Friday, April 19, 2013

“Beware America: The Enemy Is Prodding For Your Weaknesses “

“Beware America: The Enemy Is Prodding For Your Weaknesses “

Low and behold, more tragedies... This time the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts. Are you really surprised ? Bible based prophets such as David Wilkerson before his tragic death two years-ago this month, had been warning the USA and the world In fact previously for years of the impending doom that awaited the USA and other nations that abandoned their foundation based on the Christian Bible. He was as usual, correct. In fact, Brother David often Biblically and rightfully called for repentance of the so called “Church”  in his sermons but unfortunately, up to this day, the Church carries on as “usual” in remaining in it's act's compared to whores chasing after false religious and ear-tickling false doctrines. I realize my “tone” here may read a bit harsh but it's not just I nor David Wilkerson that has warned others of the consequences of engaging in sin without repentance. There is of course, the past voice of the Founder of the “Moral Majority”, Jerry Falwell. Sorrowfully, many of those Godly men such as these two who sounded like trumpet blasts in their messages to the world warning all of the consequences of leaving our “first love” have now gone home to Heaven already. In fact many of the so called “Giants of the Christian Faith” are all but gone now. Perhaps only a few remain. This “taking away” is by God's design I believe, and has left us with few prophets to warn us of impending doom. Thus, hearts must choose wisely; life or death without the voices of warning. I pray we are not at the point “of no return.”

Many Americans today are left here on Earth to deal with their own hearts and the consequences of their own sinful devices. As I shared earlier in this article, the voices that in he past rang aloud on Sunday Mornings in our churches regarding the consequences of sin, have been largely been silenced. Instead, in many church services we hear of “feel good theology” and “moral relativism.” We very rarely any longer hear about Hell(“Lake Of Fire”) and those places that unrepentant sinners go to when they meet God on Judgment Day. Yes, is it any wonder that our nation is suffering worse and worse consequences of those who have abandoned the faith and commands of Christ ? For me, no... I'm not at all surprised. Let me share this... It was when I suffered the open and public persecution of my faith in Jesus Christ of the Bible my eyes were opened wide. There was little offer to help for my children and I from so called American “Christians” when tragedy hit my home. In fact, the so called “Christian” Lawyers, whether known nationally or locally, all refused to help, either because I lacked financial resources to pay them or because my case was not relevant to(as my friend attending law school put's it) “saving Christmas Trees.” Indeed, since that time, I have met other Biblical Christians and pastors like myself suffering the same fate as I. Burying one's head in the sand (unless you have cold-hard cash)in the time of persecution against Christians has become the hallmark of what American and other so called “Christians” often do when adversity hit's a fellow believer in Christ.

So making excuses to “get along to get along” is the now the song sung amongst most Americans, especially in the so called “Church.” We don't want to offend the “PC” crowd any more now do we?(sarcasm). Most American's seem to have no problem in avoiding “pissing-off” those who are vocal and quite open about their(pushing very hard their) sinful lifestyle such as being involved in homosexuality, religion, getting intoxicated, adultery, divorce and so on through and by staying quiet and avoiding calling out sin in a loving way to those engaged in such sinful behaviours. Equally it would seem, when it comes to “pissing off” God, these same folks act as though there is no consequences for allowing sin and saying nothing to people about being engaged in sin. I have to ask ? What the heck are people thinking these days ? Is it really come to our nation that what the Bible describes as evil and that turning our heads and looking the other way from evil really believe that doing such won't bring negative consequences upon us all ? Think about something.... over 55 million babies have been murdered through abortion, more States are “legalizing” homosexual marriages, and “Peadopholia” is now being largely accepted in California as yet just “another gender”( ).

