Sunday, February 1, 2015

Even Franklin Graham is Telling Christians to 'Stand.”

Even Franklin Graham is Telling Christians to 'Stand.”

What a shock for me and also possibly you also in hearing that Franklin Graham this past week said in an interview, that all American Bible believing Christians need to “stand.” I've been making that statement for over four years now, and I know there are a few other Biblical ministers and pastors have as well been proclaiming the same message much longer than I, but to hear Franklin Graham, the son of world famous Evangelist Billy Graham say it ? Wow !

In an article I found over on “”, the article was written in interview format.Rev. Graham and he revealed that America is in much danger. I don't think any right minded Christian would ever argue with the man. In fact I do believe many Bible believing Christians have been looking from their Denominational as well as Sunday Morning Church pulpits to hear exactly what Reverend Graham had to say when he spoke of Christians here in the USA in needing to actually make a stand against specific demonically controlled groups and organizations here.

Who could ever rightfully and according to the Bible(without the use of Scripture cherry picking as what the devil's people do) argue with his answer to one question that gave about Christians actually doing something about stopping evil when he stated...“They need to take a stand. I don’t care what denomination you are. Pastors need to take a stand today. We live in a world where, with political correctness, pastors are sometimes afraid to speak out because somebody’s going to denounce them or tell them you’re wrong or you’re not loving. So a lot of times pastors feel we need to talk about the love of Christ, and we do, but we have to understand that God is a god of judgment and God is going to judge sin, and we need to warn people. If something is good, it’s worth fighting for, but if something is bad, it’s worth fighting against it, and so we need to stand for righteousness and we need to fight the evil that’s in our communities. Pastors are a great source, and they can take a stand in their communities regarding elections. I’m not talking about Democrats or Republicans. I have no hope that any one of those groups can turn this country around. And the Tea Party group, I don’t even know who they are or have any hope that they can do anything either. The only hope that we have is if there is true repentance in this country and revival takes place. The only way that’s going to happen is if the churches and pastors start taking a stand.”

I am a member of a local Tea Party Organization but my always first and primary purpose in being involved in that or any group group is to bring Jesus Christ to the forefront of the group as well as to our nation. Let's face it, America is dying. In fact, the USA is nearly dead and no political organization and or political party will rescue America. If what I just shared wasn't true, America's great woes that it currently suffers, would have been solved long ago. I don't care how much you hate Democrats and love Republicans or even love Conservatives, this nation was not founded on political principles. No, this nation was founded on Biblical principles and Judeo-Christian beliefs. The simple truth is this, unless we get back to that foundation, America is screwed and will never rise from the ashes again.

I stand with Franklin Graham. Our fight is not with other Biblical Christian Denominations. Our fight is a spiritual fight manifested through two groups. Groups that either belong to God of the Bible vs. everyone else. Islamic Terrorists are the same enemy as Secularists and Religionists here in America. All are dangerous to our nation. Each group contributes to the tearing down of America every time we Bible believing Christians refuse to take a (real and concrete)stand against wicked people whenever they open their mouths or take some wicked and ungodly action in destroying our nation.

I understand that right now there are some Bible believing Christians reading this article that because they have not been taught that they hold a Biblical Authority and Accountability to remove unrepentant evil, they are confused and no not what to do. In fact, many folks are saying to themselves, “Oh ! I ought to just “pray more.” Please, y'all have prayed enough. It's time to take Godly action as what James tells us in James 2:17-20. It's not hard to find evil, go out and exposes it, and have no part in it, Ephesians 5:11 states that. If you see your brother and or sister in Christ in harms way or captured by wicked people, go rescue them by whatever means necessary as declared in Proverbs 24:11-12. And If necessary, fight back against evil when provoked by satan's minions as well as described in 1Samulel:45-51. Jesus said “love your enemies” and yes, when there is that open door of true and verified repentance on their part, we indeed should “love our enemies “and “do good to them.” Know this however, unrepentant evil doer's do need to be removed, especially those who have taken up authority in our society. Not removing them is what lead this country to near death as we see it currently.

It's long past time my friends for Bible believing “Christians” “to stand.” In all honesty, that should have taken place 30 or forty years ago. So, here we are, and my question to you as a Bible believing Christian is this, what are you going to do right this very minute about it and also in making a real and concrete stand to help remove evil and get our nation back ? Better yet, don't tell me your answer, you go tell God what you are going to do because in the end, more than anyone here on earth, you will be judged not by me or another human, but instead by Him for what you did or did not do, in removing wickedness in this world. Some of you think you are getting into Heaven, you better re-evaluate your belief system because by the inaction you have taken thus far, your place is Hell, not Heaven.

Revelation 21:8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Wonder if you have seen this - sharing only because it sounds real enough to happen.