Monday, August 15, 2011

“About Face !”

“About Face !”

To all our current United States military personnel, it's time you came home. I cannot emphasize this notion or ask you in any stronger way then to shout out an order from “We The People” then …. “About Face !” You are needed here at home. There is a very important mission for all of you in the United States Of America. The name of your mission is not top secret nor does it require any sort of government clearance for knowing it's logistics or plan of operation. The task is simple but requires a great deal of discipline and hard work as well as dedication. Are you up and ready to meet the challenge ? If you are, the name of the mission is called “Project U.S. Constitution.” Here it is in a “nut shell”;“ Project U.S. Constitution” is perhaps your biggest calling to duty yet. It is a direct order to follow what you have already sworn an allegiance to do, so don't be concerned of being labeled anything such as being “unpatriotic”, “rebellious” or “illegal.” You are already serving our great nation in heroic fashion but while you are dedicated to you job, many of our current government leaders have gone “rogue” and are purposely violating many of our U.S. Constitutional rights hurting, even killing innocent American Citizens in the USA and abroad. We need your help in getting help, protection and our rights back.

There was a report that was leaked out one year ago in that up to 25% of U.S. Marines would shoot a United States Citizen if ordered to do so and I can hardly believe that it is even true but watch the video I find it difficult to believe that especially a United States Marine would follow such an unconstitutional order. We The People are knowledgeable enough to see there are those amongst our U.S. Military, that no matter what proof we provide, that some would have a difficult time distinguishing between right and wrong. Please know that if you are a member of our U.S. Military, We love you, appreciate you and pray for you and are fully 100% committed to you in your duty to follow the God, Country and Duty. Please also be aware that you do not have to follow any unconstitutional orders from your superiors. Any NCO or Officer who orders you to shoot, hurt, maim, detain, do anything that would do any physically, emotionally or spiritually damage another American Citizen, must be ignored and that superior who gave you any unconstitutional/illegal order, whether he/she being an NCO or Officer must be detained by you and taken to his or her commanding officer for arrest and immediate imprisonment. Any illegal order given or action by any U.S. Military personnel is a matter of tyranny, treason and violation of the U.S. Constitution and needs to be immediately addressed by you; you who are sworn to uphold our U.S. Constitution.

I also believe it is best that you do not “re-up” for any overseas duty. If you are currently stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or on other foreign soils, we need your physical presence in America very soon. The Untied States people are “gearing up” and getting ready for the 2012 Presidential, local, and state elections. There have already already in the past been actions taken by our U.S. Government in 2010 to count votes of illegal aliens, incarcerated inmates and other fraudulent actions taken by our United States Government agents that purposely allowed some persons to be wrongfully elected and in an illegal fashion. In addition to this and many other illegal activities by United States and State's government agents; In 2008, there were members of the “New Black Panther Party” who stood outside voting polls with weapons intimidating voters. After these bad men were arrested, our very own U.S. Government and it's agents allowed these men who illegally harassed voters to go free, despite their clear violations of the law and unconstitutional actions. Again, We The People need your help. We need guards at our polling places that will guarantee all American Citizens who are eligible to vote, to be able to take advantage of that right as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. We are in dire need of real leadership in our nation. We are looking to you; our U.S. Military personnel to lead so that all Americans can feel safe. We need you to stand side by side with We The People as opposed to what some in Washington DC would want you to do which is apparently “shoot to kill” us.

I have in the past served among many other good and even great Americans in a para-military organization. Many were protected because I and others like me stood vigilant to stand against evil. Wrong is wrong in our book; the Holy Bible which is the basis of all law in the United States of America. We must all begin working as a team to get our nation back and you, the current U.S. Military member must be counted on as part of the team as protectors of “We The People.” You are after all our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. Not only in a physical or biological sense, no you are part of all of us; We The People and we are your family! We are counting on you now more than ever as we get ready to take our nation back from tyrants, criminals, thieves and liars. Be vigilant my son's and daughter's, be vigilant !

“ God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”~ Daniel Webster


  1. Oh my...thank you, Pastor Paul! It's hard to write because I'm crying,but you will never know what this means tome. And,I know what it may mean for you. I've been praying everyday for our troops to feel the need & to come back home where they need to so badly be. Then I saw that story of another brave soldier refusing orders & an hour later, I found your words. My two youngest just got out, but have many friends still in. I will do my best to get your words out. In my mind, they are God's words. Thank you & God bless you!
    Joyce Sutherland <3

  2. All they have to do is ban together, get in the "military vehicles" and aircraft which WE own and come home. It's not mutiny to quit your job for the CORPORATION.