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Wasserman-Schultz, Poster Person For False Allegations Of Abuse

Wasserman-Schultz, Poster Person For False Allegations Of Abuse

Ah yes, the topic of false allegations of abuse. Despite the media running on overtime reporting on the topic of Domestic Violence, especially in light of the Ray Rice case, the Sociopaths and corrupted politicians, teachers, lawyers, judges, Child Protection Agents, Domestic Violence Program Workers, cops and others are so happy to no longer have to deal with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's latest debacle of outrageous false claims of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin of being likened to a domestic abuser. Indeed, Scott Walker was terrorized with false allegations via CongresswomanWasserman-Schultz and truthfully, those sort of false allegations are not that unusual. Thousands of  false allegations of abuse are made against men/fathers, women/moms and even children each and every year. Those who make such allegations hate being exposed for destroying the thousands of lives of others.  That said, this fact does not take away from the legitimacy of actual cry's of abuse that have occurred against men, women and children. Those true victims of abuse need our full attention and help. In fact I have written several articles in part or in full about many of the evils of Domestic Abuse. Here is one such article... (http://blackroberegimentpastor.blo10/ In that article, I define Domestic Violence and I share about the solution on how important it is to recognize and remove true abusers. In that same article however, I also talk about the "Domestic Violence Industry" that actually harms the legitimacy of true Domestic Violence victims by propagating false allegations of Domestic Violence against innocent folks. Think about the fact when reading on through this article and also in the following article at this link...

After hearing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's statement associating Governor Scott Walker's policies to that of a Domestic Abuser, perhaps like you, many Americans also became outraged at her comparison of Governor Scott Walker to a “wife beater.” I can clearly see by her very own words, that Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz is part of the false Allegation Abuse industry. No doubt she is a vile Feminist and indeed, a Jezebel. There are many like her, you know them... Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, many more... Fortunately, many of us have known this fact for quite some time but you would think with her Democratic and Socialist Political Party friends currently up for re-election throughout the US Congress, she would be more careful with her words until after the election. Not so with Wasserman-Schultz, demons never rest apparently. Now let me share this,---I'm not a fan of Republicans either, I want to make that quite clear. In fact, if it is true what was also reported that Gov. Scott Walker added many more Domestic Violence shelters in the State of Wisconsin, he's also a propagater of False Allegations of Abuse as well. Let me explain--- men are not immune from making False Allegations of abuse even if it's through the “back door” like Scott Walker. It is a well documented fact that, 1)Acts of  Domestic Violence are down, not up in America.  Not only that fact but 2) All Domestic Violence Shelters in Wisconsin, and 99.9% of Domestic Violence Program shelters within the United States house women but not men, and also sometimes women with their children, but certainly not not men. Why is that an issue ? Because 50% of all Domestic Violent acts are perpetrated by women, So in my view, which is the side of a non political partisan and one who looks at facts, not propaganda, Scott Walker is just as guilty as Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the area of advocating for false allegations of abuse. Governor Walker is an enabler of lies and therefore contributes directly to Male Gendercide and the lies of false allegations of abuse.

For Wasserman-Schultz and other Feminist Sociopaths like her however, it's easy to see why they want to keep up the evil task of falsely accusing especially men of Domestic Violence. It's all about control. Control over men is a very large part of the Feminist agenda so those also with mental disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder, who use manipulation, lying, cheating, stealing, character assassination all to gain control, makes sense. In fact, those with those sort of mental health issues(the Bible refers to those as having the Jezebel Spirit), often seek out others who will side with them and take up their evil, rebellious cause, mentally ill or not. So is there no surprise then that judges, lawyers, cops, politicians, teachers, counselors, psychiatrists and others who often have an evil interest also in control and also making cold hard cash at the same time through either client services or Government sponsored grants, also choose to side with those who make outrageous false allegations of abuse ? I mean, the business of false allegations of abuse not only conjurers up spirits of demons within people to damage others falsely it also brings wide-open visions of Dollar signs to those who seek to make a living off the lies of those who propagate false allegations of abuse.

