Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Time For Jesus And Bullets

It's Time For Jesus And Bullets

I've been saying and quoting this phrase for several months now. Unless you are one of the many American demonic tools and or Liberal Zombies unable or unwilling to see where our nation stands right now, you can see, taste and feel the dragging of our nation down to the pit's of Hell. What, with all the insane ideas being actually implemented here such as legalized homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, allowance of Illegal Immigration, Government abuse of our Constitutional Rights's and worse, we need to be honest. The vast majority of Americans have become willing fools for the devil's gain and wouldn't recognize right from wrong, even if you hit them over the head with the Bible or even a two-by-four piece of wood, for that matter.

Indeed, it is difficult to find any American today who has not taken up side's whether for God, or against Him. Our nation is deeply divided, but sadly, most choose to side with the wiles of evil. To prove my point, a recent survey found that more and more, people tend to think of themselves here in our nation as being either Agnostic, Atheist or as a Secular Humanist. Christianity is the new “wrong" in America. Common Sense is out, and political correctness along with serving satan, is in. Evil has saturated every crevasse and avenue of the American culture. The latest evidence of how bad things are here now is the news of the Boy Scouts of America having succumbed to the Jezebel-Feminist's by no longer allowing water gun fights because “It's not kind.” What the heck ! When I was a Boy Scout, we took pride in roughing it up, being tough. “Being kind” didn't mean being a “pansy”, it meant helping others that couldn't help themselves, not some sort of politically correct nonsense like not using water guns for fun. As a matter of fact, when I was a boy Scout, Summer Camp always included shooting at the rifle range and archery practice as well. Boys today are not allowed to be boys. We are raising boys to be pansy's and “femen.”

Truly, the vast majority of Americans have chosen to live a life on the “dark side.” Not only have we as a nation become ungodly-politically, America is lost as well. Evidence of this fact is can be seen in polls that show most likely, Hilary Clinton will become our next President. She has been very successful in raising campaign funds for her election and has targeted to raise over 2 Billions dollars for her Presidential bid. Will she get those funds ? Undoubtedly she will. Barack Hussein Obama was successful in raising over 1 Billion Dollars when he sought to be President of the United States so Clinton no doubt will raise her goal of 2 Billion Dollars without any problem what-so-ever. But why ? Why would Americans even consider voting for a woman who has along with her husband, had at least a dozen Americans murdered ? It's not only the people she had murdered, but it's also all the “gates” that she has been involved in such as “Travelgate”, “Lootergate” and many more( Clinton is filthy with corruption and death, yet she will most likely be voted in to Office of the President any way. Despite all the evil she's been involved in, How could Americans ever vote for her anyway ?

The answer is simple, yet for the few of us Americans who choose to have, and hold to common sense and also to hold to God's word which indicates right from wrong, the answer is also a bit frightening. The truth told, most Americans have simply, purposely chosen to be a tool of satan rather than following Jesus and Him crucified. Our so called “churches” in many cases are the most complicit in demonic activities as well. The “church” can no longer be relied on. If you are a true Christian and in need of real help such as economic, legal, health, being persecuted for your Christian faith and other issues, don't bother with asking your pastor and or church for help. Most pastors or church leaders will only tell you, “I'm sorry to hear that, I'll pray for you.” That's it, nothing else. End of conversation. Bottom line, no help for you, you're on your own. The Church in many way's has resigned to the devil and purposely fails to lead the way as to being the "light" as well as what is right, vs. what is wrong.

The so called Church has swallowed the lie that there is no sacrifice necessary to love and help one another. I myself belong to a minister's association where I live. Every single “pastor” and “minister” is a useful tool but only for the devil. They are fully aware of my situation being victimized by a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer, corrupted judges and lawyers who had a City of Batavia, NY cop threaten to murder me. When I shared my story with them in the past, not one of the 35 “ministers/pastors” offered to help me, not even one offered to pray for me. But again, that's most Americans and church people included. Many Americans believe that life is “all about me”, not what Christ has shown how to love others through mercy and sacrificial giving.

There are a few American Christians calling for what they believe Americans need to do to get our nation back on track. Yes, some are calling for “revival”, but these are the ignorant ones who do not read their Bibles nor are familiar with church history. If in fact these same Christians were truly Holy Spirit led, they would be calling for “repentance”, not “revival.” The fact is, no real revival was ever born without first those who were seeking revival, repented first of all the gross sins in their lives. If Christians really and truly desired America to once again become a blessed nation rather what it has become today, as a cursed country, we would see a wide spread and heart bled repentance first. Will we as a nation ever get to the point of recognizing of what is plainly written in 2Chronicels 7:14 ? Maybe, depending on how far God allows the consequences for Americans acting out with their demonic attitudes. Being honest, and in all appearances, America will soon cease to exist, no less get to the next Presidential Election in 2016. Get ready for some very difficult times in your life. At this point, without real wide-spread repentance, expect God to allow the curse of ISIS and other problems here to grow exponentially, and eventually kill off many. It's called Biblical “consequences” for the many rebellious Americans and their rebellious attitudes.

Yes, If repentance is not realized in this nation very, very soon, real and Biblical Christians will need to do what our American Muslim President told us in a past speech that we do anyway. That is “cling to our Bibles and guns.” Indeed, Obama knows the truth and he is very actively trying to kill those of us who do indeed cling to our Bibles and and our guns. We do this because as Obama is aware, Jesus and guns are the only two things that can destroy him and all his evil supporters outside of repentance and returning to Jesus in this country. So that's where America is heading without repentance, the need for Jesus and guns. Call it “Plan B.” But "Plan B" is a deadly, bloody, and a very difficult cure without repentance(repentance is easier). In this plan, real Christians need to rise up, take care of one-another, share the Gospel to those few who will listen, and be ready to shoot to kill the rest because Obama, his Government agents and friends are coming to kill more of us. With children being robbed from good Christian parents on the rise, cops beating and killing Christians here as well, rioting in our cities will become worse and Martial Law eventually declared. You need to be prepared for battle. As a Christian, they are coming to jail and or kill you.

“Jesus and bullets.” Its both very sad and unfortunate, but the reality in America has become that evil has grown to a dangerous level where we real Bible Christians are marked for extinction and are on our own to fend for ourselves. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide, not religion, not cherry picking and false jesus "Christianity" either. Be prepared to defend your faith and be prepared for battle. It's that time, suit up and focus on getting as much of Jesus and bullets that you can get to defend your life.

Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.”
Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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