Friday, June 7, 2013

“ Isn't It Time To Abolish The IRS ? “

“ Isn't It Time To Abolish The IRS ? “

Welcome to the question many are asking themselves these days. In light of all the crazy and insane things that our Federal, State, County and local Government's are doing to us, including violating nearly every aspect of our United State Constitution, there is no doubt in my mind as well as well as the mind of many Americans, it seems high time we start to disassemble our government and “default” to year 1776. In all honesty, I couldn't think of a better government agency to begin with in regard's to disassembling the Federal Government than the Internal Revenue Service. In talking with both “Liberally” and “Conservative” minded as well as politically inclined folks on each end of the spectrum, most all agree with me--- it's time to say “bye-bye” to the IRS.

Let's discuss why here....

The Internal Revenue Service was and is to this very day being used as a agent to bully people. As it has also been brought to light in the course of this nation's history from time to time, once again we see and read in the media that the IRS was targeting “politically conservative groups as well as Tea Party's groups.” It appears that applications for IRS Tax Exempt Status for 501c3 and 501c4 during years 2010, 2011 and 2012 were largely either held up and or strange and unconstitutional questionnaires from the IRS were sent to the groups seeking the Tax Exempt Status and were used to solicit information not required or just plain illegal in the asking by the IRS. I want to make it quite clear, the Obama Administration of using the Internal Revenue Service as a agent of bullying is not the first to do so. As a reminder to those with short memories and or have forgotten, it was Bill Clinton who was also caught using the IRS to bully his political enemies as well. “At least a dozen Clinton witnesses-including Sexgate accusers Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Gracen and Juanita Broaddrick-were targeted by audits during the 1990's. Conservative groups critical of the Clinton Administration were also audited, including the Christian Coalition, Citizens for a Sound Economy, the Freedom Alliance, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA and others” Make no mistake about it, sending the IRS to bully people is not just a Democrat problem. In fact, it was none other then George W. Bush who could have stopped the attacks on some peace loving Mennonite friends of mine in New York State in the 1990's but instead, let the IRS attack- dogs do their worse to this very loving and kind family. Because of all the government abuse and injustice, the Lapp Family no longer are citizens of the USA. They have instead migrated to Costa Rica where they live, work and help others. Make no mistake about it, Republicans as well as Democrats have used their power to utilize the Internal Revenue Service to harm those whom they see as their “political enemies.” The Lapp Family is just one of many families who have been abused by such power

The Internal Revenue Services violates the US Constitution by putting people in prison. The United States Government had eliminated putting people in “debtors prison” ( but routinely incarcerates those who owe back taxes whether they have means to pay or not. Most of our Federal and State Government as well, both routinely extort money from it's own citizens for matters those citizens object to. Important and conscientious as well as moral decisions are made on behalf of citizens whether they agree or object. The vast majority of US Citizens have no say so when it comes time to having a say so in regards to how their tax dollars are spent. Since our so called “elected representatives” are in the pockets of corporations and self serving lobbyists, he wishes of the majority of tax payers are often just plain ignored and “political and elected representatives” do as they like instead. Some examples of what the IRS forces citizens to pay for are matters such as that of the killing of children through abortion. Also, the waging of what is seen as an unjust war, or the use of extorted tax funding in clear violation of US Constitutional Rights such as the freedom of Speech, freedom of religion, or even the freedom to own and use a firearm. The Internal Revenue Service is being used over and over again to forcibly collect money from good people who do not agree with using their hard tax revenue for “blood money” and to harm others who are also peace loving people.

The IRS will be overseeing “Obama Care.” If that wasn't bad enough, the Federal government will soon begin to newly hire thousands of IRS employees to oversee and to insure you are paying “your fair share” towards your Obamacare “benefits”(including shaking you down with fines and or jail if you don't). Get this though... the IRS is also overseeing your medical health records ! Think that's insane ?!?, wait, it get's worse.... the Internal Revenue Service is now stock piling shotguns and ammunition. What the heck for I ask ??? . Do we really want the IRS making our health decisions for us and if we don't like their answers or decisions, should we have to live in fear that armed IRS agents will come crashing through our front door at 3am hauling us all off to some FEMA Camp in the middle of the night ? Sound Orwellian to you ? It sure sounds that way to me ! Isn't it bad enough we have to be concerned about our local and state police beating us up and or handing us some sort of unconstitutional traffic violation “ticket” without the Fed's(IRS) also giving us a hard time or trying to kill us also ?

Again, I couldn't think of a better Federal agency to start dismantling then the Federal Government by beginning with the Internal Revenue Service. Yes, we need to collect taxes, I know the basics of having a government. You know what though, instead of keeping around a government agency that is so corrupt, so arrogant in throwing away our hard earned tax dollars, so eager in wishing in putting us all in jail(well many of us anyway), let's just get rid of the IRS. A flat tax can and should be implemented. We can do this... the fewer people wanting to abuse me or kill me, the better off I and may family are. I believe most of you would agree, right ?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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