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Energize The US Economy, Give $1Million To Every U.S. Family

Energize The US Economy, Give $1Million To Every U.S. Family

No doubt I will have my share of those who will only read the title of this article and then make their ignorant and idiotic comments without reading the context of the article. I get those kind of folks every time I post an article. But I will probably get a few extra folks this time who even call me a Communist for this week's article title. Calling me names won't stop, nor deter me in believing what I believe and proving them wrong. This nation is in trouble, but if you take the time to read this article, you will see that not only is my economic plan for America doable, it is down right healthy for all Americans.

Let's face it, America's Economy is in trouble. Blame who you want whether it being Obama, Congress, whomever. It doesn't matter. What does matter, is that we get this economy back on track and get it back on track in a hurry. Our economy in it's current condition can be likened to a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment. With our nation at nearly at 20 Trillion Dollars in debt, this nation needs to do something drastic to get out of debt and make our economy flourish. What I'm suggesting what we need to do, can only be likened to a giant injection of steroids mixed with super B Vitamin Complex put into our nations economy. Let;s be sincere as well as honest, ridding ourselves of Twenty Trillion Dollars of debt is going to man we do something drastic. We need a jolt of energy to get this economy out of it's debt and anemic state !

To get that "jolt" for our economy, let's first make clear whom exactly owns not only all the Trillions of Tax Revenue collected by the United States Government each and every year. By doing so, let us also put the nearly 20 Trillion Dollars in debt that we owe at the lap of the proper owners of that as well. Who are the "owners" of the both the revenue and debt? That would be you, the American Citizen. Yep, every darn penny. The Government collects taxes(sometimes unconstitutionally), but the United States Government collects those tax dollars to pay for services and needs of We The People. So very often, Americans forget that their tax dollars, are their tax dollars and whether paid or owed, they belong to you! Despite after the U.S. Civil War the United States Government declaring itself a corporation(see, and subverting the United States Constitution, it cannot be stated enough times, that we Americans are the owner of our Government and everything that The US Government pays and collects. The bottom line on all Government here, you own it.

Now that you are aware of your tax assets and liabilities, we as a People also have the right to demand our Government to do, or not do with those Tax Dollars as we choose. This includes giving back to us our Tax Money(remember, it is your money). Our elected Government Officials according to our nations birth as evidenced through the writing of the Deceleration Of Independence(from rule of Britain) stated, We the People will have "no taxation without representation." We as Americans have the absolute right to demand what and where our tax money goes and to what.  With our country's enormous issue of debt and wasteful spending, The first thing we as a nation need to look at when figuring out how to reduce our debt, is to eliminate the enormous size of our Federal(and States) Government. Trillions of Dollars are wasted on Government bureaucracy. Wasteful and non-essential U.S. Government "Agencies" such as Department of Education, Internal Revenue Service, Housing And Urban Development, Department of Energy, and so on, they all need to be eliminated. Our Government spends Billions of dollars every year on wasteful things such as "entitlements" alone. In fact, most U.S Government agencies could simply be condensed if not totally eliminated, thus saving United States Tax Payers Trillions of Dollars every year.

Taking an honest look at our Government, it is more than over bloated with waste and bureaucracy as well as redundancy in services. My plan to cure this issue is to first eliminate and or condense at least one-third of all the Federal Government. Do this by eliminating specific non-essential Federal Agencies as I listed and indicated earlier. Next, give every (legal)American family that has payed in the past at a minimum of five years of employment based taxes in this country during their lifetime, a one million dollar check. By eliminating/condensing 1/3 of our Federal Government, that action will be more than enough to pay for each US Family to receive one-million dollars of their own money. In fact, cutting 1/3 of our Government will save what I believe to be between 3 to 5 Trillion Dollars every year. To me, this plan is a no-brainer. By eliminating so much Government waste coupled by each American family receiving one Million Dollars will quickly get our economy back on track. 

