Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Open Letter To My Chinese Christian Brothers And Sisters In Christ.....

An Open Letter To My Chinese Christian Brothers And Sisters In Christ.....

I want to share this special open letter with our Chinese Brother's and Sister's in Christ. Of course all are welcome to read this letter and comment on it. It as as I am lead by the Holy Spirit to write the weekly blog articles that I post here and I have been especially prodded by the Lord to write a letter of loving concern and planning on how we American and Chinese Christians should act towards one another....

Let me first give the Bible Scripture quote from the Book of John 13:34-35...

34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 35By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

It is with brotherly love I reach my hand out to my Brother's and Sister's in Christ in Communist China. I know you exist. Us American Bible believing born-again Christians have heard of your underground churches for many years. Despite much and many persecutions, even to the point of jail and death for your faith in Jesus Christ, you exist to praise the same Biblical God in which we American Christians also serve. Some American Christians such as I, pray for you. We wish and pray that some how all of the People's Republic Of China will become a Bible believing nation and people. Us Bible believing born again believers in Christ Jesus around the world love you and have no ill will towards you despite possibly hearing the opposite from either your Communist Government leaders or from rumors.

The Christian Church around the globe is going through tribulation. Many who once believed in Christ Jesus are making difficult choices to either stay in the faith of Jesus as Lord and Saviour, or instead, live a worldly life. I believe we are in the end times before Jesus Christ returns to the clouds and raptures His bride. Some Christians like yourselves there in Communist China are enduring perhaps some of the most horrific persecutions because of your love for Jesus. Your strength and faith In the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed faith building for those of us of us who are now beginning to suffer also for our following the Lord.

Being an American Citizen, I will share with you personally that I am suffering because of my faith In Jesus Christ. I was told my an American attorney that if I did not wish to follow “man's law's” as compared to the Bible(in which I follow), I should “move out of the (USA)country.” I have had my children, house(home) and property seized within the USA because of my Biblical beliefs in Christ Jesus. So, my Chinese Brothers and Sister's in Christ, you are not alone.

Regarding our American and Chinese Government's, Many American Biblical Christians do not trust our own American or even your Chinese Government. We know that your Government bombards our USA national defense and governmental as well as corporate computers with computer viruses and worms. We also are aware of the many Chinese Government Computer “hackers” who are trying to infiltrate our American Government and corporate computers on a daily basis also. Lastly, I want to mention we American's are equally aware of your government's military build-up as of late and the many Chinese Government spies throughout America sent to us disguised as students, doctors, lab technicians, and other vocations as well. The Bible believing born-again Christians in America are not blaming you for your government's evil intentions and we pray that what evil actions our United States Governmental actions are set against you are not blamed on us who are like you, love Jesus.

If it is possible, we should in every way attempt to talk with one another. I am aware that American and Chinese Government officials are monitoring our communications here on the Internet and in other forms of communication. I pray the Lord would allow us outside of Heaven to show love, support for one another and in actual physical helping of one-another if at all possible. Please, let us indeed act in who we are in Christ, not what are government's are in regards to relationship with one-another.
    May the same Jesus Christ we serve, show His enduring love to you always.
Pastor Paul Waldmiller
Servant in Christ Jesus

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