Friday, June 14, 2013

The Only People Left Who Still Trust The Government's--- Are Dazzled With...

“ The Only People Left Who Still Trust The Government's--- Are Dazzled With...”

Yes indeed, believe it or not there are people who are United States Citizens who still trust the U.S. and it's State's Government's despite all the crazy things going on in recent and also past outrageous - alarming headlines. I mean holy crap(can I say that here ??), there is so much evil being exposed in what our government is involved in, it's really getting difficult to keep up with anymore. It's more than just the lies, lies and more lies pouring out of the mouths from that which we hear over and over again from 99% of all politicians. It's not only these lies but also all the detestable actions of both Republicans and Democratic elected and non-elected Government leaders/agents(like Peter King, Karl Rove and Dianne Feinstein, James Carville) that engage in protecting and in maintaining the status quo of evil that pisses me off(can I say that here also ??)the most. Is there justice in this nation anymore ?? While many American's are watching the scandals of the NSA, IRS, the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and other Government agencies, I know for me anyway, I'm still waiting for an investigation against Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the USA for justifying acts of terrorism which took place by the Black Panther gang (terrorist's) who blocked and intimidated Caucasian voters on Election Day, 2008(don't hold my breath right?). Here we are coming up on five years later and still there is no justice. So my questions are; should there be any real surprise that there are so many more scandals and acts of injustice under Barack Hussein Obama that have taken place, then at any other time under our nation's history ? And also...despite the very many reports of evil acts and scandals at all levels of government, what is it that keeps people in trusting such a corrupted government(s) ?

As the title of my article indicates, I want to make it quite clear by the evidence of so many news reports regarding government made scandals (we all can plainly see in news headlines on a daily basis), that there are in fact, people who still trust the United States Government despite so much intentional evil occurring in our nation and from our government. I believe those who put their faith in the government despite all the evidence of wrong doing, are more than just a handful of adults who still believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and that “professional wrestling” is real. In fact, according to many national surveys taken, trust for people in our government like Obama, approval for him has not waned much despite all the scandals under him. In a recent Politico Poll, 45% of Americans rated an “approval” of how he is handling the Office of the Presidency. That is nearly a half approval rating compared to 49% disapproval rating for Mr. Obama( For the life of me, I cannot imagine any person approving of any leader that has so many deaths(of people) under his “watch.” More and more, Obama and his fellow cronies in government are being caught “red-handed” not only in lies but also bullying and even putting his political opponents in the way of physical harm. I know some of you are thinking of, and coming to mind that of Ambassador Stevens and the three other American Citizens murdered in Benghazi, Libya but I'm also thinking of Agent Brian Terry(remember him?) and others who were killed because of (once again) Eric Holder the U.S Attorney General, and that of Barrack Hussein Obama being involved in systematic and purposeful- evil acts then covering them up. At this point in history, we may be at a point where Obama has actually caught up (or surpassed)with the number of bodies piled up by former U.S. President Bill and Hillary Clinton during their reign of terror in the White House.

Asking myself just how could Obama and his cronies get away with so much wickedness, I have come to the conclusion that those who still trust Obama and those like him in government(like Holder, Cuomo, many in Congress, others) in America are simply“dazzled with non-sense”(yes, I had to substitute and interchange a word here for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but you know what I mean). These are the folks that are like the screaming teenage girls and “silly women laden with sin”(as the Bible calls them), help elect and get re-elect Barrack Hussein Obama to the Office of President. Equally, effeminate men(a rapidly growing population) no doubt helped as well. On a spiritual level, let's be clear just who these type of people are, and the other Obama endorsers as well--- those also who trust the U.S. And it's State's Government's; they are blinded, deaf and dumb. Yes, very sad to say, but true. As some of you are still chuckling at how very true in what I just stated here in my comment regarding; “dazzling...”, don't laugh, sadly “dazzling people with non-sense” really works with people who operate “in the flesh”(as the Bible declares). I mean it's not just Obama using the “dazzling people with...” sucking them in and getting them to trust him despite all Obama's evil acts. I recently caught a news story where the Governor of New Jersey( considered by some stupid people as an “Conservative” but is a Obama supporter), was recently once again on a late-night comedy television program singing with the comedic host. On a “news” program that frequented the Chris Christie singing escapade on late night TV, they actually found their ratings jump higher due to running the story of Governor Christie singing ! There are apparently stupid American's that eat that “stuff “ up. Like I said, “dazzling people with non-sense” apparently works due to the folks who want a “rock star” not a leader of a nation, a state or local area. What's wrong with people ??

American's can only be “awake” as much as they want to be. You cannot force or manipulate people to stop being evil or blinded, deaf, dumb or wanting a “rock star” instead of a leader with integrity and good character. There is a segment of society that will always gravitate towards evil, we can preach truth to them all day long and also until our faces turn blue, but it is the choice of people's hearts that will lead them to either righteousness of their own destruction. With that being said however, we must come to point of accepting that we as individuals do not change hearts, that's the Holy Spirit's job. However, like mosquito's drawn to the “blue light” of a bug zapper, it's always the choice to be drawn to the path of destruction on the part of the mosquito. We who know better, those who refuse to be “dazzled....” need to do more than warn others seeking “rock stars” and in wishing to be dazzled by....” Yes, keep warning those fools who continue to trust Obama and all government, but know that there are those who will willingly go to their grave early because of their own choosing, their own way of thinking and their own heart of being allowed to be “dazzled by non-sense.”

In next week's article, I hope to challenge everyone in taking “the next step” in removing the “rock stars” who lie and protect their political butt's and that of their endorsing the status quo of evil.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good morals.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. The only thing wrong with piece Paul is that you lumped Dianne Feinstein in with James Carvelle as a non-elected "official" She actually IS elected - by the very people you point out in this piece.

    Other than that, Spot on as usual ,Brother!! Keep up the GREAT work!!! :-)