Let me give you some examples of the active "demons" that I am talking about here... Remember Jodi Arias ?  I'm sure you do. Do you also remember that Sociopath Feminist, Alyce LaViollete who took the stand in Aria's trial and insisted Arias was a "victim of domestic violence" although there was no proof nor evidence of such a claim ? There are hundreds of thousands of dangerous Sociopath Feminists within the USA propagating and openly advocating false allegations of abuse against men and boys. Next, let's look at Casey Anthony, remember her in her murder trial of her little girl ? Do you also remember her attorney Jose Baez who during his client's murder trial, had her father on the witness stand and with a statement/question to him said, "You sexually molested Casey Anthony, your daughter when she was a child didn't you!?!" There was never an accusation of such abuse throughout the history of the family nor during the discovery portion or pre-trial conferences. However, Baez only did what thousands of attorneys do in Family Courts all around America, all day long, every day...that is, make a false allegation of abuse to try to put an innocent man/woman in a negative light without proof nor cause. What occurs to especially men who are falsely accused of abuse whether domestic abuse or false allegations of child abuse ? go to jail, you lose your job, you lose your home, you lose contact with your children, you're put in jail and often are left homeless and penniless due to legal/attorney expenses in defending yourself against the lies of sociopaths and greedy lawyers. But Hey ! That's the point ! That's what false Accusations of Abuse are supposed to do. Yep, even our returning US Military hero's are not immune from false allegations of abuse and being terrorized by Sociopathic Feminists and greedy, evil judges, lawyers, cops, CPS Agents, Domestic Violence Program workers and others... You are supposed to lose everything and if you are a politician who has especially a woman using words and false accusations associated with abuse and or Domestic Violence, you're supposed to lose the election. Maybe you don't agree with me, but I have met many daddy's and mommy's who would quite agree with me. In fact, if I knew Brian Banks personally and able to speak with him, I'm quite positive he'd whole heartily agree with me as well

Rarely, very rarely do those who are falsely accused of abuse ever receive justice and the ability to clear their name in a court of law. Even if they are afforded that opportunity in a court of law such as Brian Banks was(see link above) afforded(after spending 5 years in State Prison), the court of public opinion rarely translates false allegations into innocence of all allegations. Once a false allegation is made public, there will remain those who hold on to the lies and unfairly treat those who have been falsely accused as what they are, victims of a crime. Yes indeed, in most States, signing a legal instrument/document swearing that an act of abuse has been perpetrated when in fact, no abuse was at all performed, is indeed a crime. The problem is, in 95% of all false allegation cases, the false accuser never faces legal prosecution for their false allegations. Why ? Why would not those who commit the crime of making a false allegations of abuse go free without facing negative consequences/criminal charges and perhaps worse? It is a well known fact that once someone gets away with making a false claim of abuse, they will continue in making more false allegations.It's all about what I shared earlier..."control and cold hard cash.” In the USA and around the world, those with power and or the ability to manipulate lives of others for political control and or to make money often do. It's pure evil, but it's that simple. Even the media has their evil hands in propagating false allegations of Abuse. They will spend hours, weeks and months reporting on a football player who abused his wife, but just a day or two on Wasserman Schultz who purposely lies and aides false allegation of abuse. Whether (Liberal)Time Warner or (“fair and balanced”) Fox News, most “news reporting” agencies are equally guilty of the act of enabling false allegations of abuse. Maybe you don't agree with me that the media is guilty? Then apparently, writing an article entitled “Different Ways To Start Men On Fire” is just a big joke to you as well?

I've personally been falsely accused of Domestic Abuse via a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer/Illegal Alien, Jennie Basal. No police reports, no photos, no physician reports, no psychologists reports, no witnesses, nothing at trial, yet her scam gave opportunity to give a judge in favor of her false claims and the judge was paid cold hard cash from YOUR hard earned tax dollars. There are over one million men and women just like me who were(are)falsely accused of abuse just from Foreign Immigration Marriages Scammers alone here in the USA( That's how it works and as I shared earlier, I have met literally thousands of other mommy's and daddy's that have also been falsely accused of abusive acts in other ways as well. Many have lost not only their children, they have also lost their homes, property, jobs and more. They are like me, also fighting for, and waiting for justice. Sadly, I have also found that those who have been truly victimized by abuse, are sadly also waiting for their justice as well. Our judicial system in America(and around the world)is well beyond corrupted and those like Wasserman-Schultz who are Sociopathic Feminists and their evil greedy, money hungry, controlling counterparts that work in the courts, are in need of immediate removal and disposal so we can all get fair and equal justice.

Leviticus 9:15 “You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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