Friday, June 8, 2012

“ Romney Or Obama; Calamity And Islam Will Grow In America”

“ Romney Or Obama; Calamity And Islam Will Grow In America”

There are often times I wish Americans would really do their “homework” when it comes to not not only political matters but also and even more in importance; that of spiritual and Biblical matters as well. As the political polls continue to pick up their pace regarding the U.S. Presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama, one can clearly see that Republican Party Nominee; Mitt Romney is either in a statistical tie with Obama or in some polls, actually moving a head of Obama. It's a big “no brainer” for those who call themselves Republicans, that they are pushing for Romney to be elected. The one group however of those who are also a self described group of Republicans that are less than enthusiastic about Romney's election, are the so called “Evangelicals.” Those are the diehard Biblical Christians who follow Jesus of the Bible and are in no way persuaded in following religions and or religious cults. With the world waning and wallowing many times in it's own poo because of foolish and ungodly decisions, the Biblical Christians within the Republican Party have decided by and large that despite the advice of the so call “conservative” talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh(who is not a Christian), or that of Fox Television News (aka the “Catholic News Channel”), These Biblical Christians have refused to fall for perhaps the worst (presumptive)Republican Nominee in the history of the Republican Party.

I suppose I could go in this article further regarding Romney's horrible political record but I will keep with the most important matter of this article and that is in waking people up from their spiritual slumber. I will state here however that I am in real hopes that those who read this article will finally open their spiritual eyes to where our nation is headed and what a Romney win will cause our nation(we already know Obama will bring a disaster as well). It is not my job to open people's spiritual eyes; that is the job of the Holy Spirit but the weight of this presidential election weighs much heavier than what most people in our nation could ever begin to understand and in all earnest, I feel a bit like Jeremiah from the Bible telling American's they need to really wake up and seek God in these last hours before the destruction comes. There are so many Biblical similarities between Israel's waning from God's Word in the Old Testament of the Bible and what we currently see in America's attitude of rebellion to God's Word as well. As I mentioned earlier, I do feel like Jeremiah as he then seen his fellow Israeli's laugh at and ridicule him for warning all of Israel to repent and return to God. I (and other Biblical Christians who have been giving warning)also am increasingly be ridiculed and my warnings trivialized. I will however continue to write about those matters that I believe the Lord Himself directs me to write in hopes that as many American's as possible will be as the Prodigal Son(Luke 15;11-32) and come to their senses and also then on to the returning to the Father before it's to late for them.

Have you also like I, felt the Lord's direction to warn our fellow citizen's of the impending doom that awaits our nation and to see our nation remove itself from such dire straights ? Or how America has become so poor not only spiritually, but also economically as well? To answer those questions for those not knowing what I am speaking of here and I will do so with other questions to you and those questions being; Have you actually and truthfully thought that the God of the Bible would look the other way when so called “Christians” also turned the other way and or largely ignored that the nearly 70 million babies murdered in our nation ?, or how about in our nation the allowing of homosexuality to run rampant without check or largely without opposition here or really, any one of the hundreds of ungodly matters American so called “Christians” have allowed through their apathy and or silence ? No doubt this country is being led astray by the millions of wicked hearts that have allowed so many wicked and evil things to occur in our nation and God's judgment is already here(and about to get a whole lot worse without repentance). The pulpits in America are rapidly and increasingly filled with ungodly men who preach “doctrines of demons”(1Timothy 4:1). They are the ones like Al Sharpton, Benny Hinn, Jesse Jackson, Joel Osteen, and Jeremiah Wright....and Speaking of Jeremiah Wright, have you ever wondered why Romney refuses to condemn such men as Wright and his cult of the Black liberation Theology even after being encouraged to do so by the Republican Party Establishment leaders ? Does it not also disturb you that a man who may be elected to position of President of The United States will not call out wickedness ??? Here is the reality of Romney refusing to confront wickedness; Romney can't. That's right Romney can't call out evil as “evil” because Romney himself is a “bishop” in his own cult of Mormonism/LDS. Romney cannot label someone else in a different cult “wrong” as a “heretic”, or being involved in any way wrong in “ evil theology” because Romney is quite keenly aware that he himself will be right away attacked for himself having membership in a religious cult as well.

As If Romney being associated with a religious cult wasn't bad enough, now we are finding out he also belongs to the infamously evil Bilderburg group. Apparently he attended their recent last meeting in Virginia and for those who are unfamiliar with the Bilderberg group, they are a group of various world leaders, famously rich persons and other influential persons such as actors who are involved with George Soros ideals like increasing human depopulation throughout the world. Of course that is only one of many wicked matters this group is involved in. It would take me another entire article to describe all the evil's the Bilderburg Group is involved in, but the fact remains that in all appearances and with witness proof, Mitt Romney attended the last Bilderberg meeting and that should raise everyone's alert status not just here in the USA, but also all around the world. If you wish to learn more about the Bilderberg Group, I would strongly urge you to do so. Here is just one of many sites in which the wickedness of the Bilderberg Group is discussed; .

