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Most Problems In America Can Be Blamed On The Pew Potato's And Other Wrongful Believing “Christians.”

Most Problems In America Can Be Blamed On The Pew Potato's And Other Wrongful Believing “Christians.”

That's right, it's all their fault... those pesky Pew Potato's. They worship God with half a heart on Sunday's then Monday through Friday, they speak their “Christianese” to one another. No one who does not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as the Bible outlines, can rightfully call themselves “Christians.” What these Pew Potato's are doing is making a mockery of Christ and destroying our world. I mean, don't get me wrong, Pew Potato's are great when someone else brings up the subject of “God” or the “Bible” with their surface knowledge of the Bible and “what the correct answer is “ when put on the spot, but over all Pew Potato's act primarily like those “in the world.” There is none, to very little difference in their actions, thoughts and life style compared to non-Christians.

In Bible School, I learned about Pew Potato's but my learning text referred to them as “Nominal Christians.”
A quick explanation and definition of a “Nominal Christian” is “ 
There are many, many nominal Christians in the world today.  They can be found in any number of churches amidst a vast array of denominations.  The nominal Christian calls himself a Christian, may even be religious, but does what he wants rather than the Will of God.  He disdains any real spiritual progress because that would demand denying self and he does not like that at all.” “Thus, a nominal Christian can be defined as one who may be religious, but not godly. “ (From
This explanation and definition of Nominal Christianity brings us to a place where trouble began for many dying/dead nations including currently the United States. By and large, we see so many Nominal Christians or whom I refer as Pew Potato's(named from here on out in the remaining article), throughout the land, People hardly know what a True Bible believing Christian is any more. It would seem that God has left only a small remnant of true believers around the world to speak and act upon Biblical Truth-I pray that I am one of them. The Pew Potato's have certainly created in America and other nations around the world a huge spiritual vacuum, a void if you will of God's Blessings and goodness. “Man's religion” has over taken the earth with his(her) unholy brand of christianity(small letter 'c' placed here purposely) and we all suffer because of it.
It has come to this, the world is becoming much worse by the hour. I am no “doomsdayer” but I will tell you this, anyone with a little bit of common sense and just taking a look around the world can see how entirely wicked our world has become (2Timothy 3:1-13). I want to state right here, and right now; The fault for the world waning is not of the non-Christians. Nope, the fault lays upon the Pew Potato's and other so called “Christians” that say that they are Christians, but they're actions prove they are not followers of Christ what-so-ever. In fact many are followers of their own personal brand of Christianity, ignoring the Bible in it's entirety of in part.
Here is an additional list to see where the fault also lays with so called “Christians”...
“Comfortable Cherry-Picking Christians” meaning they are happy to keep their Christian beliefs to themselves ignoring the Great Commission(Mathew 28:18-20) and to bringing Biblical/Godly Truth and Justice to this world; Ephesians 5:11 and James 2:17-20. Many of these “Cherry Pickers” love to hide in their homes and churches and sing praise songs and pray but lack the essential element to destroying the works of the enemy- They lack action outside of the church property and their personal homes. They're justification for lack of Biblical mandate of action can be heard from them with statements like; “God will take care of it.” This and other statements they often state like it is a lie from the devil himself and not at all Biblical.
“Legalists” -who are other destructive so called Christians and who primarily focus their time going around measuring women's hair and skirt length as well as making sure everyone is singing the “correct worship songs and Bible translations” brings more problems to our communities. Many times self righteous in their attitudes, they have very little love in their correction with one another or others and usually are as hypocritical as Jesus called the Pharisees and Sadducees.
“Emotionalists”- Those “Christians” who want to flip-flop on the floor like fish out of water calling it the Holy Spirit. The Bible is clear to test ever spirit and to look for Godly fruit. If all you get is a “tingly feeling” or “feeling His presence” from all that effort, I can tell you that Biblically, you are not at all filled with the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:1). Unfortunately many of these “Christians” also follow the “Blab and Grab” get quick rich theology and believe thats somehow God is a bank.
If only Christians would read their Bibles and stop trying to manipulate God and one-another. I want to say this last statement not only out of concern but love for everyone out there. If you truly want to call yourself a Christian, you must focus on Jesus Christ and the cross in which He has called you to. Do you want blessings and peace in your heart and life ? I am sure you do but a life focused on Christ and His Word(entire Bible) must be adhered to. Pew Potato's as I specifically speak to you now, you need to come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. You cannot fool God and you along with the “Comfortable Cherry-Picking Christians”, “Legalists” and “Emotionalists” are bring America or the nation in which you live under the direct judgment of God's hand.
Jesus said “Repent or Perish.” Luke 13:5.

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