Friday, July 20, 2012

“Are You Prepared For A Coming War Or Disaster?”

“Are You Prepared For A Coming War Or Disaster?”

Hard to see much of anything positive on the news channels as of late isn't it ? Trying to find good news is very difficult to come by and as a matter of fact, even the weather is to hot, not enough rain, and other so called “natural disasters” around the world increase as foretold in the Bible( Matthew 24) and the American(as well as other national governments) continues on it's fast track of voiding and violating every US Constitution right without warning or apology. Obama himself goes on in his purposeful destruction of the nation; sucking the very life out of nearly every American and US business. It would not surprise me at all to find out in the near future, Obama and Hilary Clinton along with some others in his administration have secretly enlisted nations like China and Russia to invade our nation at some point to help with “gun confiscation” rules made according to the UN agreement Clinton will soon illegally and unconstitutionally sign. In addition, there is nothing positive either looking at the Americans that are leaving behind their US Citizenship in an increasing number of Americans that are moving and or planning a move to our neighbors side to the North; that is a move to Canada in escaping the oppressive regime here and the well known final disaster that waits the United States Of America on it's present course.

In all honesty, I really can't blame all those who are afraid of something that could be compared to something like a only wanting to jump off a train rolling down a hill, out of control at one-hundred miles per hour; no, most people don't and or won't wait around to see what will happen when the train reaches the bottom of the hill. Seems more and more people everywhere are kind of yelling “abandon ship” in America and people are getting out before there is no chance to escape later. I can see clearly that not everyone has the stomach to stand up and fight for what appears to be in most American's eyes; a “lost cause” but for me, I guess my time to run has not come. In fact, I am not so sure I will ever really “run”... Despite the wicked people, despite the evil government and their agents, personally I have decided to stay and fight. It's not a pride thing I don't think, no... It's mostly a responsibility “thing”--- after all, I have children, grandchildren and family that I just will not abandon simply so I can have some personal security. In fact, I personally believe those who leave family behind only to benefit themselves are only selfish by nature. Let them go I say, for anyone who puts self before others is no help to God, family or nation any-how.

I would encourage those who will stand and “fight” for our America, really need to do some work before this nation could ever be properly restored. There are right and Biblical courses of action that must be taken and “building on the sand” will not get you there. As I have pointed out in many of my past articles, our nation's Founding Fathers built upon the Rock; that is Jesus Christ of the Bible. There is no substitution for God being in the plans for anything worth while being built.... history proves my point here. Without God, we can plan, strategize, fight all we want but it will all come to nothing in the end. The Biblical God must be laid at the base of every plan to take a nation to right course-period. Next, Godly leaders must be in place.... I am not speaking of pastors of churches, I am speaking of Godly men who love Jesus and put Him in their hearts above everything. Men of Godly courage, moral and Biblical character must be activated and in charge. Right now, if disaster came to our nation, there would be mostly chaos. There may be some men on the very local level to take charge but sadly; most Americans would only do what they have always done; that is to do for themselves only and later be allowed to be swallowed up by evil later on in the devil's scheme of “divide and conquer.” We need real Godly men at this hour to stand up and lead. No more politicians, only Godly men who have real leadership skills and now how to fight for what's right in the eyes of Almighty God.

As roaming gangs of youth increasingly gather in their “flash mobs” stealing, beating and even mur-
dering people, our nation suffers from just more of what can only be seen as a chaotic nation getting worse. Right now, in cities like Chicago, Detroit and others, crime and violence are out of control. People are increasingly losing their sanity and going on shooting sprees as what we just witnessed recently in Colorado; To make matters worse, the same people with obvious mental and spiritual illnesses(the list of people is to long to mention here) are blaming moral people for the shooting. Even our nation's “President” Obama picks and chooses when to speak out about evil. His game is always racial division, hate and destruction of our nation. Let's be realistic here shall we ? The war of “words” and those who are involved in evil are also taking their evil in action to the streets and also to every home of America by forcing you and I to accept wrong and wicked behavior whether we like it or not. Evil is here ! What will you do now ???

The US Government of course doesn't get a “free pass” here from me and is quite a bit in the way of responsibility to blame for all this. If you have not noticed yet, there is a grand hostility towards Christians and good Americans from our own national and State's governments. Biblical pastors are increasingly being threatened by government agents and even thrown in jail. At what point does all this evil end and people stand up and say “no more !” The answer to that question is that's anyone's guess as more and more Americans choose to lay down rather than stand-up. Oh, I hear some rumbling but as they say “all bark and no bite.” I state that while remembering a young man named Scahefer Cox, he sits in Federal prison but is the Founder of the supposed 4000 plus member of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia. Unfortunately, Schaefer was framed by the Alaskan Government and FBI for crimes he did not commit. It all started when Schaefer would not be quiet about unconstitutional government actions. At first, the Alaskan Government tried to quiet Schaefer by threatening to take his children through their terrorist organization called Child Protective Services. When that did not work, they sent on to the Fed's a request for help and the FBI was happy to oblige. Thus Schaefer was falsely arrested and later “convicted” of crimes he did not convict. But here is where the “all bark and no bite” reference comes in; not one member of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia tried to rescue Schaefer. And Like as I said mentioned previously; “rumbling.”

I put no confidence in any man, all my trust is in Jesus Christ of the Bible, but at some point, Godly men must rise to save and rescue their wives, children, families and nation. These days I hear more and men tell me in advice; “Trust No One !”... Wow ! … now If we can really trust “No One” how can we ever get our nation back ? Are there no more Godly men who are not already taking serious leadership roles in planning, strategizing and helping in getting our nation back ? Having our heads “up” in the clouds waiting only for Jesus to return is NOT Biblical ! There is much more to do than having “ six months of food and water supply on hand.” Yes, buy CB radios, get extra clothes, survival gear, extra medication and the like because when the poo hit's the fan, there will be many people apparently unprepared and riots will soon begin.

Let me leave you with this thought; I can tell you; at some point, there will be the crashing in of your door if people do not immediately take right course according to God's plan in this nation including repentance. If you do not stop all the rhetoric of “barking” with “no bite” in doing according to God's Word, you will be only be left to the rioters or the cops at your door; who's main purpose is to kill, rape and plunder you

As always, pick and choose wisely is my suggestion to you.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. The global financial system is doomed as the credit designed to become a new enslavement tool started biting the asses of those who keep issuing it. We just need to educate people about the workings of the global financial system. It's been for centuries an organised crime venue, unfortunately legislated by those who are paid by the stakeholders in this criminal enterprise.

  2. Our society has been corrupted by Feminism Dogma (Feminism Lies) and the "Feminist" Domestic Violence Industry Evil Indoctrination.

    The Problem - The Root of the Problem - I came to understand - is Lack of Moral Values.

    The Solution lies in Moral Values. We cannot keep Moral Values out.

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  3. excellent read and words of wisdom..