Friday, February 10, 2012

“ Who is Left In America With Biblical Spiritual Discernment ? “

“ Who is Left In America With Biblical Spiritual Discernment ? “

This particular question has been on my mind for quite sometime as I see an ever increasing number of pastors, Christians and church leaders who act or speak things outside the proper definition of the Bible. I have also encountered as of late a couple people who have indicated in their communication with me that my “religious” views “makes people think” I am “crazy.” I am not sure whom these supposed “people” are they are referencing that allegedly think that way(perhaps they are secretly Communists), but we know from 2Timothy Chapter 3, that we are in a time many will ignore and be hostile to Biblical Truth. One of the two(only 2 of my 3700 plus Facebook friends have ever shared the very thought) who shared such a statement to me is a self-described “Irish Catholic”(whatever that means ?) He shared with me in the recent personal correspondence that he is also proud that his own first name is associated with the same name of one of Jesus' Disciples in the Bible. I don't dislike the man at all but I noticed this man has also posted on his social website of his alcohol drinking/drunk exploits which to me nullifies anything good he was trying to make of himself out to be, or according to his religious beliefs previously shared with me. His words and actions really only reinforces what I am about to share further in this article which is that religious people in general as well as Atheists, Secularists and God haters spew their unbiblical opinions which only ends badly for them as they are often left to their own devices and problems because they reject God's understanding of Biblical spiritual truth. Equally sad to me, are the many Christians who also react with unbiblical ignorance and or lack of understanding of spiritual matters or their consequences. We are sadly apt to see and hear many Christians act/respond in unbiblical ways that instead of helping, actually add to or often enable those who purport anti-christian behavior rather than doing what is Biblically correct and necessary to help folks understand God's spiritual design which always challenges the belief system of those who reject the Bible and Cross of Christ. My hope is that by the end of this article, all will be able to understand the root cause of so many problems in our society, and that all these problems we suffer can be traced to the lack of recognizing of Biblical spiritual discernment it's application as well.


In the remaining portion of this article, I will be using my “home town” area in the USA as an object lesson to illustrate what can and does occur to a people, a community and nation that loses it's Biblical and spiritual insight. This means we will be first taking a look at we see in the international media news recently which being that fourteen girls plus one adult woman from the LeRoy, NY have been affected with Tourettes without known cause, even with several environmental tests, as well as a battery of physical and psychological exams. Of those impacted, there has been no concrete reason established why these girls and the adult nurse suffers from the Tourrets . Interestingly, and although many various tests were administered, to my knowledge, what has not been examined in this matter is probably the spiritual cause/root of these Tourretes. In all honesty, I am not sure if there are any Biblical Christians remaining in LeRoy, NY or any Christians that have the ability to discern such possible spiritual matters as this but what I do know and am fully aware of is that historically, I had attended a Bible believing church in LeRoy, NY some years ago but when the founding pastor of that church left, a man who was not a Bible believing pastor was brought in by the elders of that church to take over and this same man later became friends with a known documented pedophile from the next town over(Batavia, NY). In fact, this documented pedophile in Batavia, NY also claims to be a pastor of a “mega church”as well. He does have many attendees from what I have seen but to the degree of understanding or not understanding spiritual matters, many of his attendee's are fully aware of his pedophilia and unbiblical doctrines but choose to attend his religious building and activities anyway. This is an open door for the work of satan and disastrous occurrences in people's lives, attending that “church” or the one in in LeRoy, NY; it opens windows and doors for satan to walk through. I am glad that the church in LeRoy has seen many people leave(including the elders of the church) since being taken over by the false shepherd but sadly, spiritual matters have actually become much, much worse in LeRoy, NY because of the false biblical teachings there and the “pastors” friendship with the pedophile. Incidentally, these same two “pastors”(both in LeRoy and Batavia) also purposely helped the Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer who harmed me and my children, she also lives in the Batavia, NY. Area. .

Coincidence you say ? My friends, nothing is by coincidence in life as some might tell you. Evil begets evil and when evil finds another just like it, they work together to destroy God's workmanship. It is after all a spiritual principle. Just like Christians are called to love and help one another and work together for God's glory, so those under satan's control will work to corrupt God's Kingdom and destroy God's people. I hope the lessons learned thus far from this article is that when purposeful
wicked action is allowed, evil has of course negative and disastrous consequences outside one's own personal life-it can and does impact upon many with often disastrous consequences. Many Americans who claim to be Christians unfortunately have a lack of understanding that there are Biblical blessings and curses for everything that we speak and act. In fact, there are just as many problems associated with a Christian's inaction as well as in their actions. American “christianity” with it's “pray now and do nothing later” attitude has crept it's way into many a church in the USA including LeRoy, NY and the surrounding region. It is so very sad that many churches no longer teach Spiritual discernment and those matters of spiritual consequence. In fact, what I just shared with you is what is occurring in LeRoy, NY. Everything negative occurring in LeRoy and the surrounding areas are spiritually plain as day to me and also to those who have the (praise the Lord) God given ability to discern Biblical spiritual matters.

