Wednesday, January 28, 2015

America Needs More Heroes Like Chis Kyle, Will You Join Him ?

America Needs More Heroes Like Chis Kyle, Will You Join Him ?

Is there really a need to express how badly America needs heroes at this time ? Apparently so. It is so wonderful that a movie was made regarding the heroic acts of Chris Kyle during the war in Iraq. Record amounts of money were recently spent by Americans to see the movie “America Sniper” and I firmly believe that the record number of Americans viewing the move, just proves my point how hungry for more heroes just like Chris we are in desperately in need of here in the USA. An important question arises though about all that “hunger for heroes”---are Americans really willing to step up and do the things that Chris Kyle did in Iraq, right here in America so that our nation will rise back up and fight against the massive amount of Government tyranny and moral decay we presently suffer ?

Don't get me wrong, movies are nice, make you feel good but in the schemes of getting our nation back, “American Sniper” has no real impact on getting rid of the sad state our nation is dying from. Oh yes, some will say that there are already heroes unseen by the general public view and already hard at work trying to restore our Republic. This is true, the red, white and blue Patriots that came to help the Cliven Ranch in Nevada last summer comes to mind. The honest truth however is that there are not enough Godly men and women in militias or in other organizations making a big enough dent in pushing back all the evil we experience here in the USA, to make a real difference.

Going beyond our “civic duty to vote” is now necessary to get America back on it's feet. Once again, and as usual, our last election cycle proves this point. Elections did nothing to make any real and or concrete changes in our nation. In fact, the same kind of politicians were either elected or re-elected on Election Day, 2014. Practically every Senator and Congressman were elected/re-elected from the “Good ol' boy's club” where campaign promises are made and lobbyists in Washington DC dictate what laws are passed or not passed. Aren't you just sick of all the lies, propaganda and political rhetoric from both Democrats and Republicans alike ? I know that I am.

America needs real and strong leadership. We need to hear and see with action from men and women that are brave, are sincere, are willing to go above and beyond the voting booth. The time for sacrifice to get America back is long past due. I am blessed to be part of the Black Robe Regiment, a local Tea Party, a person who is already stretched every part of my being as well as what little I own to help make America return to God, family and moral values once again. Are you ? Will you give up the comfy chair, even your electronic devices to assist in seeing America in being free from tyranny again ?

This article is no small pep talk, or “rambling rant” that I am sharing here. I see the very end of this nation coming very soon. Economic and moral collapse is already occurring despite what the Michael Moore's, Obama's, Boehner's and other evilists tell you.When this nation does finally collapse, you can fully expect martial law and what is left of your Constitutional Rights to be shredded and will all be certainly gone forever. You think maters in America are bad now ? Ha ! Just wait and allow the continued attitude of apathy, business as usual and “continue to carry that attitude of “I will care when it happens to me”, ya, just wait and see what happens to you !.

Indeed, we desperately need heroes here in the USA. Are you one ? Real and Godly men do not need to be manipulated nor bribed to do what is right before the Lord and fight for the rights that He bestowed upon them, but for those yet unsure what your decision is, you simply need to get some “grapes.” Go get them back from your wife or whoever took them from you in the first place. Stop procrastinating, stop having your apathetic and selfish attitude. The Government and terrorists are relying on you to keep those evil attitudes. While you some of you still sit there in your comfy chair posting happy pictures on social media sites, getting drunk and or ignoring the problems and people that take away your God given freedoms, know this, ISIS terrorists are teaching children how to shoot AK-47's to kill you and your family off. If that wasn't bad enough, your very own US Government is at the same time militarizing it's Federal Law Enforcement agencies and as well helping State Agencies to do the same. Why and how are they able to do this you ask ? The answer is simple my friend--- many Americans have sat back while evil is allowed to grow here unharassed. If evil is allowed to continue and not stopped, your rights, money and children/grandchildren, like other Americans,  will be taken. That's right, you read me correctly, I mentioned “taking children and grandchildren.” Human and sex trafficking via ISIS Terrorists Government agencies in America are in the same business of kidnapping children, enslaving and selling them. You're tax dollars are paying for it and you and your children are being targeted right now in Government schools !

Heroes, we need them and we need them now. God bless what Chris Kyle did for us and our freedoms. Now it's your turn. It's time to pay back the heroes that went before you and sacrificed their lives for your freedoms. What are you going to do about it ? Are you are hero, or are you a zero ? Enlist now to fight against satan's army of tyrants and terrorists.

Leviticus 26:7-8 “ But you will chase your enemies and they will fall before you by the sword...”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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