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The Most Uncelebrated Holiday In America, Fathers Day

The Most Uncelebrated Holiday In America, Fathers Day

You would think that with the estimated over fifty million children here in the USA, Fathers Day would be a hugely celebrated holiday, but it's not. In fact, you would come to think that the least of all American holiday's celebrated in America is Columbus Day.  Actually, Columbus Day receives more attention, publicity and recognition than fathers receive on their "special day." Look at the facts, on Columbus Day, banks, schools, Government Officers are closed. Children get a break from school to take out time to reflect upon the one whom we celebrate our nation's discovery. Not so on Father's Day. Fathers take a back seat to all holidays including the also much more celebrated Mothers day here.

Speaking of Mother's day, thank God for mothers who love their children and love the fathers of of their children as well. Mothers deserve their special day where we celebrate all good mommies. But mothers aren't fathers and vice-versa. In fact, single mothers are not fathers in any way, shape or form either not matter how delusional you may believe that idea is. Fathers deserve their recognition also, but compared to mothers, fatherhood is less, much less celebrated here. In an interesting observation that I found in my research surrounding the lack of celebration of Fathers Day here in America,  I quote here..."A famous card company provided free Mother's Day cards to US prison inmates so they could send a card to their mothers. Almost every prisoner lined up eagerly to receive the treasure card to send to mom. The event was so successful, the company decided to do the same thing for Father's Day. But the results were quite different. No one wanted a card. No one."

Why would (adult)children in the U.S be so focused on celebrating a day for mothers, but not fathers ? Is there a logical reason behind this dilemma ? Yes indeed, there certainly is an answer to what is causing fatherhood to be treated so poorly in our nation. It can be traced to a place that most schools no longer teach in their American History classes. Many years ago, in the early 1900's there was an international movement by some to institute Communism in every nation, America was included in this plan. Labor Union members here at that time were recruited by Communists to fight for worker's rights, civil rights as well as rights for all those who felt they may have been felt left out of the America Dream. The Union leaders and members were told that Marxist style Communism was the way to achieve "equality and prosperity for all."  Communism thus gained a large foothold in our nation at the time, and all of it's teachings on how to reshape a nation towards Communistic ideology was slowly accepted and implemented. This included Carl Marx's contribution to the purposeful dissolution of the family by removing the father/husband from the family Unfortunately, over the years, many Americans began believing the devil's lies of Communist Ideologies including the removal of fathers from their families. Had those early believers of Communism had learned that because of Marx's own Communist teachings related to destroying families, that two of his own children had committed suicide, perhaps America wouldn't be in the sad state of faithlessness that this nation currently suffers.

Let's fast forward to 2015. Many Americans have allowed the lies of Communism to rule their lives. Feminists who are a manifestation of Communism, fully support the idea of removing men/fathers from the family. They falsely blame men for all the world's troubles although that is just another tactic used by the Communists and US politicians are ore than happy to oblige the Feminists and their Communist ideologies. The whole idea of Feminists removing fathers from families is to empower women to be "equal" and make men more impotent and weak. Sound familiar ? If you are a man and father that have ever been through a divorce(another idea of Communism, to make divorce easy and all marriage property as community property shared between former spouses, but children going to the mother), you know exactly what I mean. Our US, it's State's County and Local Governments are flowing with statues and laws that enforce the idea of dissolving families to aide the Communist and Feminist ideologies, but Government courts, that is judges, lawyers, cops, CPS agents, Domestic Violence terrorists don't do so primarily for power, they do so for financial gain. Government's here and their Courts have found a way to violate the US Constitution making Feminists and Communists happy while at the same time putting cold hard cash in their own pockets. The end product and end result is always the same, remove biological fathers and replace the with making Government as "daddy." Everyone is happy except a father and his children. But who cares, right ?

In any case, after approximately one-hundred years of Communist influence in our society, most Americans have come to accept the fact that the Biblical mandates of men and fathers being the spiritual head of the house hold are long gone. In fact, most folks reading my comments and facts presented here have no idea what I am sharing about when I mention "the fact that the Biblical mandates of men and fathers being the spiritual head of the house hold." They've never heard of such a thing, especially most Millennial Christians because in public education, there is no God and supposed "Christian" churches have torn out the pages of the Bible that refers to men and fathers being spiritual leaders in their home. Instead, Churches today are most interested in being "relevant" more than Biblical.  In fact most American Churches have a loving relationship with Communism along with it's ugly step-child, Feminism. The devil has done one heck of a job removing men and fathers from their rightful paces in the family and society. What is the end result of removing fathers from children's lives in America? Just read today's news headlines. Look at our youth and what we do to them, we rip them away from their parents, dope them up with psychotropic medications because they "act out" when dad is removed from the family. Government wants boys to act like girls and girls to act like boys. We give children condoms in Kindergarten and we watch our youth destroy themselves, drug usage up, mental health issues are up, children and adults who grow up, or grew up without their fathers engaging in criminal activities including murders, are all up, and Americans strangely can't some how figure out why our kids are so troubled..

I know that we can't just blame Feminists and "daddy"(men and women)Government devil agents today. We also need to put the blame on some men as well. There are men who indeed abandon their wives and children and run off with another woman or abandon their families for any reason. These men ignore their God given responsibilities. Devils that these men are, I'm not committing male gendercidal statements, just acknowledging the fact that men sometimes(a minority compared to all American men)shoot themselves in the foot, and if they don't see their children on Father's Day(or at all) because they abandoned their family, well, they get what they deserve. The word repentance comes to mind for what these types of men need to do.

Anyway, There's enough blame to go around regarding Father's Day in America being such a poorly celebrated holiday here. There is no doubt that fighting against the evil doers who support the notion of damaging fathers for political gain, for political(Communism, Socialism, Feminist)control, and or cash such as our Government, it's Courts, lawyers, cops, Domestic Violence Program terrorists, CPS agents and the like all need to be removed by whatever means possible. The war was started against fathers in this country over 100 yeas ago and daddy;s are losing the war. Fatherless family related issues will only grow worse until men and fathers take their rightful place as provider as well as protector. As we recently seen in the headline news with a father in Dallas, Texas who was being terrorized by corrupted, judges, politicians, feminists, Domestic Violence program terrorists, cops, lawyers and others, he decided to fight back. Like him, we also need to fight back against demonic beings who steal our children and as well our God given our rights to raise and love on our own children. We will only see more of the same attacks upon us as long as these evilists continue their sinful and wicked actions. Thus far, I can report to you this...the wicked judges and cops who terrorized that father in Texas, have not yet repented to Jesus, but instead plan on attacking and killing off more men and more fathers. They apparently want more war and the idiot cops who protect these judges are willing to help make that happen

There is a purposeful hatred and disdain for men and fathers in this nation. Fathers Day not being widely celebrated here is just another casualty of the war against God and fathers. I have laid out in this article the  basic root of why and where this demonic activity comes from. Because there has been little effective activity at removing the root of this wickedness by the sole owner of the removal of demon activities, that is the Bible believing Churches in America, this coming Father's Day, 2015 will be much the same as in years past for daddy's and their children. Ask yourself these important questions, how have you either contributed to this demonic activity and or enabled it. Also how will you end and remove the evil works of Communism, Feminism and terroristic activities against fathers at the hands of all including Government this year ? Fathers Day, a very sad day in America for both fathers and their children.

Malachi 4:6 "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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