Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why I am angry and fighting for MY America.......

My name is Pastor Paul Waldmiller. I am a real Pastor with a real church. My church though is not in the USA as is my home land but in the Philippines. I am truly an exiled American Patriot as I was threatened to be murdered by the City Of Batavia, NY Police after fighting in court(legally) against an illegal alien(Filipina Migration Scammer) in Genesee County, NY. This illegal alien was unjustifiably given my children, my house(home), all property, both marital and personal, minus an old beat up van with 200,000 miles on it. While visiting the Philippines in November 2009 to check on my 2 poor children's feeding programs and to be wed to my sweetheart; Pastora Jorlyn, My American Embassy here in the Philippines confiscated my passport. I explained to the American Female working at the US Embassy that I was a victim of a Filipina Migration Scam and the threats of murder by the police. She cared not. In a Nazi like style she offered me a one way visa back to the USA only so I could never return to the Philippines and most likely be murdered by police in America.

This all brings me to be here in the Philippines far  and forcibly removed(the courts said I could not be with my children because I was a "Christian) from my children. Admittedly, I knew in the beginning of all this mess not what to do but as I watched TV and read news of my United States Of America disintegrate before me and now to nearly collapse in every way including socially, morally, economically and spiritually, My soul rose in anger to a point that I knew that I must do something. America has gone on a bad road, a road of destruction led mostly by bad, immoral and liberal thinkers who actually by their behavior they hate America and everything good about it. It wasn't good enough to remove God from every area and fabric of our society, they want to destroy America. Law used to rule most of my America and now rouge, corrupt and immoral politicians, lawyers, judges, psychologists, cops, social workers, psychiatrists, domestic violence workers, teachers and others are ruining our nation by allowing ungodly and immoral things to happen to many Americans. "This is not just about me" I remember saying to myself, this is MY America this is happening to.
There comes a point in every person's life where they must decide what is most important in. My children and grand children's lives are in danger. My America is about to collapse folks. I have made a decision and I hope you also recognize that we need to first Repent to God through Jesus Christ to repent for allowing our nation to get to this point. Next... Stand Up ! and get ready to fight because a fight is coming like we've never seen before. It is time, time to take our nation back from crooked, immoral people who care only for their hatred of America and turning us over to Satan himself.

Are you ready ????

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