Sunday, May 15, 2011

America Needs To Stand...

America Needs To Stand...

When they tell you that you cannot hang up your American Flag... STAND.

When anyone tells you that you cannot pray to Jesus... STAND.

When the police arrest you for preaching Jesus on the street corner... STAND.

When they tell you, you or your child he/she cannot sing “God Bless America”... STAND.

When you get layed off from your job and cannot find work... STAND.

When Child Protective Services comes to snatch your children for cash... STAND.

When your supervisor tells you that you cannot read your Bible on your break or lunch time...STAND.

When people with clubs stand outside the voting areas and try to intimidate you from voting...STAND

When the police show up at your home with guns drawn to arrest you for growing a garden... STAND.

When the Muslims go to Washington DC to “march on Washington”... STAND.

When the judge says your “guilty” of a crime for teaching your children from the Bible... STAND.

When the government prosecutor threatens “maximum prison sentence” for filming bad cops... STAND

When the flood water rise in your town and home... STAND.

When the government tells you that you must take government health care or be arrested... STAND.

When the politicians lie yet again to WE THE PEOPLE... STAND

When a TSA Agent(s) sexually molest you and or your family members... STAND.

When the two major American political parties again give us substandard candidates... STAND.

When the enemy fires the first shot, do not scatter, wait to see the white of their eyes, then... STAND.

When your friend(s) tell you that speaking Truth might offend some others... STAND.

When the government tells you that it is mandatory to have a RFID chip put in your body... STAND

When the media lies(over, and over, and over again) and sides with evil.... STAND.

When people want to make legal what God says in the Bible is wrong.... STAND.

When an attorney tells you that you should leave America because you follow the Bible... STAND.

When the Muslim terrorists threaten to “annihilate” our nation again... STAND.

When “Lady” Gaga tels you to do anything “evil”... STAND.

When evil people take your family member and they go “missing”... STAND

When your spouse said they are leaving you and your children for a someone new... STAND.

When the government outlaws herbal medications, vitamins and collection of rain water... STAND.

When the school “psychologist” tells you it's “OK” for your daughter to play tackle football... STAND.

When the cops arrest you for being in a “militia”... STAND.

When the police and or military comes to unconstitutionally confiscate your guns... STAND.

When the social media sites erase your comments due to “inappropriate content”... STAND

When your friends abandon you due to your stance for your love of Jesus, family and nation... STAND.

When your college professor tells you America should love Obama, Islam and Communism... STAND.

When your job is taken away and given instead to an illegal alien... STAND.

When the government wants to legalize homosexual behavior or “marriages” in your state... STAND.

When the corrupt courts approve of marriage fraud by an illegal immigrant... STAND.

When everyone around you is for killing unborn babies and your Pro-Life... STAND.

When a judge pulls you child from home schooling and puts them in public school... STAND.

When in the military, your “superiors” teach you homosexuality is “normal”, “acceptable”... STAND.

When the government “death panels” tell you your parent or child is to costly to care for... STAND.

When psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers “normalize” pedophilia... STAND.

When a judge tells you that your only a “visitor” in your child's life due to your ex's divorce... STAND.

When the School “Counselor” tells you it's “normal” to dress your son in a princess dress... STAND.

When working as a police officer, your shift commander gives you an unconstitutional order...STAND.

When they tell you it's not appropriate to say the Pledge Of Allegiance To The Flag... STAND.

When people around you, call you “intolerant” for being a Christian... STAND.

When your the last person in the world to do what's right before God, and nobody else will... STAND.

Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that [were] on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. “


  1. Thank you. I will always stand for what I believe in ~ even if I'm standing alone. I also believe that Obama is showing himself to be an enemy of America & her allies & should be removed from our White House. He's not only illegal, he's a traitor.

  2. Are you really a Pastor of a church? If you are or if you just belong to one it is vital that you tell your church that it is time.. Time once again has came were we need to take our country back.. We were founding by Christians. Our common law is based off of the bible.. If the churches of this country do not untie and stand up and take this country back we are all going to hall.. It is our duty our responsibility. Am I to believe there is not one single Christian qualified to run for president in this country? Get voting is rigged. We get them machines out we will have a better chance at a fair election. There is much to do but we can do it... Stand up now or forever hold your peace.