Sunday, August 7, 2011



The Spirit of Slumber, yep America has it. If you are not familiar with spiritual matters, you may be confused and or will have no idea of what I am stating and getting to at here. To break down this spiritual principle as simply as possible so that all can understand my point, We need to once again look to the Bible and know that there are spiritual things of (Christian-Biblical) God and those of evil and they belong to demonic spirits. We cannot usually see these spiritual beings but oh yes, they are real. Jesus spoke of spiritual things in John Chapter 3 and referred to spiritual matters and about the wind. We do not see the wind but we do know it exists. Here is the meaning of spiritual matters; We can open good blessings from God through His Biblical promises and following Biblical precepts of what is Godly. There are those however who willingly participate in ungodly activities like listening to non-christian music, watching TV with ungodly themes, actions, doing activities contrary to God's Word that all open up spiritual doors for demonic influence in people's lives. When people ask me why they have so many problems in their life and I do a little digging with them into their personal issues, More often than not, when I get to the root of those issues, I find some sort of offense to God's Word like divorce, compromising with evil, unforgiveness, hatred, envy, jealousy, profanity, pornography, etc. This and other sin issues that go unchecked before God, only create more spiritual issues and more problems as a whole.

                             “Man will be ultimately governed by God or by tyrants.”!~ Benjamin Franklin

Looking at the history of the USA in the past 50 years or so, we have seen pretty much a “blind eye” response by most American's to all sorts of sin and evil. Everything is being not only allowed but also fostered by wicked people. This is from allowing homosexuality, to killing of children or the aged and has been allowed and encouraged although God says there are negative consequences for doing so. In fact, increase in problems associated with allowed or legalized sin throughout the USA have escalated enormously since Barack Obama took office. The issue of sin in our nation should have been addressed long ago by Christian pastors and “Christians” but instead, most Christians and American's as a whole chose instead to ignore the sinful lifestyle of their neighbors. Most have ignored Biblical command and warning to others involved in such wickedness. It is what Jesus cried out to others when He shouted; “REPENT OR PERISH !” Unfortunately, that warning is largely ignored and now we see sinful lifestyles growing and ... well look at our nation ! The bottom line here is satan took full advantage of our sinful desire to do life our way(without God), what we want, when we want and how we want to a higher level of self and without any (or very much of) God's direction in our personal lives or government. Satan has overpowered most American's with the Spirit of Slumber(sleep). Yes indeed my friends, Most American's have fallen asleep. They have been involved in so much sin, for so long, that now, when confronted about sinful acts, people look at you like you're crazy, judgmental or “knowsy” or just plain hateful and involved in some sort of terrorist act. Yes sir folks, many have fallen asleep in our world and I'm afraid you cannot wake these people up. As I pointed to in a previous blog article, there are sinful people that are wanting to roll around in the slime... they like it, love it and just like pigs, won't get out of it.

                              “It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”~ Patrick Henry

 We are getting hammered right now as a nation. Look at all the latest horrible, sinful acts of our national and state's governments. Our U.S Constitution gets eaten away every day. Our speech, gun and all fundamental rights are all being chipped away. I mean, have you ever been told you can only speak in a 3X3 foot area in the woods ? We have just pushed the Republic over the cliff with this “Super Congress” evil and when I am jumping up and down, warning most American's of what is occurring to America and the world, the response of most looks like the Disney cartoon character “Dopey” from Snow White. I'm not kidding. As we find out more about the latest spending bill recently passed by both Republican's and Democrats, we find little difference in the two political parties philosophies in finances and most areas overall. I don't care what FOX News tells you, America needs to trim waste and cut the deficit and get right with Jesus. Adding more money to the deficit while cutting spending is a joke ! We really are being sold down a river and few are taking notice. How about China wanting to build a city in Idaho ? The Islamists building more mosques ? American Children being stolen by CPS, Family Courts, and Domestic Violence Workers then sold off via Family Courts ?, The homosexual agenda being allowed to be legalized and taught in public schools ? Gosh ! Maybe people are getting Ambien put in their drinking water via the U.S Government??? Well, some may blame it all on our government but most American's are not taking personal responsibility for their own actions. We already know many have fallen asleep and not just our evil government is responsible for it is average “hard working Joe” of our nation who has pretty much stayed the course of falling asleep while evil men and women robbed the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

 “ America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”~ Abraham Lincoln

 I believe people are eventually going to wake up and are going to be in a shock of their lives to see what is occurring in our nation especially in Washington DC. I'm afraid though for most, by the time the brain engages into “forward” it will be to late. There should have been an uprising of good folks all across our nation long ago, but it hasn't happened. People just keep sipping the kool-aid and get a little angry. No action... nope, no action needed. Most people are enjoying the ride, sitting back, enjoying the scenery. There are a few folks complaining about not having the availability of a complementary snack but hey, their just chronic complainers any way... right ?


  1. As usual, RIGHT ON TARGET MY FRIEND!!!! Reminds me of my post I did two years ago.

  2. I have been calling Americans to wake up for years. Time to turn back to God and get this country back on the right road.