Monday, April 18, 2011

Seperating Loyalty From Truth......

Seperating Loyalty From Truth......

I wish this week to share about something many people have had to deal with including myself and that is where and when do we separate ourselves from persons, groups or organizations that deal in less than truth. I suppose the first place we ought to look at is the word "truth." Now the Biblical Jesus said in John 14:6 that He was and is the "Truth." For Christians and the American Fore Fathers, Jesus being the "truth" was and is fact. Many American and perhaps other including "attorneys", "barristers", lawyers will tell you that truth and fact are separate issues. I have a great deal of trouble separating truth and fact as the Bible does not do that so I will remain faithful to the Biblical precept as did many of the American Fore fathers that indeed fact and truth are one and the same.

Case in point here; America has been operating under primarily a two party political system for quite some time now. We have been learning that both the Republican and Democratic Political Parties in the USA are very similar in many ways. The one thing that does seem to separate the two are the people in their perspective political parties who give different points of view or what I call rhetoric, but in the end,  many of the persons who have been elected and endorsed in and through their political party
affiliations are quite the same in their voting records. Take a careful look at Republicans and Democratic Party voting. "When the rubber meets the road" there is always compromise. Did you read that word ? Let me repeat it... "compromise." This is a dreaded word that has gotten many Americans in trouble via loyalty to politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths. People also who have been loyal to a political party have bought into a lie that somehow, belonging to a particular American political affiliation will help bring America to a great place and everything “will be fine or well again.” Unfortunately, people have bought that lie-line, hook and sinker way to many times in the past few decades.

Political party affiliation is just one of many lies in America that people have believed and been led into a false sense of security in having something we can trust. Bottom line we have put our trust to much into people to cure the problems before us. Loyalty has it's place but when we are loyal to something that is not true, or that the organization or group does not disclose factual truth, we must try to immediately correct that issue and if at a point, it cannot be appropriately changed to become what or where it should be the truth, we must abandon whatever affiliation we have with that group/individual and it is our duty to warn others that indeed, loyalty to that person, group or organization is not only wrong, it's toxic to ourselves, our community and our nation !

I want to share further that there have been several individuals that their thoughts/comments have been so toxic and unrepentive, I have stopped communicating with them. You may be asking yourself, what could be so harmful for me to take such a drastic action as to distance myself from someone? Well, one person called me a "Marxist" and another person enfered that I was a "Communist." Wow ! you say ! ?!? They stated their claims all because I quoted the American Fore Fathers and told these two persons also that I believed in the Bible. Wow again ?? Well, this is where some people are at in life...lost, dazed and confused but they are worse of all unrepentive and refused listen to facts and further quotes from the Bible to prove my points. I am no longer loyal to them or their groups. These individuals were in no way interested in truthful fact. It is very sad that I see more and more individuals like this in the world today. It seems people are loyal to whatever itches their ears, “suits their fancy” and not truthful facts.

If I may, please let me ask you to read your Bibles. If you're going to be faithful, may I suggest that you be faithful to Jesus Christ. He is real and has not nor will he lead you astray. Many people have hidden agendas in life. They indeed will tell you wonderful things you may want to hear.... but my question to you, are you sure that the rhetoric you hear from these people is indeed factually true? Or do you have a friendship or a loyalty to someone who will try to manipulate something from or out of you later ???If you are not sure... don't be loyal to anyone until you are.

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  1. That was interesting you said that.. Before i write this I will say I am a firm believe in the Bible and in God! and this may not be the place to post this to you but sense its here I am.. What was said about (R) (D) candidates is also true with churches . Churches all go their own way some saying what you want to hear and other making promises they cant keep because its not up to them.. Using the Bible as they wish and for what works for them! In the end most are after the same thing going to heaven.. Who's to say who's right and who is wrong? from one belief to another they believe with all their heart that they are right! In the end (D) (R) (L) Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, ect all are working for one goal that is God .. So it don't matter what one believes in the end it is up to God..