Monday, August 23, 2010

Just say NO to Islam and a Muslim Mosque at 911 "Ground Zero"

Just say NO to Islam and a Muslim Mosque at 911 "Ground Zero"

As Americans share thoughts and feelings about a Muslim Mosque proposed to being built at 911 "Ground Zero", Every American Citizen-everywhere, should remember that irregardless of a loud voice of some Secular Humanists and Muslims, America was founded as a Christian Nation. America was founded for and by a vast majority or Biblical Christians. Other than some minor doctrines, all American Founding Fathers believed in Jesus Christ and living in and as well; applying Christian Biblical Principles in their own personal lives as well as formulating and instituting into the US Constitution and laws. We cannot get away from the absolute historical proof that America was founded as a Christian Nation. I believe there are many who have become Atheists in America or even those who are Muslims that wish to make America into something other than what America was founded but it cannot change history. Fact is fact.

Anyone who has read their Bible knows of the curses that are brought upon a nation for rejecting Biblical Truth. The American Forefathers understood the Biblical precept of Godly curses and blessings. Fortunately for Americans in the past, leaders were not so selfish and (as we see today),self centered in designing of our Government at that time. The American Forefathers prayed(yes, that's correct), they prayed looking for divine inspiration from The Lord Himself on how to design and implement a government "By the People, For the People." Christianity was the design of the American Government and is Biblical Christianity in the American Government in every are is lacking today. Bottom line, if we allow continued influence of Biblical Christianity, by God's own Word and design, America will cease to exist.

Some have called upon President Obama to reveal his true "religion." He claimed in the past to be a "Christian." The Bible declares "Ye shall know them by their fruit"(Mathew 7:16). The "fruit thus far of President Obama is that he is indeed a Muslim, and not a Christian as he has stated. President Obama has recently endorsed the idea of a Muslim Mosque at "911 Ground Zero" in New York City. This in itself should indicate the Biblical "fruit" of who President Obama really is and whom he belongs to. One can easily see that Mr. Obama is anything but a Christian.

To allow this Muslim Mosque in "911 Ground Zero" to be established would be an insult to our American Forefathers as well as to the American people. Why in the name of heaven and earth would "We The People" allow those who hate America, who wish to murder all American People, who wish to convert America into something our Founding Forefathers did not design; build any mosque what so ever anywhere in America? It makes no sense. Would we give a burglar invading our home a knife or gun to help them hold us at bay while they rob us and our home ? Of Course Not !!! Stating this analogy of the robber and the home owner, why would we allow a people group that hate us establish a base to recruit more haters who want to kill us all off? Makes no (Biblical)sense !

We have a warning from one of our American Founding Father's that speaks to us; "We The People regarding unfortunately, what the American people have allowed. It is high time we change things and do so quickly. If not, we may be in a fight for our very existence. Read on to that of what Samuel Johnston spoke... "It is apprehended that Jews, Mahemotans(Muslims), Pagans, etc., may be elected to high offices under the government of thee United States. Those who are Mahemotans or any others who are not Christian Professors of the Christian Religion, can never be elected to the Office of President or other high office, (unless) first the people of America lay aside the Christian religion altogether, it may happen. If this should unfortunately take place, the people will choose such men as think as do themselves." Source: (Elliotts Debates, Vol. IV pp. 198-199 Governor Samuel Johnston, July 30, 1788 at the North Carolina Ratifying Convention)

Do "We The People" think of ourselves as Muslims ???

Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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