Thursday, June 11, 2015

CNN Gets It Right!, Government Legal Kidnapping Animals And Others For Cash

CNN Gets It Right!, Government Legal Kidnapping Animals And Others For Cash

In a little known, nor acknowledged news report recently aired exclusively on CNN, was exposed  how some local Governments here are using legal kidnapping of animals from pet owners and then charging large fees to those animal owners in the way of levied “fines” to get their animals returned. If you are one of the millions of Americans who did not see this report, you can plainly view and read about this situation of Government's kidnapping animals for cash here...

Believe me, I am in no way a fan of CNN, aka the “Communist News Network”, but this time they reported it everything correctly. The writers and producers at CNN however probably have no real idea what they have uncovered here. For those who have been fighting for justice for the millions of men, women, children and families that have been absolutely destroyed for the sole purpose of Government's and their satanic agents such as judges, lawyers, CPS agents, Domestic Violence Program terrorists, cops, social workers, psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists and others who siphon Billions and Billions of US Tax Payer funds illegally off the backs of tax payers and families, this news of Governments “legally kidnapping animals for cash” is nothing new. We've known this has been occurring for many years now.

It's really a shame that so called American “Conservative”, “Constitutional” as well as “Libertarian” news agencies didn't pick up on this story. They should have, in fact, it's quite upsetting to me anyway to have to acknowledge the fact that it's a rare event when those who are supposedly on the side of Conservative and or Libertarian Principles even mention on how our Government is involved in kidnapping animals, and more importantly, kidnapping children and families for cold hard cash. There is little-to-nothing ever said, nor done about it. It really makes me wonder where a lot of these so called “lovers of the U.S Constitution” loyalties lie.

Our American Government's(Local, State and Federal) are all overreaching and corrupted to the core. They use us, our families and our animals as well as our own personal property for chattel and their personal pleasure. We live in perilous time where robbers, thieves, liars and murderer's trousseau
police uniforms, judge's robes and legislative titles. Even lawyers here are emboldened to continue their proud placement of belonging to British Accreditation Registry(BAR Associations). Americans won the battle for freedom against Britain and King George during the American Revolutionary War, yet we still have a monarchy set up with a ruling class here that are called “Attorneys.” You cannot practice law in the USA without belonging to one of these BAR Associations. You can try, but you will soon find your law license revoked due to the power of this elite and royal class that finds a way to rob our children, rob our pets and destroys our families for cash. I have met some fine attorneys in my time but many of them have lost their law licensee due to standing up to legal and political corruption. They suffered then, and continue to unjustly suffer today because of it.

Like Family Courts, also Traffic Courts and many other kinds of courts, our Government's have designed ways to make us pay them money unjustly. America is the number one nation that incarcerates it's citizens anywhere in the free world. Is it because Americans are so bad ? Well, yes, some Americans deserve to be in jail or even die for their crimes. But many, so very many Americans are in jail not because they are guilty, but because they lack the funds of having real and fair justice. Now they put the squeeze on pet owners for cash. Yes, Attorney's deserve payment for their services, but all defendants also deserve fair legal representation as well. This means that if you or I are arrested and are also poor, we shouldn't be represented by some Government public defender that took 7 tries before he or she passed the BAR Examine and has 250 other defendants on her case load that she is also representing. The best and most that a poor person will receive in the way of “justice” will amount to is a plea agreement offered from the prosecutor or District Attorney. That's not fair and that's certainly not justice either! It's all about the money.

Our American Government's are robbing and stealing us blind. To keep peace to often Americans willingly tell themselves and wrongly justify paying what is essentially blood money to Government vandals and pirates who purposely steal all of what we have worked hard for all our lives, including our pets. In order to keep peace and to appease these wicked and evil Government employee's, we beg and borrow, even drain our life's savings to pay the monster that take's what is given to us by God Himself. We are not only being hoodwinked by our Government , we are being used in a sick mafia like ponzi-scheme where we have to pay for protection from the US Government's who steals from us, and then demand a ransom from us in order to give back to us what is what we already own !

I say no more of corrupted Government abuses, murders, and stealing our pest, children, property and others for cash ! I demand back from the Government all that they have stolen from me, my family, friends and fellow Americans. I will not give the Government anymore of my finances, property, family or anything else. In fact, I will wage a war against all evil doers that have taken what God has given unto me ! I pray that those of my enemies who have hurt me for cash or for other wicked and illegal reasons do repent. But If they do not, then they too will suffer the wrath that those who serve satan and injustice deserve. God of the Bible demands justice for all, and so do I !

New York's Governor Andrew Coumo, Tear down your walls of corruption in and around Genesee County and end your tirade and terroristic actions of robbing families of their God given pets, children, property and rights ! You better repent or you too will perish !

Deuteronomy 28:26 “Your carcasses will be food for all the birds and the wild animals, and there will be no one to frighten them away.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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