Friday, June 1, 2012

“With 'Friends' Like The U.S. Government, Who Needs Enemies ?”

“With 'Friends' Like The U.S. Government, Who Needs Enemies ?”

As social morals continues to make a nose-dive downwards across our nation since Obama illegally took the Office of President of the United States, so has also a large portion of American Government also “gone south.” One cannot help but notice many nations from around the world have taken a view of the American Government as well as unfortunately it's citizens as being untrustworthy, incompetent as well confusing as to their communication of what we as a people believe in, and to whom/what we put our trust in. I don't blame our long-time international friends such as the UK, Germany, Israel, Japan, Philippines, India, Australia and a few others nations that have been brave enough to stick around with us up to now, but I can plainly see they have been increasingly become nervous about practically “everything American” because of Obama and our current US Government's policies. The leaders and people of these nations previously mentioned pretty much have seen how how the US Government treats it's own people and have also come to a place where they will no longer tolerate Obama and his cronies lies and traitorous acts any longer. It is very obvious that they have had enough, and that of taken up the attitude that they are “on their own” and that “America can no longer be trusted.”

Lack of trust by our allies could not have been relayed to our nation's leaders any better than while visiting the USA a few short months ago, Israel's own Prime Minister; Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech in which he gave all of America including American Government leaders a stern warning regarding making right decisions. He thanked those Americans who have long supported Israel but warned Obama and America to be wise when making future decisions when choosing their “friends and allies.” This was smartly done by Netanayahu when he also gave to Obama a copy of a book from the Bible; that of the Book of Esther For those who unfamiliar with that book from the Old Testament, I would encourage all to read it but will tell you this as a lesson all should learn and learn it well; Just because your enemy looks like they will devour and destroy you, God can and still does deliver your enemies into your hands IF you remain faithful to God. Did you catch what I said ? I wrote “IF you remain faithful to God.” America needs to learn the lesson of “IF you remain faithful to God.”

At this point, It doesn't look like Obama or any in our American Government reps took the time to read Ruth. This past week came news of yet another “friend” of America betrayed. Dr. Shakeel Afridi of Pakistan was just sentenced to 33 years in jail there for allegedly helping the American CIA find and assassinate Osama Bin Laden If all holds true, it means once again, the United States Government used a friend of ours to only throw him/her under the bus later. Obviously, the good doctor isn't the only one that the American Government uses at it's pleasure and then throws away later. It's bad enough our government spits in the faces of our friends and allies abroad but even our own US Government does the same or even worse to it's own American Citizen's of this once great nation as well. At this very moment, I cannot help but think of the thousands, yes---the thousands of US Military Veterans who are stepped on by our own government in the way of sloppy care or even cases of no health care provided for them. I think also of course of our returned military service members that have committed suicide due to lack of support from our government once arriving home also. Beyond our hero's that have served in the military, look at the millions of fathers, mothers, parents, grandparents in America that have had their families ripped apart for government profit especially in cases for economic profit for judges, lawyers, many government agencies including the police. It's all stuff the devil has designed; since Obama has taken office attacks/assaults upon Biblical Christians and Pastors such as myself have steadily increased across America.

In my fifty-plus years of living, I have never seen our government so hostile towards it's own citizens and those whom they are to “protect.” Personally, I live homeless-that is, I live place to place and without a driver's license, a car, no health insurance(I have Diabetes and Hypertension), I have no money and forage most days for food. It is crazy but my own government both in New York State and the U.S Fed's teamed up with a illegal immigrant here in the USA to try and destroy me. It is a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer who helped corrupted Genesee County, NY judges, lawyers, cops and some others to conspire to have a Batavia, NY cop contact me via a telephone call and threaten to murder me. These wicked government agents of death were not satisfied with threatening me with murder--- one of the two judges in my case; Tracey Bannister(from Buffalo, NY) told me I could not be with my children because of my “Biblical Christian beliefs.” To this date they have not recanted nor repented for their evil. If I thought it would help them, I may like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu give these fools a copy of the Book Ruth and warn them that indeed, don't discount the God of the Bible.

My particular case of my own government acting treasonous towards me and violating my God given and Natural rights is not at all rare here. Nope, in fact in the United States, you can hardly find a representative such as an elected government official or Federal/State employee who's job it is it is to protect the innocent from Government abuse to actually partake in protecting you at all. If you are however a bully, a person evil minded or involved in disrupting people's rights for the purpose of government gain--- you are loved, adored and appreciated by the Government hierarchy and probably eventually promoted within that wickedly designed government agency. All this “Benedict Arnold” stuff sounds crazy but all this is true. You may be familiar with the old saying; “As the leaders go, so also goes the nation.” In all honesty, I cannot blame all of this current government abuse and down right evil attitude of backstabbing our international friends and my fellow American citizens on Obama. The actions of those that take part in this kind of evil goes way back before Obama of course but backstabbing to nations like Israel and even towards and directly at good American Citizens such as myself have grown exponentially under the Obama regime of terror.

American's have turned their heads away for far too long now from their oppressive and often evil minded government who makes us citizens look like idiots or worse towards our friends abroad. It's time that American's start taking the initiative to remove people in government who do and say things contrary to and about most Americans and their beliefs. I know myself that we Americans, at least the majority of Americans are not interested in backstabbing our friends, following false religions like Islam and leaving behind or abandoning good people like Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who has been sentenced to death by the Iranian Government. We have no earnest desire to send confusing messages to our friends or even our enemies as to what we believe in and to what is right verses what is wrong---We as Americans need to send a very strong message to our government leaders, judges, lawyers, police---all that are entrusted in positions of authority, they better straighten themselves out because we refuse to be part of treachery towards our friends both internationally as well as here at home. We Americans have no desire to be part of our American Government's plan of making us eventually slaves to our enemies or even of our current Government leaders.

The God of the Bible is watching us dear friends. Every moment we hesitate in removing evil and repairing our once good reputation around the world, only gives more time for enemies of our nation which are both foreign and domestic to plan out our entire destruction as a people and as a nation. Voting is only one small way you may very well to help in getting our nation back. To help set our nation back on the correct course, we may very well need to take other necessary actions. Whatever “We The People” decide to do, we better take the Biblical Jesus with us and decide in our hearts right now to Pick and choose our so called "friends" wisely. America, do it quickly as well as Prudently in the Lord.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. i pray the Lord help you in a mighty way. AMen and may GOD bless all of us.

  2. Totally agree with this blog-the gov is a veil of venom directed at law abiding citizens. I suppose the theory is infilterate more non-believers in this country and eventually the majority will rule and be like the European Nation and then conformity will unite as one totalitarian world. Because 'we' don't fight back-and not because we can't, but because 'they' the 'gov' won't let us have fair rep. in the system.