Tuesday, February 3, 2015

“What Is Your Playbook For Life ?”

“What Is Your Playbook For Life ?”

Just when you thought football season was over here in the USA, out comes this article regarding football, right ? No, not really, that's kind of funny but all the hype regarding the Superbowl this past weekend got me thinking about all the millions of Americans, and in fact, all the people in the world that live life without any playbook. When I say “playbook” I'm not at all referring to football or even sports. What I am conveying, is a set of rules, mores, and or values that folks have that they live their lives by. You know, a code of conduct if you will.

Everyone has a some sort of set of rule that they live by. I am well beyond 50 years of age and have been employed and worked in many jails, prisons, courts not just here but in the Philippines as well. I've seen how various attitudes and folks who define their own judgements towards themselves and or others, have either brought them pleasure, or brought them pain. All depending on what their personal belief systems held to be true in their own hearts. That inner belief system of their heart either brought them blessings or heaped a whole lot of heart ache not only upon themselves, but others who cared deeply upon them as well. Sadly, most folks don't understand how often their personal decision making processes often does impact on others also.

The bottom line for everyone in this world is the heart's attitude isn't it ? If we all could get real honest here with ourselves for a moment(and for some folks near impossible for them to achieve), we would say that more often than not, our hearts are not as pure as what we portray towards others most of the time are they ? I remember before I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart and life, I believed I was a good man, I thought I was moral enough before both man and God. I would frequent a church often, usually most Sundays and even give to the poor. Heck, I would even go demonstrate and protest in front of Abortion clinics and call those pro death baby killers and their “deathscorts”all sorts of filthy names. In my mind, that is, before accepting Jesus Christ in my heart, I was “fine”, “justified before God with my “works.” In my self deceived heart, I even believed I was better than most because from my own deceitful heart that's all I could see. Does that mean that abortion is still murder even though my “playbook” was my own, not God's ? Yes, abortion is still murder and sin is still sin as determined by God, not “man.” In my heart though, I was right before God with my motives. I was using the wrong playbook.

In today's world, much like how I once was also, folks are easily blinded by this world and also fooled into believing following their own “playbook” will work out well for them. Everywhere I look, most folks are doing life in their way, with their own made up rules. You know the old lie of the devil that most American's have sadly fallen into the trap of believing...”Rules were made to be broken.” There is no bigger breaker of rules and as well, hypocrites than those of the religious. I'm not speaking about Bible believing Christians, although they are not perfect, they do use the Bible as a guide and mostly have pure motives before Jesus. There are many spirits of the devil that blind folks, but one of the biggest is the Spirit of Religion...that are those folks that have no (as the Bible describes how)personal relationship with Jesus but are full of man(woman) made rules. Jesus of the Bible has His commandments, that is for sure, but the Spirit of Religion is a Spirit of lies, deception as well as hate for what God calls righteous and Holy.

If only Americans would see that the best guide for attitudes and behaviour is the Christian Bible. Unfortunately though, most Americans have rejected the Bible or, they have cherry picked Bible Scriptures to justify their very unhealthy decision making process. I get many Secularists, Atheists and Jesus haters who often quote to me from Matthew 7:1 “do not judge” but fail to read down to Matthew 7:21-23 where Jesus declares “many” will never get into Heaven because of their self deceived ideas about how to live life. It's very sad to see so many folks talk about (love or hate)“God” or even “Jesus”, but have no idea who God and Jesus is. Seriously, I've been to many churches, known many pastors and seen and heard just about every spin spoken from the pulpit to manipulate a response from the folks sitting in the church pews. Unfortunately, I've heard times what was spoken, was not Biblical and or Biblically applicable. There is a right way and a wrong way to live life and God's “playbook” is always the best. Not because I said so, but because the evidence seen of blessings, peace, love and joy in the lives of those who follow it.

I'm not sure if many folks around the world can actually get through all the world's voices floating around out there and find their way towards Jesus even if they have a small desire to know Him. There are so many distractions in this world that will literately pull and suck you away from the true Playbook(The Bible) for a successful life. Again, I believe most folks really do and also sincerely desire a playbook that will help guide them towards a life filled with love, peace and joy despite the chaos going on around them. That means however ignoring all the insane and haters all around you and getting to the source of a good life... Jesus and the Bible..

I want to encourage all of you to lay aside your own idea of a “play book” or your lack of a moral behaviour that you currently live and instead, seek Jesus of the Bible. Religion, Secularism, Atheism, " Religion of none" and your own way of doing life in the end, will lead to displeasure here on Earth and certainly spiritual death when you meet God Himself when your body dies. However, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible will set you free from a world gone mad. Indeed, Jesus will set you free from the torments of this crazy and insane world. Only He can help you. Only He along with His Word, The Bible can give you the absolute answers to the life you are seeking. As the Bible declares, you should find Jesus right now. Don't wait until later... “later” very well might be to late. If you're not sure how to find Jesus, go to this link and find out how and why; http://blackroberegimentpastor.blogspot.com/2014/09/do-you-know-jesus-christ-of-bible-as.html.

The God of the “Playbook” for life is waiting to hear from you today. Don't delay.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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