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Can The USA And The West Rightly Judge ISIS ?

Can The USA And The West Rightly Judge ISIS ?

I believe most of you would agree with me that ISIS or ISIL or whatever flavor of the week they are calling themselves this week, is nothing but a wicked, evil and demonic group of individuals that are in need of being totally removed by whatever means. ISIS has terrorized Christians, minority groups even other Muslims by killing them, cutting off their heads and murdering thousands of innocent people including children. ISIS is a group of individuals bent on destroying lives and have absolutely no mercy for anyone. Disgusting group of individuals that they are, many Westerners are right to be concerned about ISIS and their threats against the West should indeed be taken seriously. That said, the hard or difficult part of the article is yet to be discussed. That difficult part includes a self examination of who we are as a people group in America and the West. I'm going to be asking as well, some hard questions that most Americans and in the West really need to ask of themselves. This article is not being written to the coward, nor those with a “Burger King”(I want it my way, when, how and when I want) mentality. This article is also being written to challenge many in their (false) belief that we have the right to judge ISIS of their evil without first taking a look at who, and what many are within our own(Western) nations as well. Indeed, there is a reason ISIS exists, and you may be like millions all around the world, and have come to the wrong conclusion entirely how ISIS was spawned from the devil's hands but are not aware also that ISIS is being allowed to exists through God's hand as well. Before we discuss those last 2 points, let's begin the process of self examination first though shall we ?

In the Christian Bible, Jesus in Matthew 7:1-5 declares, “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Although these Bible verses are all too often misused and misapplied by nominal christians(small letter “c” placed here purposely) as well as Atheists, Agnostics and Jesus haters, these Bible verses warns all of us Bible believing Christians not to judge other believers in Christ if we are involved in the same sin as what we are condemning others for. I do realize that non-believers of Jesus of the Bible are not my(our) “brother” in any sort of the way, especially Muslims or any non-believing Bible believing Christian, however, the precept of judging anyone for an offense while yet I, or anyone else is involved in the same or similar evil action, is a ludicrous act. I mean as an example, who the heck am I to tell someone to stop stealing if I'm stealing myself ? That said, When the American or Western Governments condemn ISIS for killing innocent people, what about America's part and their Western counterparts who purposely murder innocent people ? How many Americans for instance are known to have been innocent of “crimes” yet have no access to justice because they are poor, thus they were executed on “Death Row” or even cops who have shot and killed innocent citizens as well? The killing of innocent civilians via police officers and through so called "courts" are extremely high. Do we especially in America have the right to judge ISIS(ISIL) for killing innocent civilians when the American and Western Governments are doing the same ?

ISIS has killed thousands of children all across the Middle East, ISIS members cut off the heads of children, raped them, crucified them even burying children alive. Horrible right ? Well, just here in America, there have been over 56 Million baby's murdered through abortion. Many of those baby's were ripped apart piece by piece, their defenseless little body's ripped apart and discarded in the garbage all in the name of “a woman's right to choose” and the "god" of Feminism and convenience. ISIS has killed several thousand children and Americans and Western Nations have killed Millions and Millions of defenseless children. I must ask you, who's more evil ? Really, right now “President” Obama is bombing ISIS members and have called them “evil” on more than one occasion in his public speeches yet Mr. Obama also proudly declares his allegiance to Feminists everywhere the right to murder innocent children here in the USA. America has propagated with cash in hand to cater killing of children through abortion to many third-world countries and so have European nations as well. And we in the West are the “good guys” ? No, No America and European nations are not at all the “good guys.” The fact is that the USA and Europeans have killed more innocent children through abortion than ISIS has killed innocent children living with their families.

Wait, it get's worse.... In Europe and in the USA, many openly flaunt a lifestyle that is openly hostile to what is good and moral. The 10 Commandments has been the standard bearer for many nations and many years as far as “morality” goes. But not any longer. Every person in the West these days, does what they want, when they want, how they want pretty much. So, as ISIS is killing homosexuals, Western nations are figuratively giving God of the Bible "the finger" and openly defying Him by flaunting homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle.” So who's the “bad guy” here? ISIS members killing homosexuals or Western nations flaunting the sinful homosexual lifestyle ? You don't “get it”? OK then, how about pedophilia? Disgusting right ? Well then, you will be “happy” to know that ISIS and much of Islam allows pedophilia and so do an increasing amount of Western Nations and their psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, judges, teachers and Government Legislators alike also agree that pedophilia as an “acceptable lifestyle” Those who continue their politically correct demonic work in the West are now calling pedophilia an “alternative lifestyle” just as they do with homosexuality. No doubt with evil being flaunted in the USA including right now, the
Orlando, Florida Public Schools allowing satanists to distribute satanic materials to school children, America at least, has become a very evil and immoral nation( Folks, evil is evil, is evil. All evil acts goes against God of the Bible and our having the ability to live peaceful lives. Ignoring evil acts and calling evil as "good" whether by Americans or by members of ISIS is a bad act entirely.