Sickness, disease, mental health issues, injustice issues and all sorts of evil have in their roots spiritual beginnings. Just look at the U.S statistic that over 26% of all Americans suffer from mental illness. If that statistic is true, that means more that 1 in 4 Americans are mentally ill . Does anyone really believe that stat? If it really is true, I believe what Smith Wigglesworth said many years ago is true; “ "When things are not going right, there are satanic forces in operation. What is my solution? To rebuke the condition of sin, death, disease, or whatever it is. I can pray in the Holy Ghost, and that prayer is effectual to bring down every stronghold of the enemy.” The issue goes back to recognizing spiritual matters. Many Christians claim to somehow know Jesus Christ but are unfamiliar with whom the Holy Spirit is or of the devil's hold on their personal or family's lives. As we dig deeper into what is occurring in LeRoy, NY we need not to go very far to see other evil matters at root that is also reinforcing and enabling of what is occurring right there. Right next to LeRoy, NY is a town called East Bethany, NY which has a local WICCA Witches group there hosted from also nearby Rochester, NY There are witches from that evil group that have also been employed in the Batavia and Genesee County, NY Domestic Violence Program which is also known to have their employee's teach female clients to falsify police reports of domestic abuse against men. Looking even deeper yet at spiritual consequences of people's inability to recognize the evil located near LeRoy, NY and that contributes to the current Tourettes issue, you can look south towards Hinsdale, NY; the number one “tourist town for ghosts” in New York State. Houses are actually built with stairs leading into walls for “ghosts” (demons) to travel in and out from the “spirit world.” . A few minutes drive further from Hinsdale, NY is the Chautauqua Institute. For those unfamiliar with it, The Chautauqua Institute has hosted world leaders for various meetings and also the hosting of the godless Humanist Manifesto . In fact just by looking at the entire region of Western New York, we see decaying condition of the surrounding and nearby Buffalo, NY (Buffalo in places looks like Detroit-empty and dilapidated buildings, high crime and drug use everywhere). I have heard of pastors from national and international ministries say that you can feel the “spiritual oppression over that the entire Western New York Region.” This of course encompasses LeRoy, NY which is obviously inundated with an abundance of evil. I know I'm not making any friends here from my “home town area”, but look also at Buffalo, New York's two professional sports teams; The Bills and the Sabre’s. Even many of the local and national media writes articles questioning if Buffalo is a cursed town; . If the secular media has a basic understanding of spiritual matters although highly ignorant according to the Bible, why can't Christian Churches and Christians “get it” ?

Ignoring important spiritual details and matters like prayer has it's consequences. Knowing how to pray is equally important as to what pray. I was informed early in my Christian walk that Billy Graham and his evangelistic team wouldn't come to the Buffalo, and Western New York Area for an evangelistic outreach for years because pastors were told by Mr. Grahams evangelism team to pray first for one year before he would come to the Buffalo area. The pastors in the Buffalo, NY region could not or would not commit to praying for that length of period so Mr. Graham declined hosting an evangelistic outreach in the area for years. Surely, lack of Biblical spiritual insight, understanding and fulfilling Biblical precepts is to blame even amongst our so called Christian leaders and is another door or window of opportunity for satan to destroy lives and families.

Today, millions of Americans go though life spiritually blinded. Many who profess to be “religious” have no clue what is really occurring to to them when problems or chaos floods into their lives. They are often fighting against the flesh in what is truly spiritual matters. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12 “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “ So what I am sharing here should be quite clear regarding Biblical spiritual matters to many by now but I also want to those who are reading this article; what I am sharing does not mean swinging from ceiling lights, flopping on the floor like fish outta water, looking for gold dust or money falling from heaven nor does it mean being filled with emotionalism.

We have to be in the Spirit to know the Holy Spirit. First things first though for every one of us no matter what we wish to call ourselves if we want to see and tackle Biblical spiritual matters correctly and that includes seeing our school children healed from attacks with physical ailments like Tourettes. That is we all need to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Without Jesus in your heart, don't ever expect to recognize truth or spiritual matters, even if it hits you in the face.

Finally, to my friends and family in LeRoy, Batavia and Western New York area and all across the world; my wife Jorlyn and I are praying for y'all and praying also the Lord's leading to bring you to repentance, salvation through Jesus, revival and mighty healings in God's favor through Christ Jesus and uses His ministries including my own ministry if the spiritual door is open for God's glory there and abroad.

God has a perfect plan for your life and it's all in the Bible-Amen

God bless !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Thank you a lot of us needed a word like that at this time.

  2. I placed my faith in GOD to get me out of this situation. He has since put people in my path who referred me to good attorneys, now all I have to do is get the money. GOD will make a way for that too. Do yourself a favor, get serious about your friendship with HIM. GOD bless you all.

  3. When I saw the videos of these girls, I saw immediately the same manifestations you see in charismatic false anointings and/or new age spiritual enlightenment. I believe this to be a spiritual problem, and thank you for the information surrounding the area. It sheds light on the situation.

  4. I cannot remember who showed me, or where I read it or watched it! but years ago, I was shown the spiritual dis-ease that is what the info called----areas of sin----certain cities known for depression, one for suicide, one for rape, one for murder ----it was a spirit of satan taking over the cities or areas or towns----but it is directly related to spirits of evil! how these areas become possessed with each one is dependent upon the spiritual condition of the church related to the populations----I have always admired the ministers willing to go into the streets and witness to the drunks, druggies, or into the prisons and share Christ with them! Because Jesus did not stay in the church or only with the righteous or saved or believers, he went inot the sickness and the lost and taught them! and why wouldnt Graham go to NY? when he had God as his back up? did he doubt? or was he dictated by something other than God? I am not slamming on Graham, because I know, what satan meant for evil--God has always used for good!