Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Can't Fight City Hall – Or, Other Lies Big Brother Has Taught You

Oh the dreaded words that in the years past, they even came from my mouth ! How many Americans have said these very words; “You Can't fight City Hall.” What a horrible lie from the devil ! Us Americans have been conditioned to become like fat pigs for the ultimate slaughter. The Financial elite of the world have their butchers ready to carve us up anytime now. We even squeal and complain like pigs at times and the sad fact is, we are being dragged off like fatted animal stock for slaughter as well. We complain, complain, complain but do very little. We think our petitions, marches and rallies are “showing them something” when in all reality, the US Military and police are also exercising in “Emergency Terrorism Drills” to herd us all back in the coral like good little piggy's after we have our little “hissy fit.” Soon, if we don't rise up and do something, any piggy that dares to speak up will be immediately butchered or shot(which ever will make a bigger examples of what happens to naughty little piggy's who don't listen to Big Brother).

I can almost hear the groaning s of some of those who call themselves spiritual or even “christians” saying “Pastor Paul doesn't Romans Chapter 13:1 state that we are to follow the rulers of our land ?” I say of course ...yes ! But, go on to verse 3 “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.” Isn't it interesting that Governments/rulers are not a “terror” to good works rather to evil. That is very revealing especially since we know in America, the United States Government has been recruiting religious leaders to teach their religious members to be (good little piggy's) and to follow just what Paul said the Romans in Chapter 13, verse one. The American Government is hopeful(and I'm afraid they have this theory correct) that most American's don't really read their Bibles and will not take a gander at Romans 13:3 which plainly shows we have a rebellious (terror)government involved in evil, not a Godly representative what-so-ever.

Next logical question would might be(for a piggy)... “Isn't our USA Government doing good? “ Wow !, I really hope no one has asked that question(perhaps they've been hiding under a rock?). Our current American Government is so far (please forgive the street lingo) “outta whack”, that the word “good” isn't even a compatible word associated with the USA Government any longer. We need a realistic look at our current American and States Governments. They are mostly corrupt, evil and wicked. They no longer (Constitutionally)serve the people and many in our Legislative, Executive and especially our Judicial Branches are indeed filled with selfish tyrants that involve themselves in a whole array of sinful, ungodly and unconstitutional activities including but not limited to taking bribes, stealing children, separating families for financial profit, etc....

Our American Government and it's agents are using increasingly coercive tactics against it's own people. The past week or so before this article was written, numerous stories have been published of physical abuse, torment, sexual molestation of persons who wished to take flights from airports but were unduly berraded , molested and the like as earlier mentioned by Transportation Security Association “Screener's(terrorists). We've already seen a marked increase in Police brutality cases and also horrid US Constitutional violations by Police around America, now the TSA Airport Screener's. What gives ? Why all the hostility ? Are “We The People” being conditioned to being pushed around purposely ?, Are we being led to a “norm” of having our US Constitutional rights violated ? Seems that way to me. Many who also notice thee incredible injustices of our American law enforcement doing this evil, are commenting to me...”Well just sue them in court.” That's not the answer my friend. Millions of dollars for litigation and years later possibly until getting justice, thats not it, no, you cannot trust the Judicial Branch of Government... remember ???? They're in on the crime. At some point, guaranteed; your judges and lawyers are just going to “pull the plug” on giving some you back your constitutional rights. You cannot trust them !

The answer to this serious dilemma is simple but difficult. In my last blog article I spoke of sacrifice. “There is a time for everything” the Bible says in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Now is not the time to shrink back. Now is not the time to look forward to our favorite TV Programs on our big screen televisions. Now is the time we must put away pleasure, and it's time we get serious about getting our government roped back in and our nation as a whole back to Jesus Christ and the US Constitution in which our nation was founded. We cannot sit back and “let someone else take the hit.” Everyone is needed. No voice, no person is to unimportant in this fight to gain back our freedom.

Let me say once again here, please don't expect to much from our newly elected leaders. They will be bogged down by the elite already in place for years in Washington, DC, State Capitols and the courts around the nation.

If you decide in your heart to go to battle, Please post a sign on your front yard before you head out....
“ No Pigs Here, I Can Fight City Hall, And I will Win In Jesus Name !”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Excellent blog and so true!
    I have often had family/friends tell me "it must be God's will" for my son to be without me. Really? I do not believe this. A judge who... abused his power took my son from me, not God.
    I'm afraid many Christians are too comfortable with the concept of "all is as God intended it to be." This world is ruled by man, and suffers from all the worldly sins known to man.
    The Bible says "Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and unto God what belongs to God." (paraphrased) Children do not belong to Ceasar! Children are gifts of love from God to the parents He intended.
    I do agree there are some extreme cases where children do need to be placed into other homes and families; but this is the exception, not the rule.
    There is a time to stand up and speak out for God and His families and children, and that time is now!

  2. Resist the Devil and he will flee! The wheels of the Gods grind slow but fine, and whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad! Great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them! Never wrestle with a pig because you just get dirty and the pig likes it and last of all but not least never argue with an idiot because people standing around will not be able to tell the difference! Now armed with all of this ammunition you have all you need to fight CITY HALL, don't you?