Friday, October 19, 2012

“ The Horrors Of Domestic Violence And the D.V. Industry "

“ The Horrors Of Domestic Violence And the D.V. Industry "

In case you were not aware, October in the United States is designated as “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” Throughout the month, there are various meetings, protests, government sponsored and payed for events alerting all Americans and even those around the world to the horrible crime of domestic violence/abuse. It saddens me that these events are not attended by Many Biblical Pastors throughout this once great nation. In fact, deeply saddened am I, that so many Biblical Christians and their pastors really on the most part avoid speaking in public and intervening in their rightful role of identifying, coming against through corrective action and removing such a wicked matter as acts of Domestic violence. I probably shouldn't be so surprised really as many of the responsibilities of the Biblical church have been quite willingly turned over to the “world” and governments but I must share anyway, for there are still those who need to know and there is no better way to share truth and what is right, then through Biblical truth.

I am not at all sure how much time in actuality we the true Church of Jesus Christ have left on this Earth, we are after all, in the “end days” and as well, just a remnant of what most call themselves and identify themselves as “Christians.” Recognizing the shortness of time, I still do however wish to take that time in identifying and placing the exact Biblical responsibilities of what the “Church” should be involved in regarding the horrible crime of domestic violence. There are of course matters we should all consider when speaking and sharing here about domestic violence and abuse whether Christian or not and I want to make sure though that those who will dare to call themselves by the name of Christ in any form, will come to know their full responsibility and truth regarding what and whom is involved in such a heinous matter and how to deal with those who perpetrate such criminal acts and equally as identify and contend with rightfully those who would take advantage of such criminal acts. So, please continue in reading below...

Let us start here with a simple definition and understanding of what the term; “domestic violence” means shall we ? Now, I know much of the world will right away disagree with me, but remember, the explanation is in Biblical terms and not of the world. So here goes, “Domestic Violence is an evil act where by any person or group of persons physically or verbally attacking an intimate partner or family member. It is an unchrist like act that is of a selfish, manipulative and evil behavior to gain something whether it be loyalty, something physical, emotional spiritual or other.” That is the very bottom line of what the act of domestic violence is. Let me please explain further; by it's very nature, Domestic Violence/abuse is a very unbiblical and unchrist like act. There is absolutely no excuse for Domestic Violence...and let me say right here as well, I am not speaking of the act of protecting one's self from being attacked, that is something entirely different. What I am speaking of is; any person who (acts out/lashes out some may say) either physically or verbally purely out of a self-centered and manipulative fashion to gain something, ie..”control.”

Now, if you are agreeable with me in my terminology and explanations of what encompasses in regards to the act of domestic violence...good, if not well, perhaps you can keep reading on here.... The world may or may not agree with what the Bible describes especially husbands/wives and brothers and sisters in Christ are to do with one another(Ephesians 4, Malachi 2:2, Colossians 3, John 13;34-35, etc..) but the bottom line is as husbands, wives, children and with one another, if we dare to call our selves “Christians” or “good people” our motivator and example should be out of love and not selfish gain or anything based on a lie correct ?(please know that Biblical love is not of “jesus butterflys”) Well, unfortunately the sad reality for the “Church” it appears, that divorces, accusations of domestic abuse/violence and abortion(an ultimate act of domestic violence as far as I am concerned) are basically at the same rate in the so called “Church” as it is in the world(non-believers). How can this be ? Are not Christians commanded by Jesus to be the “light and salt of the world” you may ask ?

The Church has failed on the most part in helping those who suffer from matters such as domestic violence because many have gone off following “other gospels”and “doctrines of demons.” These days too, many pastors do nothing more than refer their female congregants to the police or their local “domestic violence programs” when there is an accusation of domestic abuse. It is much worse for men who suffer at the hands of domestic violence, for the world pretty much has written men off as the primary aggressor in the vast majority of cases and even if they are true victims, men are still blamed and found at fault for domestic violent acts against them anyway. Sadly, the “Church” also has believed many if not all of the lies about domestic violence as well, even the lies that the church has no place in intervening. Pastors more often than are telling men to “suck it up” and also blame the men for the beating they took from their female partner/spouse. Likewise, often times female victims of D.V. are simply sent by pastors or pastor's wives to “shelters” where the women are indoctrinated with unbiblical and very evil feminist doctrines of man hating and of acceptance of matters of witchcraft and in when there are women who are not true victims but simply looking for a reason to escape their marriage through divorce, often times, almost all women are taught in these D.V. Programs and shelters how to manipulate and lie to courts so that they may gain control and custody of children, homes and property. The sad fact is; many of these so called domestic violence programs receive most of their funding via tax dollars(the evil culprit once again of title IV federal Funding arises) and are paid per “each victim serviced.” There is a built in mechanism without any accountability what-so-ever for such programs these “programs” often “pad their numbers, lie, cheat and steal our tax money to propagate false reporting of domestic violence. I know some female victims of domestic violence and feminists are already going batty here, screaming for help from Diana but use all the information I am giving is true, but the reality here is, that the vast majority of domestic violence programs are not interested in helping real victims of domestic violence, do not help true victims of domestic violence, but they only feed off them like vultures and throw these poor women away when they are done using them up. The vast majority of the Domestic Violence Industry is interested only in seeing all men in our society emasculated, feminist ideologies propagated further, and more cold-hard cash gained to purport their lies and their unbiblical agenda.

