Friday, March 4, 2011

The Line Is In The Sand.... Pick and Choose !

America, in fact the world is at a crossroads. Focusing on the USA, it seems to me America has been at a crossroads for a very long time. Good thing the Bible says that God is indeed long suffering and wishes none to perish(2 Peter 3:9). But there is an end to God's patience and for good reason. He will not wait forever and in today's world we see an ever increasing influx of evil and nor should we. One cannot help but see the impulse of people to be bad rather than good. It is plainly obvious. Let us take a look at the "chief" of bad people here....

President Obama is on a fast track of evil. He has purposely decided to take America "out." What exactly do I mean by "take America out"? Simply this; To bring America to her death. This not for the good of a nation but rather a purposeful, hateful, and evil plan of destroyng a community of people so that they be later sold as slaves to other nations. It is my opinion that President Obama has made a "line in the sand." This line that he has made, was drawn by him and his evil cohorts many months ago but it is only as of late that many Americans are finally waking up. I am sad and sorry to report that there are still Americans who yet have not woken up to Obama's evilness. They remain in a stupor, a slumber that seems no amount of warning or yelling, or jumping up and down will cure. They are hopelessly dead perhaps to not only what is occurring in our nation but to the very fact they are about to be run over by a very large machine that cares not about them, their lives, their children, family, friends or others. They will not wake up... They are walking dead and sadly, we cannot save them.

When praying and thinking about what to write for this article, I believe the Lord gave me a glimpse of an old movie that I have viewed probably 20 or thirty times in my life-time. The name of that movie is called "The Ten Commandments." Some of you remember that movie with actor Charlton Heston playing the role of Moses. In one scene, Charlton Heston as Moses, acts out a scene from the Bible in Exodus 32:26 "So he stood at the entrance to the camp and said, “Whoever is for the LORD, come to me.” And all the Levites rallied to him. " While Moses was up on the mountain receiving the 10 Commandments, the chosen people of God were dancing singing around a golden calf idol they had made while Moses was away. Moses returned, He was very angry even to the point of throwing the original 10 Commandments written by the very finger of God to the ground, smashing the commandments to bits. He then drew a line in the sand so to speak and said “Whoever is for the LORD, come to me.” People chose that day whom they would serve. People were given a choice.... Very simple choice..... God or the golden calf idol.

So we as America see a similar "line in the sand", a choice if you will. No one can escape that line drawn in the sand, for I believe that it is the very hand of God that allowed President Obama to draw that line in the first place. God is waiting for all American's to make their choice... whom they will serve. There is no longer room for fence post sitting(as  I have written numerous times in my blog articles) and no, that if you ignore that line in the sand it will not some how magically go away. Again, no, the line in the sand is meant for every American to choose a side. For years Many American's have chosen to remain quiet while this nation of ours litterly went to "hell." This ungodly and non-biblical attitude will no longer work. You must choose and you must choose quickly.

A call for sacrifice has rung in our nation. Bold words mean now bold action. This action is required for every American to "step up" and take up positions of offense rather than defense. It is time to grab on to evil and not only remove it but to thrust evil from our midst. I believe God would expect us to do no less with unrepentant evil. Don't be fooled, talking and complaining about evil in our land has gone on long enough, it has resulted in little, to nothing-being done about the marked level increase of evil in our land. Thus far on the Federal Government level, I see only one person brave enough to call out for President Obama's but then lessened the call to a frivolous challenge.  Where are the rest of our government leaders to also call out evil ? They are as usual, no where to be found.

How very sad it is in America that "We The People" let the same type of people ruin our lives over and over with barely a groan any more. It seems we have grown accustomed to being slaves of the elite and abusers and those who continually rape us of our dignity, freedom and voices. We have a line in the sand  before us but it seems many American's are choosing to do the same old thing(As many in power expect us to do) and that is to cry, gather a few people to yell a little bit then after a short time, just fade away. Don't believe me ? What ever happen to that "uprising" over American's being "sexually abused" by TSA Agents at airports ? Again, a lot of bark, but no bite when the "rubber met the road."

We are being laughed at by the very people we call evil. Obama and other evil hearted people put that line in the sand. They placed their bets that American's would do the very thing they have done for the last 50 years or so in our nation. "Moan, groan then fade away." Are they correct ? Have you faded away America ? Are you turning your back on God, our nation as a whole and everyone else who calls "America, the home of the "brave" ?
No, time will not tell, the line is in the sand and you have run out of time.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


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  2. Good article Paul. It reminds me of the one I wrote, "Persecution...Coming to a City Near You (you can read it here:

    While I agree that a line has been drawn, and that America is at a crossroads, America is very close to being placed in the balance. When that day comes, we will be found wanting.

    You like myself have been charged by God to wake up the nation and cause her to repent so that the balance will be unnecessary.

    Keep up the good work! :-)