Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Megyn Kelly's Revenge At The CNN Presidential Debate

Megyn Kelly's Revenge At The CNN Presidential Debate

You probably have heard the old adage, "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn." And if you have ever hang out with at least a few different women during your lifetime here in the United States, you know that this old saying is an absolutely true one.

With the recent ugly events between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump, I fully expect plenty of that kind of "Hell" and "furry"  between Donald Trump and the political "moderators" asking questions at the next Republican Party Debate scheduled to be hosted by CNN on September 16, 2015. It's not that Megyn Kelly will be once again one of the moderators asking questions of the candidates, no, Ms. Kelly remains employed at Fox News and will have no direct contact with Donald Trump or any of the other Presidential Candidates debating at the CNN Studio's. But you better believe Megyn Kelly will be present in spirit, and she most definitely will be behind the scenes so to speak, pulling the strings of what, and how some of the questions will be asked of Donald Trump Wednesday night.

Can I say for sure that Megyn Kelly has communicated with her Main Stream Media pal's over at CNN to "get Donald Trump"? No, I have no proof, but I know how some women operate, especially  women who are filled with the Jezebel Spirit such as Megyn Kelly. You can count on Kelly having set something up to influence the CNN Moderators and or, try to retaliate on her behalf towards and at Donald Trump. There is no way Megyn Kelly is going to let go of Donald Trump's push back against her failed "gotchya" question during the last Fox News Channel Presidential Candidate Debate this past August. Ms. Kelly is out for revenge, you can see it in her face and hear it in her recent TV Program's when she returned from her "vacation" at Fox News. Believe me, she will do her best to get every ounce and drop of revenge against Trump, even if that mean's conspiring with her competition at CNN to get that revenge. I mean, wasn't it an Arab who coined the phrase, "The enemy of my enemy, is my friend"? Trump was right, Kelly has blood coming out of her eyes, even yet today.

During the CNN Debate, you can fully expect full fledged "ugly" and hitting below the belt, not only from every CNN Moderator towards Donald Trump, but from many of the other Republican Presidential Candidates as well. Has Kelly also communicated with the Republican Presidential Candidates to go after Mr. Trump during the debate as well? Probably not, but you can better believe that Megyn Kelly and her TV Program Producers will have their long dagger like nails ready to scratch out Donald Trump's eyeballs, and anything else that they can manipulate and or twist into a fault or wrong doing via Trump's words after the televised CNN Debate. In fact, I will bet(not that I'm a betting type person)that Fox News will undoubtedly reap a great windfall of viewers after the CNN Debate beginning at 9pm Wednesday night. Folks undoubtedly will purposely tune in to FNC just to see and hear what nasty remarks Ms. Kelly will have to say about Donald Trump's performance during the CNN Debate. Oh, it's going to get thick.

Oh ya, get ready folks. I can tell by much of the CNN reporting up to now and affect on the faces of those CNN Moderators, that things are going to be a bit wild and woolly during the debate, and Meygn Kelly no doubt has her sticky fingers right smack dab in the middle of it all that will be thrown at Donald Trump. I can already picture Megyan Kelly, along with her TV Program Producers sitting around in an office somewhere at Fox News, laughing, taking notes and enjoying the verbal jabs and punches that will be thrown at Donald Trump because of the influences of Ms. Kelly. Oh, the love of vengeance for Ms. Kelly. It will be a sweet time and pleasurable event for her and all those Megyn Kelly Fan's out there in TV land I'm sure.

Somehow though, with how so many people have been reacting towards attacks on Donald Trump, and I'm not one of his supporters, but I believe Kelly's sweet time of vengeance will only be a temporary one. For we have seen that nearly every time Trump get's attacked, his polling numbers go up, not down. Indeed, I believe that Ms. Kelly's night of enjoyment watching Donald Trump getting trashed and hammered by the CNN "Moderators", will end very badly for Kelly. I say that because when one is spiteful, hateful and full of the Jezebel Spirit as Megyn Kelly is, the pain they inflict is only short lived. Eventually, people learn the truth, and the truth set's them free from the spin of the devil's lies and manipulation. Megyn Kelly started a war, and Donald Trump most likely will come out on top, not Ms. Kelly.

Enjoy your handywork at CNN Megyn Kelly, it will be only a temporary time of joy, soon after, you will most likely wish you never started the war with Donald Trump. Oh what a wicked web we weave, the fruit of your "journalistic" style of "poking the bear in the eye with a stick" makes for great television program ratings, but people get tired of that sort of fake journalism after awhile. Tell me Kelly, just how are you going to get out of your self-made sticky web this time?

2Timothy 3:6 "They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires"

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