For those who know their Bible even just a little bit, we know what America is doing and seeing in the way of disastrous consequences, is to be expected. Ancient Biblical Israel and later also Judah suffered the same results and disasters that America is tasting right now. Just take a look in one Book of the Bible; Jeremiah--- and you can read how Israel was warned and warned by God, utilizing Jeremiah to speak to the Kings of Israel and Judah to repent of allowing worshiping of foreign gods, allowing debauchery, adultery and other gross sins across the land. God warned Israel and Judah that not only He meant what He meant but God said He would show mercy if only people would repent. Of course we know by reading the Bible Israel refused to repent from her wicked way then began to experience invasions and “raiding parties” from foreign lands testing to see Israel's strengths... not only militarily, but to see the strength and weaknesses of the heart of the people. Yes, Israel and later Judah progressively seen disasters grow worse over time because their Kings and the people in those two nations refusing to repent and change from their wicked ways. We see the same thing occurring today. Just as we see America making the same disastrous choice to ignore God and His Word, we too are now are suffering invasion of our enemies(Islamists), people are losing their sanity and killing one another here, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes grow more frequent and in number each year all because the heart of many Americans refuse to follow God and his Biblical script for blessings.

Our enemies of “liberty” grow stronger while our “freedoms” founded(by the majority of our Founding Fathers of this Nation) was built upon through Christ. Today, we have widely thrown God out of our homes, nation and family's and because of the lack of responsibility for those “liberties” and “freedoms”, our nation's survival has grown dim. Our enemies are already in our land(in Washington DC) because we wanted sin, not Jesus. We suffer because many hearts want to do anything they want and call it “liberty”, but care not to hear of the negative consequences for allowing those ill-gotten voices to be listened to and applied. The Bible is clear; If you want peace in your land, if you want prosperity in your life and you want true victory with “liberty and justice for all”, you need to put “God” back in His rightful place in your heart, your life, your community and your nation. No other nation has been so blessed in the past as the United States Of America but we can only expect our enemies to continue to prod us for weaknesses and plan our eventual destruction unless we collectively as well as individually bring God of the Bible back and to the forefront of importance of our nation.

Luke 13:3 “"I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Thank you sir , for the Reminder at this time !

  2. I believe earth to be the learning ground. By experiencing negativity and positivity only then can we make an informed choice which is why we experience both. Sometimes I feel we are already in hell with abuse everywhere we turn. For those of us born into abusive environments, robbed of our mental health, education etc.. it is hard to afford to live somewhere less abusive. I do not believe god to be an unfair god and allbeit the commandments are written in the bible I am well aware that they were written by the hand of man. I agree with a lot of them but how can one honour their father and mother when they have been abused and neglected by them? My god is loving, caring and understanding and does not expect anyone to stay within a torturous environment and honour those who torture them. In fact Jesus said 'Suffer not little children come unto me'. I believe like us our all knowing god is modern. Although I am hetrosexual I believe that true love is based on two people loving each other regardless of sex. Science has proved that there is a difference between the brains of men and women and in gay men for example their brains are more female than male and vice versa for gay females. They have also proved that in transexuals that the male body contains a female brain and vice versa. Mankind is not perfect and therefore imperfections exist in our genetic make up. Every child born does not have a choice genetically and should not be penalised for their differences as that is predjudice and something our kind loving god would frown upon. True love is unconditional and not based on ones sexuality at all in fact in my opinion it is perverted to think of others peoples sexual organs and sex life without their permission making those that critisise much more perverted than those using their sexual organs. God does not preach love as a crime. He also preaches 'thou shalt not kill' and yet religous war exists in which people lose their lifes and both sides believe they are killing in the name of god! I believe some areas of our bible need updating and certainly recognition that some of the commandments interpreted by man when the bible was written may well contain his own prejudiced moral interpretation and not necessarily as god intended. Our god is a loving caring understanding god and I truly believe as long as I live my life non abusively to my self or others I am following gods instructions. No where in the bible does it say man shalt not love man or woman shalt not love woman. I also strongly believe that our god is not perverted and would most definately not want us to think about or imagine two adults consenting sex life without their consent. God Bless xx

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