While many in the West cry out for Human Rights on behalf of those who have had their lives shattered and violated via ISIS, there are many here who live in the West who are left to fend for themselves as their rights and lives are also shattered and violated via Western Governments as well. Equally horrendous, many families and children's lives have been, and continue to be destroyed, numbered by the millions via Western Governments. Children continue to be stolen from good and often poor parents via Child Protection Agents, Family Courts and the like. The goal of the Western Government agents is always to make money for the Government by selling off children to others who hold more money within the populace. Thousands of children placed into Foster Care via US and European Governments end up sick and or dead. Also, many of those children are "doped-up" with psychotropic medications and used as "guinea pigs" for experimental medications. So, when ISIS members sell off captured children as slaves, who's worse here? Is it the Western Governments who have stolen millions of children from good and innocent but poor parents and sold them off to the highest bidder and or the human/sex trafficker's...or is it ISIS members selling off the captured children to slave holders? How can Western nations and those who live within them condemn ISIS when Westerners do practically nothing to rescue so many Western children and families that are being purposely destroyed by Western Governments ?

As we watch in recent news reports and at the same time in horror of the Christians being persecution in the Middle East at the hands of the ISIS zealots, the media in the West largely ignores the news of Christian's being persecuted for their faith right here in America and all over Europe and the West as well. I know many Christians especially here in America who have had their lives destroyed via the Government along with the help and aide of  American Citizens here who love to be in on their active anti-Christian actions(The Jesus haters abound here in the USA and in Europe). ISIS hates Christians and so do all Western Governments, so once again, who's worse ? Anti-Christian attitudes are anti-Christian attitudes. I suppose I could go on and on drawing in on the many similarities between the evil's of ISIS and the evils of Western nations and many of those who live in the West in this article but then I'd need to write a book, not a blog article. I must end my article here and make my major point now...there aren't to many differences in the “evil department” by either ISIS or many who live in Western nations. In fact, the attitudes of many here in the USA is quite transparent. No one get's the least bit uncomfortable when referring to Las Vegas as “Sin City.” Indeed, also no one here in America is shy when watching television programs such as “Dating Naked.” With the many millions of Western men and women that visit “strip clubs” each year, how can we in the "West" call ourselves more moral than ISIS members who lust after women? How about infidelity? You complain perhaps that Muslims and ISIS remembers have more than one wife ? How about the millions of Westerners who have committed adultery and find no problem with that act what-so ever. I mentioned abortions earlier in the article, all 56 Million dead babies here in America alone. Lying, many polls show that most Westerner's believe at some level, lying is appropriate and acceptable. Commandment number 9 anyone ? In fact Mr. Obama has raised the bar so to speak when it comes to lying. That man leads the way and is a perfect example of what lying is all about.Really, how are we in the West any different or better than ISIS ?

All Western Nations are disintegrating and or imploding. Here in America, we are more polarized as a people than at any time in our nation's history. Many Americans as well as Westerners are quick to stick their finger in someones face when they see someone else doing wrong. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is an entirely evil thing to stick your finger in someone's eye and tell them they are evil when you-yourself are doing the same act or similar act of evil yourself. It's called being a hypocrite folks. Jesus of the Bible said it fairly and justly. I propose that before many Westerner's try to set straight ISIS and their evil, those same Westerners who are also involved in evil acts, get their lives squared away(with Jesus of the Bible) first. If you decide not to get your life right first before attacking ISIS, then you sir, you madam you yourself are no more than an evil pimple who is also in need of removal, just like ISIS. Indeed, you are an evilist. How does that truth hit you? "Repent or perish."~Jesus of the Bible.

No, Jesus, No Peace !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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