Monday, April 25, 2011

So, Put Up Or Shut Up, AKA......

"So put up or shut up" the saying goes or I might instead repeat the old country Gospel Song... "Don't preach me a sermon, show me a sermon."

Quite a way to begin an article isn't it ? But in all honesty folks, I've had it up to my eyeballs in opinion soup. Yes, that's right I said "opinion soup." When will American's get off their lazy, fat butts, let go of the beer and the dern TV remote and get on their knees and repent from all their selfish, high-minded and foolish schemes to gain our nation back? We have no one to blame but ourselves for letting evil grow this big. I'm tired of arm chair quarterbacks telling people how to fix the nation and the world while they can't even keep their own checking account in order no less give advice on to see America as a great notion again ! I posted in 2010, an article on how to remove evil. Among the first things we needed to do as I pointed out then, was take a look at ourselves and repent before we could get America back. I see, not many people heeded that warning and Biblical precept.

When the line was been drawn by satan(a looooonnnnnggggg time ago), and he said he's was going to destroy you, your families and country, many (or your ancestors) of you simply laughed. You didn't take satan seriously. I mean after why would American's take satan seriously ? After all, how many American's grew up not believing there is a devil, or God for that matter ! Then came the wacky TV evangelists selling you a bill of goods about a jesus(not of the Bible) who wanted to make you "comfortable" in life, have plenty of "blessings", "money" and all that bologna. So many American's have bought into a watered down version of Christianity, It's a wonder there is even a remnant of Christ ! So many American's today wouldn't recognize the devil if it bit them on the butt.

People just buy into this theory, that theory, all sorts of voodoo tricks on how to make America great again and "get America back." Amazingly, all without God's help. hmmmmmmmm, without God's help. Sound like a good plan ?, nope, sure doesn't ! What makes you think you can get America back without God ? Look at all the damage done because of that very wrongful belief. Not only that, but what are you trying to bring America back too ? What will it look like? It will some how reflect and then magically become a  nation of good, moral and decent people ??? Without God and the Bible ? I don't think so Bubba !

There is an old saying; "The road to hell is paved with souls of people who had good intentions." In other words, Your ideas are minuscule and will not work unless God is in it. America is going to continue to be pulled down into the sewer until we do "get it." God will not allow America to regain it's greatness, prosperity, job growth or anything good until we repent first. We will ccontinue to be given politicians that we deserve. We deserve Obama, who is one of the most evil, wicked men ever seen in American politics. We deserve the horrible and sickening people who want to replace Obama for the Office of President of the USA.... People like Trump, Huckabee, Romney, etc... That's right, we deserve liars, thieves, deceptors and more evil people like Obama, because we still haven't "gotten it yet." To many people have the same or similar evil attitudes that Obama and the others previously mentioned earlier. They may be in denial about it, but yes, There are many American's with that same wicked heart attitude.

Our Government and Judiciary are being run by an almost 100% of criminals, evil men and women that if you took off their political party affiliation name tags, you couldn't tell one from the other. Again, we deserve these minions of satan because many American's themselves have not the fortitude( I really want to call it something else) to get on their knees, repent to God, repent to their spouses, their ex-spouses, their children, their neighbors, their co-workers and others that indeed, we have sinned against God and them.

American's go back ! Go back to your first love; Jesus. Go back to where many of our Founding Fathers went first to get their inspiration to make America a free Republic for all it's citizen's. Repent of your foolishness, self centeredness, laziness and selfishness. If your ex spouse is not already remarried, get marriage counseling and re-marry your ex. Go to your children, tell them you are sorry for abandoning them, Go to your family, friends, co-workers and beg their forgiveness for stealing, cheating and or lying to them. Make your life right before God.

Find the one's who still hold on to their wickedness, tell them to repent also. If they will not repent, expel them from our national borders. Send them out of our nation for God does not bless or award a nation that does not remove it's evil leaders or remove evil from it's nation. Take a stand... Take a stand for Jesus... Get some fortitude(Again, I want to call it something else here)Do it quickly because soon, Jesus will return then it will be too late.

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