For sure, there will need to be some specific rules regarding how/what to spend the Million dollars so that it will help all Americans, not others like foreigners or American Companies that choose to employ foreigners to make goods then sell them here in the USA. For sure, whatever is panned, it should be made that every dollar of the Million Dollars given to U.S. Families, must only be spent only on American made goods and services. This way, every dollar spent would certainly energize this nation's economy, not some foreigner or foreign based US business. Sorry, no big screen televisions could be bought with your Million Dollars because there are no longer any American owned TV Manufacturers(that I'm aware of). Not only TVs, Auto Companies may not see many sales either because the only motor vehicles that could be purchased with your Million Dollars must be spent on American Autos that have been manufactured, and sold here in the United States. Even giving charities/churches would be impacted. You would be restricted to only be allowed to give a portion(up to 10%) of your family's Million Dollars and only given to U.S. based charities(and churches). Yet another reminder(because even by now, some still don't"get it"), The whole idea and purpose of giving to every U.S. family this large amount of money is to stimulate our economy, not supplement and help foreigners and or foreign companies.

Some who are intelligent and wise will invest part of their 1 Million Dollar Check and place part or all into investments. Some will choose to use their Million to start their own U.S. based companies and grow their money. Others unfortunately will not be so wise and squander all their money. Whatever the case, the choice is theirs. That said, let it be known far and wide, if the US Government can spend and waste over 500 Million Dollars training 5 or 6 Syrian soldiers to fight against Assad in Syria(, the United States Government can certainly eliminate much of itself and give the savings back our money to help our economy to grow. Remember, this is OUR money. Those of us who have worked(full time for at least 5 years,10 years part time) during our life time have invested heavily in our nation by paying taxes. Illegal Aliens, life time welfare recipients, and others who do not meet very minimal financial responsibility requirements, are certainly not eligible to receive the One Million Dollars. There must be at least one family member that meets the minimum based employment requirement as well. There is no double dipping either. You can claim to belong to only one family, even if you have been legally living together/married/divorced multiple times. Any fraudulent claims to gain any of this money, means automatic jail. Speaking of jail, in my plan, if you are eligible for the One Million Dollars, no government, courts, or anyone suing you for any reason can sue for part(or all) of your 1 Million Dollar check. All expenditures from the One Million Dollars will be given after approval of/for each each expenditure requested. This simply means that there will be accountability to ensure that every one of your purchases will only be allowed for American owned/made services and or products/charities/churches. All of your money would need to be spent within a one year time frame. At the same time, all U.S. Companies would be told they need to freeze their prices during that one year time frame. This would prevent greedy U.S. Companies from price gouging. Remember again, the purpose of this money is to help stimulate our economy.

There is an estimated 200 to 250 million families here in the United States. Most families would be eligible for a tax refund of 1 Million Dollars, and One Million Dollars for each family sure would boost our economy not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. As I mentioned earlier in my article, some folks receiving their funds will put their money to good use with investments, or starting their own U.S. based companies and then make more money for themselves and later add more tax revenue through folks purchasing those new company products. Some are already asking, "Can this type of tax refund help an economy under a President like Obama, or even Hilary Clinton ?" No, no it cannot. But if Americans elect the right Republican or Independent President, one who is not a Neo-Con, RINO(Republican In Name Only), but rather a freedom loving President who wants to see all and every American truly prosper, then yes! this plan will work, and work very well to boost our nation's economy.

Let's make this plan real. Like the Fair Tax Plan(, We The People can implement a fair tax plan where all pay their equal share of taxes and at the same time, eliminate wasteful government spending. Wouldn't you want to pay less in taxes? I know I would. Yes, this plan is bold, but in desperate times, bold plans are needed. Come join with me and support my plan to boost our U.S. Economy by giving back to hard working Americans what they already own. We can make this happen, and also at the same time, rid our Government of wasteful spending.

Proverbs 16:11, TLB. "The Lord demands fairness in every business deal. He established this principle."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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  1. 350 million people. Only would cost 350,000,000,000,000. Yes, that's 350 trillion dollars... gee, sounds like a fine demoncrat idea.

  2. Really wanted to reply and comment but what could have been a good or reasonable proposal, is so convoluted and left attached to the fully corrupt privateers who engineered and employ the perpetuators of this travesty, that in essence, it would require the equivalence of writing an entirely additional article, just to respond and only as a brief to a long and thorough validation and disclosure; obviously necessary, as the facts/reality of them were not included in your article.

    I speak on these matters often enough on numerous blogtalk broadcasts, within numerous Patriots forums, pages, groups and more (including science and technologies).

    With all of that said, I should leave you to your own well intended efforts and get back to mine. Perhaps we'll cross paths, meet-up or combine efforts, somewhere down the line? Best of luck to you.


    Bill diGirolamo