I hope you see and understand now that the world with many of it's domestic violence programs actually diminish and hurt the cause of women, and the real victims of domestic violence/abuse and the cause of Christ. I myself as a therapist can attest to an have heard with my own ears some of my own female clients confide in me the names of several local domestic violence programs and attorneys that were teaching them how to fraudulently claim domestic violence claims (with police and in courts) against their male significant others so that as I shared earlier, they may gain, custody and control of children, homes and property through fraudulent gain. What I am describing here with you are certainly acts not done by true Christians, but what is equally concerning is that there are pastors and so called “Christians” who decidedly, knowingly aware of such horrendous and evil practices by many domestic violence programs, cops, courts, etc... and still anyway; I once again reiterate, referring any women to such worldly programs, are doing true victims of domestic violence a great harm and disservice to them. For those who may be in more information about the true agenda of many of the world's domestic violence programs, you certainly don't need to take my word for it, pick up and read your Bible and I would highly suggest you get or purchase this book entitled; “When She Was Bad...Violent Women And the Myth Of Innocence” written by Patricia Pearson who herself, is a feminist... a warning to all the who purchase the book, there is much use of profanity and other adult content and language in the book including speaking about homosexuality and description of gross crime scenes... .

The bottom line here for the “Church”, is that it as a body, has a real and Biblical mandate to protect those who suffer at the hands of tyrants, aggressors and oppressors such as domestic violence. I do not have room here in this particular article to provide all the Bible verses containing about God's commands in reference to justice, mercy, widows, orphans, etc... but it is high time the Church takes back from the world what was previously and so sadly-willfully surrendered in it's mandate to protect/help all victims of evil and in doing and what is right before the Lord. There are currently religious people such as that of the social gospel, the Circumcision Group and other cults doing the work but not sewing of the Bible or of following Jesus Christ. Others not belonging to Jesus Christ are doing the work that belongs solely to God's people and this should not be. We true believers in Christ Jesus should take into our arms every victim of such terroristic acts as domestic violence and keep those true victims from harm and influence--- for those who would slither their lies to manipulate such an evil agenda as Communism, Socialism and Feminism all have their own evil and perverse agenda. Christ said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life... our moral and Biblical obligation is in more than proclaiming Biblical truth, it is also in our actions and in exposing what is evil and in protecting women, men and children from the wicked world which will destroy them for a sick , and in the the end, only use up victims like those of domestic violence and toss them to the side as the devil always does.

So my question especially to Christian pastors and Christian men is; O men of God, are you willing to protect the women, the children and other men who need defense against the enemies of this world ? Not only to proclaim all the Biblical truth, but in action, in manner of biblical love... no matter how fierce your enemy and the resistance of the devil's minions may attack you, you will help those who suffer and need your protection ?

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Thank you ... there are a couple of Christian oriented or based organizations I have come across. I filed an application with the state DV agency for funds to get my car fixed ... husband now on his 3rd divorce rampage and money is tight ... did not want to lose my job ... they came back and said "no". I wrote a couple times, asking where I could obtain legal information because I am tired of being bullied and short-changed; they (state DV agency) just ignore me.
    I'm also tired of being told, after nearly 50 years of DV work, that my "only" options are to run away and leave behind everything I worked for, and my children as well. Lately, I've been seeing that I have been empowered because I am learning to do a lot of car repairs, by necessity. I'll probably still lose my job, as the car breaks down and has screwed up my work so much lately. But shame, shame, always these agencies want money and recognition but there is nothing new to offer and no empowerment.

    I've also dealt with churches around here. It's been my understanding that if I have a problem, I should take it to the person it's with, then through the channels even to the church leadership. But the "leadership" doesn't believe in that part of the Bible. Nor do they believe in checking to make sure you and your children are doing okay, since husband ran off with someone else's wife and living next door with his mother ... always been a real pleasure to see the other woman spending the day at my mother-in-law's, where adultery is just considered another form of "friendship" and where her little boy can continue his rampage with her funds, as he would not be able to do on his own.

    Sadly, I have (apparently)more courage than these so-called leaders as I spoke with everyone involved, civilly and Biblically while they just tell me they will "pray" for me. Sadly, their main answer to me ... I should "go away" ... or in past, one "leader" helped snatch my children then helped throw me into a hospital b/c I was supposedly going to kill him. Sure, and three big guys against one female and having removed the phones from the house ahead of my arrival ... the main childnapper's vehicle nowhere on the premises. Personally, I don't see many true churches around. And the DV agencies, they just substitute their control for that of a bully spouse. As long as you "follow the script" and make no waves (have needs of your own), you are welcome (just like some "marriages").

    One final comment ... adultery, divorce, all kinds of things indicate spiritual sickness or suicide. Yet the church bulletin is not "allowed" to carry news about spiritual illnesses that might end in eternal separation from God. Why? Makes no sense to keep those needs hush hush but physical illnesses can be blazoned in the bulletin and anywhere else ... and is likely to lead to visits, phone calls, prayers ... I sit alone and hope things don't fall apart ... hope that I understand what God would have me do ... it's a very hard road when you come to the realization that your spouse might be the walking dead and spewing evil and hurt on you ... and nobody seems to know and nobody seems to care.