, all I could do is shake my head in disgust. It wasn't much longer after hearing this tragic news that the thought of how many Civilian Americans have just increased their chances of being killed by terrorists attacks, or foreign army invasion, all because of that decision to employ Political Correctness in our military, rather than common sense.

For those that may not understand why allowing Political Correctness goes against common sense in allowing homosexuals, transsexuals and women in combat, one only needs to read the Christian Bible. But since so many hate the Bible, and would never listen to reason, nor the common sense the Bible teaches, I will simply state this as an answer, Politically Correct military members are not ready for war, they are only one thing. What is that "one thing"? Well, let's just say that you can find that answer by looking up what name Retired Colonel Ralph Peters recently called President Obama.

If you've never been in a war, a fire-fight, hand to hand combat, you will never understand nor get anything I am sharing about in regards to just how bad and dangerous using Political Correctness is in a society and especially in the military. I've never been in the military myself. Instead when I was military joining age, I chose to be employed in Law Enforcement instead. I don't regret that decision, but on the other hand, I did not receive the same level of training as many did in our U.S. Military Boot Camps. Therefore, I cannot fully grasp war, but I can however grasp hand to hand combat. After some years of working in the annals of Attica Prison in New York State, I came to experience every kind of degenerate and evil minded thing. Also, I also came to see on a regular basis, murder, stabbings, death, suffering, and even had weapons used against me. They were not always homemade knives, those weapons also included the worst of "humanity" thrown in my face. That "humanity" were the likes of HIV/Aids laced feces and urine. So to that end, I fully comprehend the need for the right people in the right positions when battling evil including in war. It takes a specially trained person to properly endure such matters and not everyone is cut-out for such employment.

While working as a Corrections Officer, I also comprehend Political Correctness and how during "war' it can be dangerous as well as deadly. I've seen with my own eyes how Political Correctness can be detrimental to any fighting unit. I seen it with my own eyes, and the first time I witnessed it was when I was actually while in the Correction Officer Academy in Albany, NY. I witnessed six women who were in my class, five did not pass the final physical agility test, even after three tries. I distinctly remember one of those women who did not pass. She was a Native American woman who was shorter that five foot tall, and weighed less than 100 pounds. I also remember the Academy Instructors sending all us men out of the academy gym where the agility test was being held and the five women held back where they later reported to us that they "miraculously"(a little sarcasm) had passed the agility test. Obviously, the instructors were pressured through their political bosses to lie, and passed these women recruits although they were not physically able to do the job.

Now you may be asking me where does the "dangerous" part comes in with Political Correctness? Well, remember that ity-bitty Native American Woman in the Correction Officer Academy I mentioned earlier? Well, it was just a few months after her Academy training she was stationed at Attica Prison. One evening while working in the prison Mess Hall during recreation time, one large African-American inmate got upset and started throwing things. This small Native American woman along with two other male Correction Officers tried to subdue him. Because she was obviously physically the weakest, the inmate targeted her first to attack. He grabbed her baton("night stick") immediately out of her hands, and cracked it over her head, splitting her head open and she lay bleeding on the floor, and the inmate used her baton to fight with the two male Correction Officers.

 Now you would think that New York State would have fired her for her obvious inability to handle her job as a New York State Correction Officer. If you thought so, you thought wrong. Instead, this little, useless female Correction Officer was awarded a medal for bravery from the Governor of New York State. New York State used the opportunity to show case their Political Correctness and little "hero" by getting put on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The male Correction Officers that had to fight the inmate that grabbed her baton out of her hands? Well, they got their hospital stay and no recognition for their bravery. The male Correction Officers that ran into the near riot to rescue this little woman who lay there bleeding? they were not even given a thanks.

So this is Political Correctness in it's "finest" example. Women do not belong in combat roles in our military. Transsexuals and homosexuals, don't belong in our military or law enforcement either. We are in a war even as we speak. ISIS is attacking us, and the fruit of Political Correctness is aiding our enemies, not aiding us in deterring any attacks. The fruit of women in U.S Military roles will bare out the same bad fruit.

Bottom line is this, war is no place for Political Correctness. War is all about killing your enemy before they kill you. Having the right people in the right position to kill our enemies is paramount if we as a nation are ever to survive. America needs common sense, not ideas that put us all in danger.

God, deliver us from Political Correctness.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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