Biblical and spiritual matters my friends... It's time to wake up and wake up now. Those who are arrogant and prideful will reject what I and others like me are “shouting from the roof tops.” You know, I mentioned the prophet Jeremiah earlier. Biblical history shows us that Israel was not right away destroyed and her people led off as captives to foreign lands at first when the people of Israel rejected God(Jeremiah 16:13 “Therefore will I cast you out of this land into a land that ye know not, neither ye nor your fathers; and there shall ye serve other gods day and night , where I will not shew you favour.”), No--- the Bible tells us that there were warnings from God's men(and sometimes women also) that warned the people to disengage from evil, then repent and return to the Lord. When Israel of old refused to do so, their national borders were invaded with raiding parties and eventually Israeli’s were killed. Soon after when Israel refused to listen to God's messengers to repent and return to God's ways, the land was invaded by foreign armies and finally by God's own hand, Israel was conquered and many Israeli’s were killed. Today, God has sent Islamists to invade our land. They are the curse and plague upon us for rejecting God's Word. Islam and Sharia Law are evil and those who promote the evil of Islam are indeed increasingly invading our nation. Islamic ways are  even growingly accepted by our own American Courts and Government. Obama has widely opened that door to allow Islamic Sharia Law and Islamic ways into our nation and Romney will continue that practice, for he has no room in his own cultic beliefs to condemn such wickedness as Islam. Perhaps you believe my last statement was a bit too strong, if so... then why did this past week as matter of fact, Romney visit a Muslim School ? If Romney is so concerned about America and it's Founding Father's beliefs as we have all heard so often from his Republican Party Presidential debates and campaign speeches( ), then what the heck is Romney doing in a Muslim School and promoting Islam ?

My friends, most American's are being played the fool. The longer Americans keep their hearts closed and refuse to wake up, the worse condition this country will be in. The answer to saving America is not simple but quite direct. The Christian Bible gives the answer; Step number one is to repent to Jesus for all our allowing and even apathy towards evil. Step number two is to disengage from religion and get instead a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Step number three involves removing all evil, first within ourselves and secondly then to remove every single ungodly and unrepentant government leader, judge, lawyer, cop, and person in the pulpit... I mean every last one of them. God of the Bible does not accept half truth nor half hearted attitudes towards Him. The Lord is always looking for men and women to make a real stand and preserve His ways. I pray that if you were unaware of God's Biblical ways, that after reading this article and as of today you will pick up your Christian Bible to read and apply the mantle of God's righteousness and take on as well the responsibility that is yours.

PROVERBS 28:14 “Happy is the man who is always reverent, But he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.
Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. My name is Joe Myrick, & I to see what you see. You & I are not alone, but are few in number. I am working to place myself in full obedience to the Lord Jesus, by having thrown off all attachments to the world, other than a telephone line with this internet service included. I am trying to discover what it takes to start a revival in our land. I think that the Lord has given me a plan. Jesus brother James gave a strong argument about the works which revealed a true believer. So I am trying to start a movement which draws our people into service to another by offering to repair the homes of elderly widows gratis. I am allowing the Lord to instruct me as to the details of proper organization for the purpose of order & proper witness. As I am sure you know, it is service to others which brings the blessings into our lives, as long as we keep it between the lord & ourselves. I have hopes & will then work on strategies which are to benefit the orphans well being. Glad to know you are out there brother. In Christ, be blessed for your efforts.

  2. Sorry but this whole article is just fodder for more fuel on conspiracy theories as in the Bilderberg group. Way of base and out of context on Romney. Please do not insult our intelligence. A major attraction of Bilderberg group meetings is that they provide an opportunity for participants to speak and debate candidly and to find out what major figures really think, without the risk of off-the-cuff comments becoming fodder for controversy in the media. However, partly because of its working methods to ensure strict privacy, the Bilderberg group is accused of conspiracies.

  3. I have to speak up here for my Muslim brothers and sisters, and I want to speak with respect to this well meaning writer. I am a white Christian woman who has worked ecumenically with people of all faiths. I have been privileged to spiritually share with these people and they are good people. This kind of sharing does not mean you will want to abandon your own path, indeed this kind of sharing INCREASES your own faith. As Martin Luther King said, (paraphrased) "You cannot love your neighbor from a distance, you have to actually live with and BE a neighbor..." Since I have followed those words I am in awe of the love that crosses boundaries and the spirit of God Who works within communities with one another in a context they could never do in other places, thanks to being Americans.

    I am reminded of Jesus' story of The Good Samaritan. Because of the hatred and division during His time and forgetting we are all children of God, a Jewish man lay bleeding and dying, while his "own" people passed him by and left him to die. But the Samaritan knew in his heart that the greatest commandment is to "love your neighbor as yourself..." It made no difference to him who or what the dying man was, it mattered that he was a child of God as the dying man was as well. The deeper meaning of Jesus' parable about this good man tells me that we are all equal in the eyes of God and that God has no favorites, but loves us all equally. This means to find my path to God I need to love my neighbor as well. And now "love", though a big word, means to me it is important to LIVE with my neighbors, meaning I should connect with them to live where I AM their next door neighbor.

