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Where Do Your Loyalties Lay ? Good Or Evil ?

Where Do Your Loyalties Lay ? Good Or Evil ?

The fact of life is, that everyone is loyal towards something and or someone. There's no doubt about that. You don't have to belong to a certain political party to believe that fact. A person's loyalty towards things and or people however in Western nation's, especially here in America are often skewed and misplaced on the most part. Folks in America in fact often mark their loyalties towards themselves as primary beneficiaries. In fact, I would even go so far as to say most Americans(not all, but the majority of) Americans are quite selfish in regards to  where and whom they place their loyalty towards things including their finances. Yes, yes, I know... I've heard it before... "American's give more to charities than any other people group around the world." That said and acknowledged, many Americans however only give  to simply make themselves feel better, not to bring about real positive change(I'm so blessed to have supporters of my ministry who are Not like that). The Biblical view of sacrificially giving(Mark 12:41-44) is definitely different than the view of most in the West. It is simply not in the heart of most Americans to sacrificially when they do give. So when many Americans open their wallets to give, but then because they rarely give to help others, moths fly out of their wallets and the birds awaken and sing “cheap, cheap, cheap” from the window of that particular giver(not really, but  you get the point). You see, the loyalty to self as the modus operandi of many Americans and Westerners often comes into play for most. Even when they do give, the motivating factor is primarily to have that self gratifying feeling.

Folks that live in what the Bible calls the “world” or “the flesh” almost always live a life pleasing unto themselves. Loyalty to others always comes at a price. That price you ask ? Well, to put it in it's simplest terms, I've heard people tell myself as well as others; “ If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. “ This phrase is a simple idiom. For my readers unfamiliar with Western cultures, Americans and Europeans when they quote this phrase are not literally scratching one another's backs. The meaning of this phrase is, that if you do me a favor, I'll do a favor for you also. In other words, It's telling someone that you will only help that person if they help you first. Gaining something tangible from a person is paramount before helping someone else in need. For some folks, telling someone “If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours” really sounds more like “Gimmie mine's first.” If a person is in true need and she/he asks for help, the person helping should state and  it should sound like, “how can I be of help?” or “how can I be a blessing to you ?” Very often in Western nations and Western cultures folks don't operate in the later form because their primary loyalty is not towards Jesus of the Bible, instead, it is focused on self gratification. For many who seem to be unaware,  communicating to someone that "I want to help you" is much different than saying "My time has value" or "My gift to you has a cost, just so you know."

Loyalty for the purpose of self preservation is important but for most who live in the West, life is much easier and has in many ways been made very comfortable as compared to most other nations especially in third-world nations. In America, we have access to more doctors, more medications, more help as compared also to many other nations and many of us can afford to have less stress regarding who and what we can and will be loyal to. Unfortunately, many Americans do not set their loyalties upon anything other than that of matters of self interests and ultimately, that turns into disaster not only for them, but for all of who remain as well. In fact, to be quite frank, because of so many ill placed loyalties of Americans, they have caused more stress for themselves because of it.  I'll give you some examples... Take Barrack Husein Obama, many blacks voted for him not because they thought he was a better candidate as compared to other choices for President of the USA, they will quite frankly and honestly will inform  you if you ask them, they voted for Obama “because he is Black.” Good reason to vote for a President ? um... no. Haven't Caucasians also done the same foolish thing in the past by not voting for Ambassador Alan Keyes to be the Republican Party Nominee for President ? Dr. Keyes is one of the most intelligent and able men to be President of the USA I have ever heard speak on issues in my life(I'm 53 years old) yet many Caucasians did not vote for him because he is an African-American. Loyalties to vote for or against someone simply because of their skin color is a ludicrous act and quite frankly, is also a self defeating act(for the entire nation) as well. But hey ! That's where many people put forth their loyalties especially here in America, it's self serving loyalty and we all suffer because of it.

Folks who don't do their homework and “vote down the (political)party line”, vote for friends or to make friends by voting/campaigning for someone, so that they can gain some sort of favor in the future, knowingly endorse someone or help someone who you know is evil minded, or has not the best interest at heart are all acts of evil. Folks have their loyalties misguided when they take part in such actions. Because people who partake in such activities as helping, voting for, endorsing someone who is opposed to good and moral values, is actually helping not only to heap curses upon our communities and nation, she/he is also helping to bring upon our nation closer to it's destructiveness end by violating God's(of the Bible) precepts. Loyalty to good and Godly people should be the primary objective for  everyone. To often, “self” gets in the way of getting our family's, children, communities, and nation the help and justice they desperately need. For those who live in the “West”, they need to readjust their misguided loyalties towards others and reset in the proper direction. This is especially true in the Bible believing Churches.

In fact, for Bible believing churches, many do not have their loyalties set to Jesus of the Bible as they should. As I see our brothers and sisters in Christ being murdered, raped, beheaded, burred alive(children also !!) in the Middle East, even their fellow Westerner's being abused by cops, lawyers, judges, Domestic Violence Programs,, Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers/Illegal Aliens, CPS agents and other like them, there isn't much movement in Western churches to become active in rescuing our brothers and sisters in crisis. Most of what I see in Western "churches" today are only “prayer.” Listen, you can pray all day long(I've said this a few thousand ties now !) but the Lord has called us to action as well ! Read James 2:17-20. I'm disgusted with most American and European “Christian” men right now. Many are “grapeless”, heartless cowards. I have over 4500 Facebook “friends” and I have asked several times now for especially Biblical men to go to the Middle East with  me and rescue these Christians from death. I
specifically also stated in my open request on Facebook, that if you do not want to be involved in rescuing Christians from being slaughtered, at least financially pay for our trip(those who are willing to rescue) and for our needs while over there. Answer's to my request from folks(“Christians”) ?? All I received was one Godly woman, willing to help pay something towards our trip. From “Godly men” ?? Nothing ! Only the sounds of crickets. Yep... that's where the loyalties of most "Christan" Americans are... more than sad, their lack of response to help others being raped, buried alive beheaded and murdered to me is nothing more than disgusting ! But hey, that's where loyalties lay of most Americans, “Christian” or not.

I highly suggest everyone who dares to call themselves “good”in whatever form or capacity they state that, whether Black, White, Latino, Asian, a cop, a judge, a lawyer, a pastor a Christian, a politician, a teacher, a Tea Party Member, a Democrat, a Republican, a Liberal, a Conservative, a Libertarian, whatever... all take a serious look at where their loyalties lay. Folks better start doing some re-evaluating of where they are putting their loyalties. God is going to call each of us to account and very soon at that. The bad is getting worse and the so called “good” in the Western world isn't anywhere near as “good” as what they are making themselves out to be. Time to put loyalties and their consequences of where those loyalties have led us up on trial. Can you be honest with yourself in this evaluation process of loyalties ? If not, you better get some honest help, and I do mean “honest help.”

The world is about one inch from tipping over because in part of misguided loyalties. Better get them laid out straight pronto !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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