    My agape kind of love for my Muslim brothers and sisters does not take me away from my faith but draws me closer to Jesus. Because He knew in an eternal way as it was in his own time, that simply being a Jew and now a Christian does not make anyone “better” since Jesus’ own people vainly believed they were more deserving of God’s love than any Samaritan. Jesus’ words tell me that simply being a certain faith is not the path to heaven. As I am being continually reminded by my friends of other faiths as well as my own, loving your neighbor as yourself IS the way to heaven.

    My 2 cents and in Christ,
    Cat in Seattle

  4. Well, CAT, I pray for you and your Christian faith, if that is what you have left to serve our Lord. I also pray that when a Muslim comes knocking on your door to ask you if you will leave your Christian faith to come their faith of Islam (and Sharia Law) that if you say, "NO", that they won't shoot you dead, because that is the way of a Muslim and their Sharia Law. There is no such thing as a "Christian Muslim" or a non-Islamic Muslim or a trusting Muslim. This is the way of their so-called beliefs and they are subject to their Sharia Law, and if they stray away or leave their Muslim faith, or Islam faith, they are supposed to be killed off, and they will also kill anyone of their faith who leaves their Islam/Muslim faith for another faith, like Christian, for they are not supposed to be any other faith but Muslim or Islamic faith. But their faith, Islamic or Muslim or whatever you want to call it, is NOT a faith or is NOT a religious faith. If they come around to you and you give in to their ways and allow yourself and your Christian beliefs to be thrown away to go along with their faith, then you are subject to Sharia Law for the rest of your life and you cannot change back, else you will die at the hands of these Muslims, for that is their way with Sharia Law. Look it up, you'll find out that it is the truth! So I suggest to you to stay away from your "Muslim Brotherhoods" -- they are not to be trusted. They are taught and according to their Sharia Law to LIE to everyone who is NOT a Muslim nor who are of Islamic faith, for they believe that if they lie enough to their non-Muslims, they will be believed and trusted, and then that is when they pounce on you to change your faith to theirs and then you are theirs for LIFE and cannot change back. I'm not lying about this ---I've read about it, learned about it and I don't lie about stuff like this. I can't even make up this stuff, it's what I've learned and read. Obama said that we are "not a Christian nation" - well, he's WRONG because he's a Muslim who is attempting to change people like you into his own faith because he lies. You're listening to a proclaimed and astounding liar and you're being brought into its dungeons of hell by believing in what you just wrote. I pray you can turn yourself around so that you can keep being a Christian. I was born a Christian, married to a Christian and will stay a Christian and no one, not even a Muslim, can make me change otherwise. I'll die before I change my faith to Islam. God Help this Nation of ours!!

  5. Is it possible that God is giving Americans a choice just like He gave apostate Israel a choice in the days of Jeremiah. Obama may be a modern day Nebuchadnezzer raised up by God to systematically dismantle America as we know it. Romney with his appeal towards saving the constitution may be equivalent to the Jews who refused to accept that God was taking down Jerusalem. Those people were blind to their idolatry and dug in their heals and stayed in the city where they were destroyed. The Jews who agreed with their adversary (Nebuchadnezzer) were temporarily taken captive, yet lived on with the promise of hope. There is no doubt that America is between a rock and a hard place. The question of who is the lesser of two evils is not so obvious.
    Satan comes as an angel of light (just as Joseph Smith's "Moroni" did) with a different Gospel. What's more important?
    Saving the constitution or keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ pure from Mormon false teaching? I guess it depends on how you view the importance of truth. Evangelical Christians who are loyal to Jesus first and America Second, will stand firm for the purity of the Gospel. Oh, but how can the gospel continue to flourish if we don't have the permission of Caesar to allow it? (obvious sarcasm) Nonsense, history has shown that the Gospel is strongest when under persecution. Just ask Paul as he was in chains.
    Maybe our current "liberty" combined with U.S. luxuries has softened us into this apostate situation. We need to think critically about this coming storm and ask God for his mind and His ways that are higher than ours. Remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is run by a King and not a Democracy. What we are experiencing right now is simply a Democratic "Experiment" set up by man. Do not love the things of this world because it's present form is passing away. Let's be sure we're not fighting against what God is planning. He is the one who sets up nations and tears them down. We know that before Jesus comes back to set up His Kingdom, the kingdom of Anti-Christ must appear first. Well-meaning Zionists and or Patriots that are trying to democratize the earth (to establish peace), may very well end up enabling the Anti-Christ's One World religion. We must protect the purity of the Gospel at ALL costs. Let's educate ourselves about the evil doctrines and agendas of the Mormon religion.
    Choose Wisely!